I Know I M Probably Not PG At 47 But Need To Ask

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abbeynormal - May 6

Hi-- I'm 47 with 4 kids from a previous marriage. My DH is 38. We had a miscarriage 4 years ago and last year my GYN that I'm in peri-menopause. I've had issues for the last several months with AF either being late, being heavy etc. For the last couple of years, I've had night sweats once every few months, no real predictability. At any rate, about every 2-3 months, just before AF, I get nauseous and all of the other symptoms of early PG, but then she shows her ugly face and that's that. This time, I've got some mild cramping, plus heartburn usually in the afternoon (something I had with the PG 4 years ago) and a lot of CM for the last couple of weeks. About 10 days ago, I had some very light pinkish spotting, since AF has been unpredicatble I have no idea of when I 'O'd' (I'm not temping--I gave that up last year). Could it have been ovulation spotting or implantation spotting? I had a period that started in February and lasted 3 weeks, until the doctor gave me something to stop it. Then a week later I had another period, but that one only lasted about a week. This was all in March, I want to do a test, but then I don't because I don't want to get our hopes up again. Not that we are really trying (DH doesn't want to put me through another MC), but before AF started in February, I had thought I was PG due to the symptoms I was having. SO VERY SORRY this is so long, I have nobody to talk to about this, all my family and most of my friends live out of state, and my doctor hasn't been very supportive. Thanks, Abbey


annishel - May 9

Sorry noone has answered. I wish I had information for you. Just wanted to say hello and if you ever got to the bottom of it? Best of luck!


Perl - May 9

I don't know the answer to your question but I do know that women up to age 51 who were certain they could not get pregnant because of perimenopause or menopause have indeed become pregnant whether they wanted to or not. So, don't think that you can't get pregnant simply because of the fact that you're 47 or just because of peri-menopause. As long as you are still ovulating YOU CAN STILL GET PREGNANT. Also, you should do whatever you can to find a better doctor. You don't need to put up with an unsupportive Dr. If you can't switch Dr's then cry and scream if you must in order to get some answers from your doctor. Good luck to you! : )



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