I M 38 And Just Miscarriaged

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natival1967 - May 9

I have a very healthy and beautiful 13 months old boy. I've got pregnant again and lost the baby 2 days ago. I'm not devastated because the dr told me is very common and that the baby most likely was not forming right. I have to wait two months to try again. Hopefully i'll be pregnant again and I don't feel old at all.


Kristin72 - May 10

Natival, I am so sorry for your loss..I was just mentioning my loss in another thread..but wanted to tell you I became pregnant 2 cycles after a missed miscarriage..I was 13weeks6days last Dec 22'05..I am now in my 12th week. I am also 38..Best of luck..and there is always hope!! Kristin


natival1967 - May 10

Thanks Kristin for your support. I'm a very positive person and I feel better that people, like you, wish me good luck.:) I hope everything goes great in your pregnancy.


Perl - May 10

Natival, I'm sorry this has happened to you. Like your Dr said, this is very common--at any age--but it still hurts when it happens. I highly recommend waiting the 2 cycles like your Dr advised. I actually waited 5 cycles after my miscarriage because I wasn't emotionlly ready to try again but I want to let you know I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle after we started trying again. I'm 37 and in my 12th week now. Let's face it we are older than the traditional age for having children but we are NOT old! So I'm with you when you say you don't feel old at all. I keep hearing it on tv and magazine ads too: as far as getting pregnant-- the 30s are the new 20s. A lot more women than ever before are waiting longer to become pregnant. You already sound positive but I'll still say it anyway: dont' lose hope. You will give your son a little brother or sister soon.


ThePezChick - May 10

I'm so sorry for your loss but wish you the best of luck with your next pregnancy. (See, positive att_tude!!!!!)


miraclebaby - May 11

sorry for your loss, keep the faith and keep your chin up.


natival1967 - May 12

Thanks for all your responses. I can't wait to have another baby. I have to check on monday to see that my hormones levels drop to cero. But I can't be obsessed with this, I have to keep going with my life so let's see when i'll get pregnant again. With my first baby, I have to wait for two years, and with the second one, the miscarriage, just two months. The differences are that with the first one I was obsessed, like taking my temperature every day, taking clomid 9 times, crying when ive got my period... and with the second one I didn't think about that much, and didn't take anything. Thanks to all and good luck.


MellyMel - May 12

Sorry for you loss and lots of babydust to you!!! I'm also 38 and almost 11 weeks along and don't feel old one bit!!



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