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Hopeful and excited - April 20

I'm feeling good because I've had a really good day. Finished up some work that needed doing and ate a really enormous salad which tasted FANTASTIC! Spent the whole day laughing with my fab hubby and then relaxed in the evening with a delicious bottle of alcohol free sparkling white wine to celebrate. It's great to be pregnant on days like today! Please put your positive vibes down and let's banish any worries!! Happy thoughts to you all!


Hopeful and excited - April 21

Bumping up - Has no-one had any good thoughts today? Come on everyone - let's get positive!!


MellyMel - April 21

Because my m/s is getting better!! I've also decided to count by trimesters insead of months because then my pregnancy seems shorter!!! WOO HOO


Hopeful and excited - April 21

Great news Mellymel! Nice idea for the countdown. That means only 2 more to go. WOO HOO, WOO HOO!


Betul - April 21

I am feeling good because the weather is beautiful today, I am feeling my baby kick, and I am blessed with a wonderful husband and sons. This second trimester (I am 16w today) is very easy so far and I feel very good!!


Hopeful and excited - April 21

Betul - CONGRATULATIONS on feeling good. Isn't it wonderful. How fantastic that you can feel the baby kick so early. GREAT!


MellyMel - April 21

Good for you Betual! I can't wait until I am at 16 weeks and feel by baby kick!!


Perl - April 21

Feeling good because I feel really blessed to be given a 2nd chance at pregnancy and so far everything has been great. I'm also blessed to have a dh who's really taken an interest in this pregnancy.


Kristin - April 21

I too feel so blessed to have a second shot at pregnancy. Have a great weekend everyone!! XO Kristin


Kristin - April 21

Let's right down our due dates again..also, how far along we are in days, weeks, or months..and our conception date. :) I am due NOVEMBER 21/06 I am 66 days preggers, 9 weeks 3 days or in my 10th week :) I conceived Feb 28th! Ciao Mommies and Furture Mommies!!


Hopeful and excited - April 22

Good idea Kristin! I am due NOVEMBER 6th, I am 81 days preggers, 11weeks 6 days or in my 12th week. I conceived Feb 13th or 14th! (I think!!) Life is good!


Kristin - April 24

Come on girls..tell us your due dates, etc.. Kristin


MellyMel - April 24

I am due November 28, 2006. I am currently 8 w/6d pregnant, so I'm in my 9th week? LOL. I conceived March 4th or 6th!


anna - April 24

i am 12 weeks this week and due on november 9, the days go by so slow i cant wait until 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tfog2006 - April 24

because I had my u/s today and they moved up my due date to Sept 1st - it's a girl!!!! My 4 yo dd who wanted a sister said THANK YOU GOD...I prayed for a sister


miraclebaby - April 24

because I am having a little girl, and within months my whole life is going to change for the better, my husband will have a daughter and my son will have a sister and I will have my miracle Due July 4th.....


Perl - April 25

My due date is November 22nd. I'm 9w 5 days into pregnancy.



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