I M I Crazy At 40

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Juicy - October 14

Hi everyone, I just turned 40 in Sept. I've been trying to get pregnant for about 8 months now. My partner is 30, I have sons 22 & 16 yrs old. I have seen the fertility Dr. I know how to time my ovulation but no pregnancy yet. I get discouraged at times and I want to give up, but I keep praying for a miracle. I'm so glad for this forum, I really need the support.


mother777 - October 14

hi juicy i am 39 and pregnant with my third ages 16 and 12. i did not plan it but it just happen. they said it could take up to a year. your time will come. just make sure you have s_x before you ovulate and during the time you are ovulating.


Maidencanada - October 18

I turned 41 in Sept and my man is 26. I have a 19yo daughter and a 14 year old son. My hubby has no bio kids. We got pregnant after 5 months ttc but miscarried at 10 weeks. We have been trying again for the past 3 months and so far no pregnancy. My Dr sent me to a fertility specialist who told me that I ovulate, his sperm is good, there are no problems other than my declining fertility due to my age. I tried Clomid but it thinned my lining and he told me that I have an excellent chance to concieve. The only problem is while a 20yo has a 20%-25% chance to concieve in any given month, I at 41 only have a 5% chance. IVF only ups those stats to 10% and the cost in Canada is very very high. About $5,000 per month. The specialist said it is just a waiting game, and it will happen, but it could take a year or longer. :( I actually wish I suffered from something that can be fixed and shazaam pregnancy. Unfortunately you cant fix declining fertility, you, like me just have to wait it out until it finally works Baby dust to you!


mother777 - October 18

oh and i thought that i would just mention that it took me over ten years to get pregnant. i was not trying, but yest i did not use anythinh to stop me from becoming pregnant. i was an anemic, and have fibrois, so i believe that was stopping me. after i started taking this medicine for being a anemic for about three months out of nowhere i get pregnant. boy was i shock. well, now i am happy, but ladies it take time, your day will come, and when it does let me know. good luck to all.


Stacey_E - January 4

I am 42 and pregnant with my third child. I have two children from a previous marriage and they are 15 and 12. They will be 16 and 13 when the baby arrives. My second husband and I have tried since 2000 to conceive, using no contraceptives what so ever. We both decided that if it was meant to be, it would happen and we went on with our lives. I conceived the end of July 2005 but did not know I was pregnant until October. I thought I was going through h some sort of early menopause and I had no idea that I was actually pregnant. We are thrilled and are expecting a girl in April. I will be 43 and some people accept that while others, who are narrow-minded, criticize. I do not care. My husband and I are happy and anxiously await the birth of our little girl. Take care and best wishes. :-)


to maiden canada - January 5

Please please tell me where you can get an ivf for $5000. I'm in Ontario. My clinic with meds is estimated to be $10-15,000/month.I've been doing iui's but we may have to go for ivf and we dont feel we can afford 10-15 grand.


to maiden canada - January 5

oh by the way I'm 40 and hubby is 41


Leeanne - January 6

Hi, I am 42 and just completed a cycle of IVf (Aug 05)due to tubal ligation at 23. with medical cover IVF was only $1000 out of pocket in Aus. isnt IVF covered under government medical in Canada? Oh I am 5 mths with a health boy :) Juicy, I have my fingers crossed that all goes well for you.



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