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clare41 - May 6

OK I'm third cycle TTC, 41, embarrassed to say I only just learned what implamantation bleeding is and Ihave a question about it Here's my story: I"m at day 21 in a regualar 28 day cycle. Today had cramping and light pinkish brown (sorry) light (VERY LIGHT) spotting for a short while. I have not been charting. I just tested my BBT yesterday first time so I could be ready for next month. I was studying up. It was 98.6. Today was 98.1 Does implamantation ever come with a dip? It means nothing since I don't have a real chart I think--no data. Also, eah month I got clear blue smiley face on OPK on day 14 -- but not this month. We still BD'd in days prior but I missed the surge in OPK -- or it didn't happen. I'm wondering if that spotting is implamantation bleeding or I'm wishful thinking--has anyone had it? Has anyone missed their ovulation with OPK?


Aspen8 - May 8

Clare, it is possible to miss your LH surge if you're only testing once a day and especially if you're testing early in the day. I can't really say much about your bbt temps because, as you said, we don't have a whole chart to look at and don't know what's normal for you. Those temps are first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed, right? Some women's charts do seem to record an "implantation dip" in temperature, yes. But then again....lots of charts have dips and no pregnancy....OR...pregnancy but no dips! Lastly, your desciption of the spotting you experienced sounds exactly like the descriptions I've read. The color, amount, and timing all sound right. If your cycles are very regular and you never have late cycle spotting and this is entirely new for you, I'd take it as a cautiously optimistic sign that you MAY have conceived. But please don't get your hopes up too much yet either. Plenty of people have late cycle spotting without pregnancy or without a pregnancy that "sticks". Hang in there, keep taking your bbt just to "practice" and start getting info about how your body works and if Aunt Flo doesn't show on day 29 - TEST! Good luck!


clare41 - May 10

Thanks Aspen--I didn't get seemed like too much of a long shot...the symptoms sure did seem like implantation but I then got hit with AF 8 days early and so heavy. Never before happened like that. Not sure if it means anything but here I go again. I'm going to try a fertility monitor and are you doing?



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