Is It Normal At 8 Weeks To Have Bleeding

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sorrelle - August 24

I am 8 weeks pregant. I'm 42 years old I've had 4 miscarriages. I skiped my last period and this week was when I should have stated my period and at the end of the week I started bleeding is this normal?


Kristin72 - August 24

Well...bleeding is never really good because it may be the onset a miscarriage. However spotting can be normal as can some cramping. If you are bleeding heavily or even period like than you should immediately go to a hosptial and get your hcg checked and get an ultrasound..they can tell you if there is a heartbeat and if your hcg seems to match your dates than they will probably do another hcg to see if your levels are still doubling. I so hope you are not this is just dreadful. Get some medical advice asap. Best of luck..keep us posted. BTW I am in my 6th week I am 40 ..and I am just praying that everything will run smoothly for me too.


Kristin72 - September 3

sorelle, how are you doing? Is everything ok with your pregnancy? update when you can. best of luck.


Carly XxX - September 7

hi i had spotting at 7 weeks pregnant and they done an internal exam and everything was fine, i now have a perfect, healthy daughter who is 18 months old. good luck


Kristin72 - September 13

sorelle how are you doing?


mamix4 - September 16

Hey Sorrelle, I dont want to worry you but I just wanted to give you my experience of what happened when I was pg at 35...when I found out I had cramping bad like AF was coming...When I was about 8 wks pg, I went to the bathroom and started bleeding...I went to the ER and the stupid nurse there was so cold and said to me "well if you're miscarrying, theres nothing we can do, so you might as well just leave, because we cant help you..."I stayed there and they did an ultrasound and found I had developed a clot between my placenta and uterus....they couldnt do anything for me but told me to be on bedrest until I got to my 16wk, and gave me a 50/50 chance of keeping the baby...Happy to say after many weeks of bedrest, the clot shrunk and I wound up delivering a beautiful bb boy....My suggestion is that if the bleeding gets heavier-please go to your OB or PCP...have them do an ultrasound just to be safe....I hope that you're ok and that nothing is wrong...I'll keep you in my thoughts


comommy - September 25

MAMIX4-how long did it take for your clot to completely go away? I had bleeding at 10 wks (pg w/twins via IVF), and again at 14 wks, now at 17 wks I'm still on bedrest-although I can get up for a little while to take kids to school only, My clot doesn't seem to be dissolving or reabsorbing or coming out either. Twins look great thankfully.


mamix4 - September 26

Hi Comommy....well, I the clots for me never disappeared...but it seems that the bigger the baby got the smaller the chances of me losing him...the doctor told me this comparison to the clot, the baby (at 8 wks) was very small and if the clot were to separate the placenta from the uterus, I would have lost the on bedrest I went until I reached 4 months...every wk he did an ultrasound and the baby grew and grew...then when I was past the threatening stage, doc told me that because the baby was bigger than the clot, it was more likely that the baby would continue to grow and that the threat diminished. Please, please do the bedrest much as I know it drives you nutty...cuz it did me, buts its so worth it when the baby comes into this world healthy....keep us posted Hey Ms Kristin...hows that baby bump doing? Any more symptoms? U need to keep us posted too...hopefully I'll be pg in October...I'll let you know Best wishes to you all



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