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pradag - January 23

I know this is going to sound like I'm some kind of teenager but my DBF and I had unprotected s_x in the middle of my fertile time, Saturday and yesterday. Yesterday I think I'm more at risk since the CM was not as tacky but not yet like EW until last night. In fact, before we had s_x, I went to the bathroom and a mass of mucus came out. I'm 38, he's 41. I've never had kids nor tried since my EXDH when I was early 20's but I'd been on BCP back then and had gone off them very briefly. I think we tried 2 months then marriage went badly and I never ended up PG. Fast fwd, I"ve been totally off BC for almost 3 years now and have fairly regular cycles. Everything still seems to work like normal. We talked about using condoms but it didn't happen. =/ They were foolish moments and I guess I figured my risk would be low being 38. My mom had hard time getting pregnant with my older brother and had had to take fertility drugs with him and even miscarried before having him. I was a surprise. I know these are dumb reasons to not be safe, but there they are. I am now considering going to take Plan B, but all the research I've done on it has some really bad experiences with some people and I am afraid of long-term side effects. I think I've decided to risk PG than take that pill. I hated being on BCP b/c I never felt right and know that high of a dosage of hormones at my age would wreak havoc on my body more so than a baby. Should I take this or wait and see if I'm actually PG? I know it's my choice ultimately but I'm confused b/c I don't know how fertile I actually am since I"ve never tried. I have in the past (2 yrs ago) had s_x briefly with my last ex unprotected then he put a condom on and never got PG (in same act). This happened a few times. Confused over my fertility risk at this point. Not that I don't want a family but not yet. Pls don't chastise me. I know this was a dumb error in judgment that I refuse to make again. I am just wondering my chances, considering my age and that I drink TONS of coffee (almost a whole pot a day) and on the weekends tend to have about 5 drinks overall. This past weekend was a bday celebration so I had one more than usual.



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