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LSB - November 11

Hi. I am trying to conceive at the age of 43. I have had several fertility problems all my life. But, my last visit with my RE shows everything is finally in order. (it actually has been for over a year now - but tests confirm it) Except my eggs are 43 years old. I don't feel old! I keep telling everyone I am different because of all my past problems and now I don't have them. Do my husband and I listen to the RE and do the donor egg (70% success rate) or do we do the IUI (2% success rate). I think now that all of my fertility issues have been resolved, we just have to try a few cycles of IUI. Is there anyone else who is debating this issue of IUI vs IVF? Or if you have made the decision, what did you decide and what was your outcome? Thanks for any input.


to LSB - November 11

Is your doctor suggesting IVF or only IUI?


Judi - November 11

LSB, we were told that we had a very slim chance of conception through IUI (5%). We decided to go ahead and try it for a couple of months before moving to IVF, and I got pregnant on the first try. It is definitely possible. By the way, I am 35, so they thought that my age might be an issue, but it wasn't.


L - November 11

I had no fertilty problems but had to use donor sperm b/c dh had unsuccessful vasovasectomy. My odds of conception using DIUI were 10%. We debated IVF w/ICSI but tried a few IUI cycles first just because its so much cheaper, and would then do IVF if we weren't successful. The IUI was successful. 5% might seem low, but the average success rate per cycle is only 10%. If I were in your shoes I would certainly try it for a few cycles.


LSB - November 11

Thanks for the positive comments with regards to the IUI because that is what hubby and I have decided to do and now I have hope. I just have the feeling that it is going to work! Were any of you also using any meds? My RE has me on clomid, prenatal meds and the shot to ovulate. (I have had a cycle that is like clockwork for over a year). Thanks again!


to LSB - November 14

LSB - I'm 43 and pregnant. Doctor had me on Clomid 50mg three cycles. Third times a charm, because I'm preg now. We, hubby and I, just bd every other day from the last day of my meds. Good luck to you! I have a three year old and it was only in my late 30's that I even was able to get pregnant - (lost 2 before my healthy son came in 2002 - I was 40 when he was born) - Hang in there Good things come to those who wait!!


Maidencanada - November 15

I am 41 and 5 weeks pregnant. I miscarried in July and in October I saw a specialist who told me that I have a 5% chance each month to concieve and he felt confident it would be just a matter of how long it would take. 2 weeks later I concieved naturally. The specialist also told me he had that week delivered a healthy baby from a 47 year old woman who convieved naturally and that is not the exception to the rule. It happens often! Good luck on your journey and perhaps if you have not charted in the past you should consider it. BBT is the way to go to know your body and to concieve!


LSB - November 15

Thank you all so much for your positive comments. I truly know now that the IUI is something that we have to try.



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