Is There Any Danger

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GeorgiaGirl - March 4

Ok ladies. I just started premetrium progesterone yesterday. I have read contradictory info. online. Is there any danger to your fetus with this? Is there anyone out there who took it during preganacy and had a healthy baby? Just worried!


Tracy88 - March 4

I know so many women who took and had healthy babies. I've never heard of any issues related to it. I took it as well until week 10, but my baby is not due for another 2 months. Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Hopefully someone who has actually had a baby will post. Good luck!


GeorgiaGirl - March 4

Thanks Tracy88! That helps alot!


Cissy - March 4

hey ladies.. I took premetrium progesterone until I was 4 months with my first daughter. (not sure why so long.. just did what they told me based on levels each week). She is beautiful, on the principals list in first grade and is the sweetest thing in the world. I am now 37 and 4 months pregnant with #2. My doctor put me on premetruim progesterone with this one as well but only stayed on it until week 12. All is well and I feel great. Don't worry. I know I felt the same way when it says on the bottle do not take if pregnant.....I did not have any problems with my first and hopefully none with the second. BEST WISHES..


wantanotheraftertr - March 4

How do all you ladies fell while taking it? I and pg and taking it and get so tired and almost loopy with it. Is this normal?


Tracy88 - March 5

When I took the Prometrium I felt loopy too. Almost like I took a muscle relaxer. I had to take it twice a day, so at 10am I took my first dose and was asleep by 11:30. I took my night dose at 10pm and was also asleep soon thereafter. I didn't like the way it made me feel, but had to do what I had to do. It is normal to feel that way because I started out only taking it at night, as per the doc, because it can make you sleepy, but then I was directed to add it in the morning as well. Good thing I didn't HAVE to work. I couldn't have done a thing while taking it!


GeorgiaGirl - March 5

Thanks Cissy! That makes me feel so much better!!! I wish you the best with baby #2!


GeorgiaGirl - March 5

Thanks Tracy88! It makes me feel better!



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