Just Turned 43 And Maybe Pregnant Omg

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superheromom - August 28

Okay...so I have no one else to talk to right now about this...I just decided for the first time in my life to sort of have more than one partner...and yeah, it's teen age stupid...but my periods were so far and few between this last year I figured I was done with that part of my life and felt sooo relieved... And then...I get the tingly br___t feeling that comes with my own experience of being preggo (and I've been pregnant six times with only one biological child and three adopted sons)... I honestly haven't taken a test yet because I think I may have a heart attack if it's positive. I'm single... My mother lives with me... I just don't even know what people would think or say about me and I keep wondering how so many of you older women like myself made the decision to be okay with this...esp when all my other pregnancies were disasters! And to make matters worse, for the FIRST time in my life...I won't know for sure who that baby's dad is...ugh...I disgust myself right now.


Nikki 8309 - September 17

I am 41 my name is Candice you can talk to me,I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years, When I was 23 years old I was inlove with a warehouse worker, However, not good enough for my father, So I married my fathers Dream a very nice Dr. However, I was not inlove with him, long story short I got Preggo and I was also ashamed because I never stopped seeing the warehouse worker. I lost the baby at 7 months . Bad things happen to good people, We make mistakes and we learn SOMETIMES. I have been married for 16 years and all I want is a child . Im just saying I didnt know either but it didnt matter I just wish I could have had my child. Good Luck


babysearch602 - March 30

I need help!!! I am 39 and my youngest is 16. I have always wanted one more now i am at the point where i am losing my mind. I started getting rounder and bigger for the past couple of months and now i am starting to receive the linea nigra that wasn't there before. I had hpt and a blood one and they all came back negative but the line is getting darker. can someone please help!!!!



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