Labor Soon Help All Advice Please

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mish - November 7

so heres my situation!! First off my due date is nov 10th 2005, My husband is deployed right now with the marines!!  He will be back in a couple days nov 9th! I am hoping i can make it tell he gets home!! Last monday i went for my doc appt and she said i was 2cm diated and 60% effaced!! A week before that i was not dialated at all!! This is our first baby!! The doc told me that my mucas plug had came out!! I have not had any contractions and very lil braxton hicks, they might not have even been braxton hicks!! This moring when i woke up there was a lil fluid on my bed, it was more like discharge and it looked the sam as when i saw my mucas plug came out!! I am almost postive thats what it was!!! when ur water breaks does it look like water?? and is it a gush!! what came out was only a small amount of discharg a would say about a teaspoon amount!! This was like 5 hours ago, still no pains!! The baby also still moves alot!! do u think i will be able to make it tell nov 9th night time?? I need all the advice i can get and tips on things to do or not to do, to bring on labor!! I know when the baby wants to come he will come thanks


Maidencanada - November 7

Hi Mish and congrats! I have two children and with both of them my water did not break. My mucas plug came out and I had a bit of a discharge and that was it. In fact, the doctor had to break my water both times on the delivery table! And yes, it gushed. With both my kids I did not have pains or anything for about 24 hours after. Then with my first after about 24 hours they came slow and gentle. I was in labour 36 hours and it was easy as can be. My second, after about 24 hours of nothing came in huge teeth-clenching pains and he was born less than 4 hours after my first contraction. I don't think you are going to make it until he comes home on the 9th. I dont know if things have changed but when I was pregnant (19 and 14 years ago) they only let you go 24 hours after the mucus plug comes out because of the fear of infection. I hope for both you, your hubby and your baby's sake that things have changed and that he will be in time. I am praying for you!


mish - November 7

maidencanada-well thank you very much for your advice!! My doc says that they only want me to come in if i am having contractions and my water breaks!! My mucus plug has been coming out for awhile she said that was normal!! My friend just had a baby and her mucaus plg came out and she did not have her baby for weeks and she had to be induced!! i told my doc more came out she didnt tell me to go in.


Meagan - November 7

Hi, I have two kids. It doesn't always gush when your water breaks, sometimes it can just be a trickle and you need to notify someone and get checked always if you're not sure. If your not in labor and you want to hold it of you should be lazy. Don't be on your feet alot. Walking is one of the best ways to bring on labor. Good Luck and I hope your husband makes it.


Lew - November 7

Mish--don't worry about the usually takes aprox a week or so after the plug is lost to go into labor from my experience and from family/friends it all was about a week after that the labor started. I have had my fluid leak on one of my pregnancies and it leaked here and there for about two weeks and it was never like discharge. It was always like water. In fact the dr could never "catch" the leak and the test paper would never show it...but I was leaking and almost had complications because of it. Thank goodness all was fine at birth. But just know that if it was your water (amniotic fluid) leaking, it would'nt be like a discharge and it would feel like you wet your pants a little but not from pee. (just like water). I think it's just some of your plug and I think you will make it until your husband arrives home...just take it easy for this week to not get the labor started if you are trying to wait for him to come home. Best of luck and congratulations!


mish - November 7

thanks lew that helps me relax alot


Maidencanada - November 9

Is your Hbby home? Give us an update we are all waiting to hear. My update is that I got a BFP today! Woohoo! I pray this one does not mc like the last one.


CALL YOUR DOCTOR! - November 9

Hey mish - whenever that little one wants to come - it's gonna come! You might want to give your doctor a call, to see what they say. I hope you can last, but if not it will still be wonderful - Good luck - now go call your doctor!


mish - November 9

hey yall i already called my doc the only reason y i asked u guys was for ur opions!! but anywyas my hubby gets in tonight at 7 and still no contractions!! then i have a doc appt 2marro!!



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