Let S Stay Positive And TTC In May

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Sann - May 5

Hi Val : ) ... Sorry : ( you got your af too! OR maybe it's not af ... but ......IB? How are you doing/feeling ok? I'm disappointed too : ( Today, I feel extremely down and what's more the I still can't login, so missed our conversations. I trying really hard hard to stay positive today, I think there's something wrong with my hormone balance or there's something is wrong with me...... : ( Got my af on 03 May (night) and by last evening (04 May) it was almost gone ..... hardly 2 days. I'm still having those symptons, and more ........ feeling a little dizzy and tired/sleepy in the afternoon too. I don't usually feel this way and I shouldn't be tired cos I'm taking a few days off from work , I'm just staying home doing some reading so I have lot's of rest. I didn't do any hpt test this month .... do think I should just to be totally sure. This morning, I was reading our past posts(I get a chance to talk to further on that cos of this loging in problem) and you've mentioned you thyroid test came back and you're taking supplements. Mine's 4.24 ... should I go see my ob/gynae for treatment too? (last time, she said I was borderline and she didn't give anything but with the new range you've mentioned, I'm quite off ) What supplements are you taking... herbs/vitamins? Think ... I'm being really negative here, so enough with the negatives : ( ... we should stay totally positive .... : ) : ) : ) If April is not the month for us then we'll both try for May..... right! : ) Hear from you soon & I'll still be browsing this site, remember ... just post I'll be able to read : ) Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


Val - May 5

Hi Sann... sorry you're feeling down. I totally understand, it's been a difficult week for me as well. Your short af and symptoms sound interesting... What are your temperatures doing? Have they dropped? (I can't remember if you chart.) Was it regular af dark blood, or lighter pink? I don't want to get your hopes up, but if I was you, I'd probably do a test, at least to put your mind at ease. I'm positive that my af is definitely af. I don't have any pg symptoms anymore, except bloating which I always have during af anyway. Re: thyroid - I don't actually know what's in the supplement that my naturopath gave me. I've been meaning to ask her. There's a thread on the "problems getting pregnant" page where I asked about what are "normal" thyroid levels... you'll find it if you go back a page or so. Another women gave some good links about thyroid on there. It seems like different doctors have different opinions about what is "normal". From my understanding, 4.24 is within the old "normal" range, but outside the new one. My ob doesn't seem concerned - only my naturopath. I wonder what an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) would say. From my understanding, tiredness can be a symptom of hypothyroidism so if you don't get a +hpk, maybe you should call your ob about your symptoms. I think I might make an appt to see an RE this month. I really wish my dh would have gotten in for his sperm test already so we'd at least know if that was an issue or if it's something to do with me. I was really mad that he goofed on scheduling. I don't think he quite understands how hard all this waiting and hoping and wondering is on me. Have you had any other tests? FSH or progesterone? I think we're going to test my progesterone this month. My friend who went through fertility tx said I should have my fsh tested, but that's usually done (I think) on cd3, and I don't think I can get the order for the bloodwork in time. I guess I should maybe just wait for dh's sperm test and go from there. I just hate feeling helpless and worrying that by not doing the tests, we are putting of finding out potential problems. On the other hand, I did get pg in May of last year - maybe somehow we're more fertile this time of year and this will be my lucky cycle. Sorry if I'm rambling... I'm just conflicted about what, if anything, I should be doing! Anyway, I'll keep writing on this thread and checking back on the forum for your posts. At least you can start new ones! I'll try to stay positive also... in fact, I'm working on reaching my goal of 10lbs of weight lost in 10 weeks... I'm only .2 away from the goal - at least it feels good to have control over something! Hugs... :-)



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