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sandee - June 7

Hello everyone, I had my U/S last week and my doctor revealed that I have a low lying placenta. I am 21w 5d pregnant. She scheduled another U/S after 12 week around 33 wks of pregnancy and said 90% of times placenta moves along with uterus as uterus streches. Is anyone out there had faced similar problem in 2nd trimester and by 3rd trimester placenta moved. I want to have normal delivery and I am hopeful in 12 wks placenta will move. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks


Betul - June 7

Hi Sandee, I have the same problem as you. My midwife found it at my 19 week ultrasound and I go back for an ultrasound at 32 weeks to see if has "moved" up too. I've been doing some research on this and it fairly common and only about 5% of women like us, who have low-lying placentas, still have the problem at 32 weeks. Most, 95%, will find that their placentas have moved up and go on to have normal deliveries. There is really nothing we can do now except wait until 32 weeks but the odds are in our favor!


tryingx3 - June 8

Mine was low at 16 weeks, had moved by 21...was told high-risk ob didn't worry too much about it until after 28 weeks, pretty common to move. Did they put you on any restrictions? I was restricted from lifting anything over 15 lbs, no "relations", and no strenuous exercise (casual strolls were okay). I was also told to get a maternity belt that sometimes that encouraged it to shift...mine did and I wore a belt....but who knows it might have on its own. I actually liked the support of the belt once I got used to it...


iakram - June 8

hi sandee, yup it's pretty common the dr's found out after i was spotting at 16 weeks. i just had my 32 week u/s and it's moved up! don't worry all will be well i'm sure it usually corrects itself. good luck


sandee - June 8

thank you ladies for your replies. Iam hoping for the best.


asa - June 30

Hi Sandee, I am currently 37 weeks pregnant.... I was diagnosed with placenta previa due to heavy bleeding at 13 weeks. My 32 week scan showed that I still had complete previa meaning that the placenta didn't move at all and it was still blocking my cervix. My doctor scheduled me for a c-section but when I went in for my scan yesterday to check the placenta it had completely moved ( my doctor was amazed!) and was no longer blocking my cervix so therefore instead of the scheduled c-section I am now going to be delivering my baby naturally. Just hang in there and I"m sure you'll do fine! Good luck!



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