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alley24 - July 7

I am 18 weeks, had a ultra sound because of spotting(due to s_x) and they siad I have a low lying placenta has anyone had this? I had two prevoius placenta Previas, and they moved up and all was fine and had a va___al delivery, but the 7 and 8month I bleed and I hemeraged with my last one, now I am not sure if this is the same. Found out that I am having a girl. Have my second trimester screeing monday so we should no more, but I thought that I would ask. The first level all test came back negitive, ( first tri mester) and my chances went from 1-30 to 1- 1000. I am 43, will be 44. So I am hopeful this test monday will show all is well. Thank you for letting me ramble.I also measured, my stomach at 19 but I am only 18 does anyone know about that as well


vlw01 - July 10

Alley24, Good to see you on the board again! Don't have any info on low lying placenta but someone else posted on same issue and stated their doc says placenta will most likely shift in 3rd trimester... Really just wanted to say congrats on having a girl - that's exciting! I have a level 2 on July 20th but we've decided to be surprised. Just had my 2d set of blood taken for AFP and waiting on results from that as well but all seems to be going well. By the way, I was measuring 15 weeks at 13 weeks and doc didn't seem alarmed. Last visit doc didn't do tape measure just felt for uterus so don't know if anything changed but again, indicated everything is going great! How big were your other children at birth? Might just be a big baby or she might have just had a growth spurt!! Take care, Valerie


alley24 - July 10

well valerie, the doctor was WAY off, i am having a boy and I dont have a low lying placenta. I swichted doctors and boy am i glad I did. I had my level two ultra sound today all went great, nothing wrong with the baby, and placenta. I am not having a alpha test because They could see the spine and it looked good. The only test that I am having in a ultrasound at 30 weeks, a 4d one but that is my choice no one else. we are paying for that 140.00 that is not bad. it is in color. I have 3 children, my first boy was 6pound 12 oz, 19 inches long, girl was 6 pounds 14 oz 19 inches long, and a boy that was 5 pounds 1 oz and 18 inches long, all full term.my 5 pound baby is my biggest kid, he is 13 and is 5 10 wears a size 13 shoe. is is wild. have gain no weight. have lost weight and i am goign in my fifth month I was like that with my 5 pound boy only gained 15 pounds.



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