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S - December 11

I am 13 weeks pregnant, and have terrible constipation. I have spoken to my doctor about it, and she changed my vitamins to one with a stool softener about 4 weeks ago, which hasn't made any improvement. She also said to take additional stool softener tablets in the am (or opposite when I take my vitamin), but this hasn't helped either. I try to drink lots of water, eat fruit and veggies, but nothing seems to get me going. I have read on other sites that Milk Of Magnesia (M.O.M.) is okay for pregnant women to use, but I am wondering how often I can take it? I have used it for the past two days now, and finally had a bowel movement (which was still difficult). Help!!


Monique - December 12

The same thing happened/is happening to me!! It's awful!! I tried Cetracil and that didn't even work! Personally, SPINACH is the ONLY thing that is working for me. I tried everything! I force myself to eat it every couple days and it works! Good Luck!


s - December 12

Monique, So glad to hear someone else out there with this issue. I talked to a few girlfriends, and they just say to drink more water-I just can't stomach any more water! I'll try the spinach (luckily, I love it, just never thought of it lately). Do you eat it fresh, frozen or ? Just curious. Thanks for replying!


Been There - December 12

I don't know if it will work for you, but have you tried more fruit like apples or 100% fruit juice? That works well for me. Good luck!


Lisastar9 - December 12

try dates or prunes ,or prune juice.,I can't think of anything else.


Monique - December 13

I love spinach too, but every 2 days....it starts to lose it's appeal!! lol. I either eat a spinach salad or sauted. Both fresh but I'm sure frozen would would. BTW, I drink like a gallon of water a day. Didn't seem to change anything. Walking though, does help a little (walking & spinach!!!).


lynnstress - December 13

I take a fish oil capsule every day - it helps.


s - December 13

Thanks to all for the helpful (I'm hoping) advice! You ladies are the best!


Bridget - December 15

I know when I'm not pregnant that carrots, esp. raw, go through me like gravel, they are a good jump starter and seem to accelerate my whole process, LOL.I tried to explain what the changes in bathroom issues are to my husband. I told him it's like my intestines are moving like Keanu Reeves in Matrix.He got it.


miraclebaby - January 3

S, I know this sounds awful, I drink a little gla__s of prune juice when I am constipated and it works Miracles and besides I read it does something good for the baby as well, also eat spinach. Both of those work for me. My doc told me the Prenatal Vitamains were going to do this to me. take care


julie 7 - January 4

i had it so bad i sounded like a line backer bench pressing weights at gold's gym, it was horrifing that i could even make those sounds! for me it literally was and is the iron in prescribed prenatals. i simply cannot take them. many woman cannot digest this type of iron and it has this effect on them. while i was taking the doc prenatal i too did stool softerner, chewed papya enzymes, ate prunes etc and was still constipated--becaus nothign was enought to countr the iron in the vitamins. i now take an pregnancy alternative vitamen pack made specificlaly with easily digestible iron and i don't have the problem anymore.


s - January 4

Julie 7- Tell me more about this vitamin pack so I can discuss with my doc. NOTHING has made an ounce of difference, and I feel so awful most of the time (bloated, tight, irritable) that I often rethink this pregnancy thing. Good to hear from you-hope I can switch!


All Bran Bars - January 4

All Bran Bars are the best, what a big difference they have made for me. Talk about relief...



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