Maternity Clothes Shopping Tip

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Julie - February 21

Hi ladies, just wanted to share an experience I had with Maternity clothes. I was "striking out" at places like Old Navy and the department stores. Everything seems to be designed for the younger know, skin tight??!! If you have Shopko (similar to Target/Kmart/Walmart for those that aren't familiar)stores in your area, I STRUCK GOLD there. They had the BEST jeans for $17.00 a pair. I also got 4 shirts (same all in different colors) because they fit so nice. Just a bit of info for anyone that it might help. Their clothes seemed more designed for our offense younger gals :o)


Happy Me - February 22

Thank you Thank you Thank you... I thought it was only me. I also found great deals at Burlington Coat Factory stores. Make sure you look on the clearance racks! (Jeans for $7.00.) Remember large sweaters, blazers and your hubbie's work shirts will fit nicely! (And, for those of us who are willing, I found some great items at my local thrift store -- for pennies on the dollar.) I also learned to accept donations from friends - that way I can spend the extra money on a sturdier crib and a matching dresser for the little one. Also, rubber bands through the b___ton hole of your pre-pregnancy pants help them last for another week or two. You can also try a loose fitting WIDE elastic belt to hold the jeans up for a while... The one thing that you do not want to skimp on though is a few new right sized bras that really support you! Though they are not as s_xy, they are more comfortable now... Enjoy!


Elle - February 22

Thanks for the tip! Actually, my most favorite pair of maternity jeans came from the clearance rack at Wal-Mart for $5.00! WOO-HOO! They are so cute, capris with a tall cuff and I love them! Now where can we find post-pregnancy clothes that make us look and feel good but don't break our bank? I don't want to resort to the "Mom" jeans just yet! Where is Shopko? I'm in Phoenix and I don't think we have that store, but it sounds great! Thanks!


Julie - February 22

Elle, I think Shopko is regional, just like Target or Walmart. But I think you can go to and see if there are any in Arizona at all.............good luck!!


Hey There - February 22

I tried looking in Burlington Coat Factory for maternity clothes, they actually removed that section from the store. Well at least in my area they did.



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