May June And Some TTC Ers Part 16

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lovemy3 - January 16

You sound in good spirits BM5, and that is true about sporadic fits...could be unrelated to bipolar but pregancy hormones. Sounds like you are on top of it and doing well. Glad to help out whenever I can. Nothing here but snow shovelling-LOL. Hope you are all well xox


Tracy88 - January 16

Well, I did not sleep at all last night. I was very uncomfortable, hot and restless. I think I finally fell asleep around 4:30. Good thing I don't work that much and when I do, I go in at noon. I have been craving buffalo wings something fierce for tha last three days. If I don't get some now, I am going to scream. I think this is my first real craving. BM5, I'm also glad you sound good. I know what it's like to question whether you are experiencing normal life anguish or symptoms of something else. When I went off anti-depressants for the first time in years, i prayed that it wasn't going to turn around and bite me in the a__s one day and make me regret stopping. Fortunately, the next time I had a huge issue, I took Xanax to deal with my anxiety for about a month and that was it, nothing else since then and that was 3 years ago. Well, anyway, I'm glad you talked with your counselor and things seem to have balanced out a bit. Hmmmmm, chicken wings. Must have some.


Val - January 16

Hi all... Our cold snap continues with another 2-3 inches of snow here. The roads were a mess - right now chains or traction tires are required on all highways in the Portland, OR metro area. I decided I wasn't brave enough to venture out in our 4wd truck, so I got an unexpected day off. PUNKIN, wow, that's a horrible situation you are in. It's too bad the mom and brother are so irresponsible, manipulative and uncaring. TRACY, sorry you had a bad night. I was woken up a lot as well. Our outside dog figured out how to jump onto the deck outside our bedroom and she kept making a ton of noise out there (chasing cats and eating their food.) I think I solved the problem by blocking off where she could jump but I'm still ticked off at her. BABYM5 - glad you had a good visit with the counselor. HOPEFUL, are the bbs doing better today? I've been having to moisturize a lot otherwise I break out. It's quite lovely. ;-) ttyl...


Hopeful and excited - January 16

Hello again to all! Goodness punkin what a horrible situation you're in with your MIL. Is it actually legal for her to give her son's name as guarantor for these things? Surely there is a way to protect against that even if she is family? I do hope you can find a way. This is not at all what you need right now! In the meantime, Tracy and BM5 are right, this is a good place to vent as we are sure to listen so feel free!! Tracy - so glad the U/S went well. I was pretty sure it would and now you can relax a little more. When's the next check up or U/S? Sorry about the sleepless night - as you know, I can totally relate. Try the hot milky drink or warm bath idea - it sometimes makes a difference for me but not always unfortunately. lovemy3 - I don't know anything about the aspirin idea but I googled the words "aspirin" and "fertility" together and several things came up that you might be interested in so give that a go. I think, though, that it seems to be more relevant to those trying IVF rather than natural conception but I only really glanced at the info. Hope you find what you're looking for. BM5 - Happy Birthday to your dd. Hope you had a great day. I'm so glad you don't have to go back onto medication - I'm sure you are too. Keep your mind on the beauty of your baby to come and you'll be fine. Val - thanks for asking about the b___bs. As I thought - it's all much better now. Nothing has returned since yesterday but I was quite dry again after my shower today so I think I'll have to invest in some decent lotion. What's everyone else using/planning to use? Well, anyway, all is well here. My husband got back safely and we had a lazy day together today before he had to go to work so that was really nice. Hopefully that will be the last time that we have to be apart before the baby arrives so we're going to try and enjoy togetherness and quiet as much as we can between now and then (with the exception of two further family visits - 1 week each - which happen next month and the month after! Yikes! We'll really have to make the most of having our appartment to ourselves whenever we can from now on!! LOL!) So that's it from me. TTYL - XOXOXOXOX


babymakes5 - January 16

Val-sounds like a good day to stay indoors! We have a few inches total and I still hate driving in it, especially after work when it's already dark. Tracy-bummer about such a sleepless night, sometimes I try spraying lavendar on my pillow-sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Hope you were able to get a nap in today. Hopeful-so glad you were able to enjoy dh being back. "there's no place like home..." and we'll try to send some snow your way before your family visits. Oh yeah, I remember when I had problems with dry b___bs in prior pgs, they told me to be sure not to use soap on them in shower, as soap will dry them out too. Good luck finding a good lotion, let us know what you find. :) Punkin-I hope things are better on the IL homefront. LM3-thanks for your well wishes and good advice, I sure hope you get BFP soon, or I fear you'll soon leave us--sniff, sniff...BTW-I'm so glad I have dh and boys to shovel. Although I do remember it being good exercise!


SANN - January 17

Hi everyone : ) Sorry for being MIA. I've been extremely busy for the past month. Just a quick check in : ) will try to write more soon once I'm read the threads that I had missed. My update ... I'm doing fine nothing much to report : ) Talk to all of you soon : ) Take care : )


Tylersmommy - January 17

Hello all ! Babymakes5 glad to hear that you are feeling better . Sometimes it is good to hear from a total outsider it puts things back into perspective again . I also gave birth about 11 years ago and those memories are so sweet ! I had a textbook v____al delivery with epidural so lets hope all goes well this time too !! Yesterday I started getting these weird tightening feelings in my belly that I called my gynae abou and was told that I am experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions !!! How exciting girls ... the time is gettinfg closer !! I have a check up tomorrow with a scan so really excited that I will get to see my little girl again .. Lovemy3 you know what they say no news is good news !! So hang in there . Punkin01 sounds like you are in a really tricky situation . I bet there is so much that you would like to say and do but can't cos at the end of the day it is his mother ... So tact is probably one of your strong points at the moment . Tracy 88 did you get to have those buffalo wings ??? Hopeful I have had a slight clear discharge from my b___sts . When I wake up in the morning I have these dried bits on the tips of my nips which I have been told is dried colostrum . Here where I live the advice that we are given ( considering how hot and sunny it is here ) Is to expose our nips to the sun for about 10 minutes at a time . This apparently helps toughen your nips and helps your body create natural oils to make them more supple . Val hope that you enjoyed your day off !! very jealous !! That's all for now .. Look forward to hearing every-ones updates !!


Hopeful and excited - January 17

THANK GOODNESS SANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic to hear from you - Don't do that again!!! :-) We were really worried about you. Can't wait to hear your update! Tylersmommy - good to hear that all is well. Have fun at the appointment! Great tip about the nipple problem. Although mine are all back to normal again (sorry for the panic caused!!) they do seem extra sensitive so I reckon some sunshine would do them good. Unfortunately the weather here is neither one thing nor the other so I'll have to find another way. I think you and I have very close EDDs don't we so it's interesting that you're getting colostrum too (if that's what I'm experiencing). Braxton Hicks already - goodness it is getting nearer the time. I don't think I've had any of them - what do they feel like? I mean, is it obvious when you get one? My next appointment is next Tuesday and I'm wondering if they'll do the same tests they did last time which was to strap me up to some sort of gadget which measures the heartbeat and contractions over a 15 minute period. I hope so - it was fun last time!! Anyway, must go - will check in later! XOXOXOX


Hopeful and excited - January 17

Oh yeah - sorry BM5, I didn't mean to ignore you! I have also heard about the soap thing being a problem so I'm trying to be careful not to allow soap near my b___bs. I think the real problem is that the water here is so hard that it dries out my skin anyway - boo hoo. Thanks for the tip! TTYL!!


Tylersmommy - January 17

hi Hopeful ! You are correct in saying that we are close . Isn't nature amazing that we are 1000's and 100's of miles from each other but our bodies are responding the same ? You are probably having Braxton Hicks contractions and just don't know it yet . At first I thought that it was baby moving . But it didn't quite feel the same . What happens is your whole uterus slowly just tightens up until it is eventually all hard and then just relaxes . It does this very irregularly and every now and again . I phoned my gynae about it and he said that it was Braxton Hicks contractions and totally normal . It is your bodies way of preparing you for birth . So you see how exciting it is !!??!! Your last appointment sounds like fun . I wish I had one of those !


COL - January 17

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!! Exactly Hopeful : ) for Sann to show up. To be honest I was o worried, but I did not want to post here. Thanks God you are ok.


Tracy88 - January 17

Good morning ladies! Could have slept longer but my phone was ringing.....the cleaning lady is coming in an hour!!!! Yay!!!!! Who was it that asked if I got my chicken wings???? Well, the answer is OH YA!!!! I called my husband at 4:00 yesterday and whined saying, "Honey, I want chicken wings for dinner." So he said that would be fine. I pulled the whole pregnancy, whine trick. I feel fat, but satisfied! Sann and COL......very nice to hear from you. Don't be strangers! I know it's hard to keep up with every detail of all our lives, but just post so nobody worries about you. You are valued here! Tylersmommy and Hopeful, when are you guys due? How many weeks are you? I hope I don't get braxton-hicks, it would just be one more thing for me to panic about. I asked a lady who works in my husband's office and she said it feels almost like a charlie horse but in your stomach. Is that at all accurate? Is anybody else having tremendous back pain? If it's not my lower back that's killing me (I have a herniated disc there), then between my shoulder blades is, kind-of along the bra line. My b___bs have not b__wn up, so I don't think it's from them getting giant or anything, I really think it's posture actually. Gaining 30 pounds must put pressure on all kinds of places don't you think? I thought I was going to be sick when the ultrasound tech told me that the baby now weighs 1.2 pounds, and I thought, "Why the hell have I gained 30 then?" I am going to need one hell of a personal trainer to get these chicken wings off my thighs when this is all over!


COL - January 17

Tracy88, thank you so much for the nice words. I really appreciate them. i do not feel stranger here, it’s the opposite actually. You are such a great group of ladies. I am just a lazy busy woman; I can’t keep up with all the posts and comment on all details. That will take me all day : ) : ). TTYL


babymakes5 - January 17

Morning everyone. I am so glad you checked in Sann, along with everyone else, I was very worried. And next time you post, can you give us your EDD and gender if you know it? Once I get everyone's, I'll do one post that lists them all out so we can refer back to it when we need to. I have everyone's listed out now and I keep it next to my computer and it really helps to look at it when reading everyone's posts. And Tracy-Hopeful is Apr25 and Tylersmommy is Apr22, which is about a month before you :) Well, I think the time has come to slow down on the b-ding-sniff, sniff. Ever since b-ding last night, I've had more cramping than usual and it was painful during it (but obviously not enough for me to stop! I'm so bad!) Or at least maybe not the position we were in (sorry if TMI). Hopefully it's nothing to be concerned about, but all morning now when I have to pee, I get cramps and have to go immediately. Maybe there's just more pressure around my bladder? I literally had tears last night afterwards and couldn't talk much until the pain subsided. That can't be good. Other than that, I also noticed I'm getting up again more in the middle of the night to go the bathroom, maybe from tossing and turning? How many times do you guys get up during the night to go? In the beginning it was 3-4 x night, then went down to 1 x night, now it's back up to 3-4 x night. Very annoying I must say. Tracy, I wouldn't worry about the weight gain, and remember, much of the gain is the amniotic fluid which is a nice sized cushion. You'll be surprised at how much you lose after the baby's born (or shortly after). I've only gained 6-8 lbs, but I was overweight to begin with, so for me, I wanted to gain as little as possible. I never completely lost it all after my other 3, but I guess I just accepted the fact that my body was never going to be the same and it was worth it for my little darlings. Hopeful, so glad your bb are back to normal! And I'm sure you'll feel the Braxton Hicks soon. To me, they felt like PMS cramps. Only a little different, more like pressure than cramping. It will probably make you grab your lower belly thinking something's falling out. It's a good time to start your breathing exercises. Are any of you Apr EDD's going to take cla__ses soon for Lamaze? I took them with my first but not 2nd or 3rd. Now dh wants to take them for this one. He says it's a good way to make new friends that we have something in common with. Mister social-me and my ds were teasing him the other day. He uses more minutes on his cell phone than me and ds put together! LOL Oh well, I guess I'd rather have that than a bump on a log. :) Hugs to all!


Lovedblessings - January 17

Good Morning Ladies, Lovemy3 and BM5 and for all who are trying to conceive do you keep track with notes on when you ovulate? Do you find that your cycles are regular? The reason I ask is with my cycles they were never the same, each month was different. Every month is a new opportunity for a new life to began which is very exciting. My heart goes out to you all as you struggle along to get to this point with all the frustration you must feel. One day we will be hearing your great news that you have a little miricle on the way too! To be honest I've search the web to see if there any infornation on the latest techniques or suggestions on how to increase your odds. For the most part timing plays a huge factor from what I understand. IF you anything like me time and waiting are not my best things. Well, WAITING for any lady on this board is frustrating. Although wtih my recent scare I have found some patience and want this baby to bake for as long as possible. Punkin01 Mother in laws have been an obstacle for wives years, some moms just have a hard time letting go of their boys and don't think anyone is every good enough for them Although Dad's feel the same way for their little girls too! Your situation sounds very frustrating! It's great you can vent and let some of your frustration out on this board. Hopeful and Excited I'm glad your b___sts are clearing up it is very uncomfortable to have sore nipples. However is does prepare a women for nursing. Wearing a t-shirt with no bra before you baby is born will help toughen your nipples up. This worked with my two boys however with my second it's just wasn't as pretty as it was in my 20's Boy I miss those perky b___sts, my partner referred to them as "fun Bags" I told him if he still wants to have s_x he might try coming up with a better name. "Fun Bags" does that paint a pretty picture for you too? Now the doctor has cut him off so I guess he'll have a bit of time to come up with a new name!!! For those of you having great s_x I am jealous... I miss my DH however I will do whatever it takes to keep this little guy in! Strech mark cream works great on my b___sts and I now use it on my face, I love the results! Tracy88, sorry your not feeling well hopefully you will have some relief very soon! With my 11 month old I was on demerol from the second trimestor on from gallbladder attacks. He is a very healthy boy, even started walking at 9 months. The guilt I felt being on that medication was terrible, the doctors repeatedly told me that is was in mine and the babies best interest to be on the medication. He also didn't move that much while I took the medication. This baby seems to do back flips, however he did slow down with the medication they gave me to stop the contractions. Tylersmommy braxton hicks are exciting knowing that your body is preparing itself for the birth of your little one. The do seem to get stronger the further you get along. Bed rest is tough to do! I mark off each day. We have another ultrasound next week, I can't wait to see my little guy. We will find out how much he weighs we will give us an indication on what his chances for survival or any kind of disabblities he may face if I go into labour again. Also they will get to see if his kidneys are still over the norm for size. Which is more common in boys. Hope everyone is having a great day... take care for now Louisa


lovemy3 - January 17

Good morning all. Loved...sounds like you are doing well and in good spirits. Thanks for thinking of me with the ttcing. My periods are regular and I have been using ovulation predictor kits each month and I am ovulating, and have the symptoms as well but no conception. I have had 3 sections and am wondering if scar tissue is an issue. My youngest is 3 and I had him at age 34, now I will be 38 in May. Age is most likely the culprit I think. I concieved my others just blike that first month of ttcing, so this is just darn frustrating. At least my af is regular. Over the past year, I have found it very light though. Lasts 2 days of regular flow and then a third day of spotting. Very light, an obvious hormone shift with age I think. Thanks for your encouragement and stay well.



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