May June And Some TTC Ers Part 16

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Tracy88 - January 19 may not be a mountain at all, just a mole hill. Stay positive and go at this one step at a time. It can't all be done in one day anyway, so baby steps (no pun intended)!


babymakes5 - January 19

Hi everyone. It looks like the boards been very active. Good to see! Tracy-I agree that they must be having a joint one that's perhaps a surprise to you, but it confuses me that they would tell you about hers and not just tell you it's a joint one? Otherwise, wouldn't they realize how you would feel just hearing that? Did you say that she was due around the same time as you? And do they know about your family probably not having one? I like surprises, but sometimes just coming out with it would be nice and save some worry. I hope you feel better! LM3 - I agree with everyone else here--go to your appt!!! Better now than later. Weight can always be worked on later, but some things may need to be addressed now. And mountains aren't so bad-lol-don't they say a women's body, when pregnant, is like a normal person mountain climbing? Anyways, just go for it girl, I know your nervous, but better to know than to question. Val-I wish I was on the west coast, I've been listening to the news about all the storms-crazy stuff-snow in Malibu? I hear it's going on all over the world with some strange storms over seas too, Hopeful, maybe you could update us on your area? I've been craving mandarin oranges-so little and sweet...can't wait until break. Okay, so now I have a pg question for everyone...I've been having a lot of discharge lately (last couple of days), which I haven't had the entire pg so far. Here comes TMI-it's creamy white, eggy looking. And we haven't b-d for the last 2 nights. This morning, some actually dropped in the toilet, so there's quite a bit of it. I haven't had a yeast infection for probably 20 years so I can't remember what thats like, but I have absolutely no itching or discomfort. The weird thing is that not yesterday but day before when I was complaining about pains after b-ding, I was having pains that felt like I was ovulating. It seemed like it was coming from my ovaries? It was Wed night and it was so uncomfortable I just went home and relaxed, I even got McDonald's for the kids because I just didn't feel like doing anything. I can't be ovulating right? Anyone have any ideas on what this might be? I'm somewhat ignorant when it comes to cm, never have paid much attention to it, except for noticing that it any help is appreciated. And it appears that my SPD is back. Over the holidays with all the time off and the move and everything, it didn't bother me at all. Now that I'm back to work everyday, it's gotten worse. Maybe because I'm sitting for long periods of time? I wouldn't think that would make it worse. It's getting hard to walk and I fear that eventually I won't be able to. Now that I've written a book....better go. Hugs to all!!!


Tracy88 - January 19

BM5....there are just some days that I have loads of cm and some days I have none. With all the nookie you get, just make sure that you watch for the tell-tale signs of infection like smell, itch, or burn. If you sense anything, then go to the doctor. I really don't think anything is wrong and I certainly know you are not ovulating if you are PG. I think you are just having one of those days. The painyou had could have been from anything. I occasionally have a cramping sensation too, but ovulation is just out of the question at this point. It's probably ligamentary or pressure. Sometimes if I have to poop or something I have more pressure in my abdomen which causes strange pains and such.


lovemy3 - January 19

Good morning all. Bought the book today "taking Charge of your Fertilty". Very interesting. I am more sure now, my issues are not ovulating. Those 3 day surges are indication of that. I think I get my surges, my egg isn't releasing. Who knows...good book though. The good news is...I'm regular and have "perfect" EWCM! Bravo...LOL. So thats the scoop here.


Hopeful and excited - January 19

Hello all! Well I'm definitely feeling more tired nowadays. I've had a 2 hour nap (!!!) this afternoon and I still reckon I could go back for more! Can't understand it as I was full of energy on Wednesday but yesterday I had that tearful feeling all day (for no reason - it was a great day! - I think there must be something in the air for us at the moment!) and today I feel completely zapped. Maybe it's a growth spurt or maybe it's the weather. BM5 - you asked what it was like here (central Europe)..............well I think we've been really lucky and the mountains must have protected us from the hurricaine winds that were supposed to come our way because we just got blustery winds (occasionally strong) and rain. However, just a few miles down the road people have been killed by falling walls, trees and traffic accidents. It's been total chaos! Over 30 people have been killed in this area of Europe (UK, Netherlands, France, Germany etc) which is appalling and I'm so glad that we got away with just simple c___ppy weather. Anyway, enough of that. How is everyone today? lovemy3 - I second other people's views about your appointment. YOU MUST GO!!!!! Don't worry about your weight issues, swallow your pride and go and get your questions answered. I'm 99% sure that you'll come out feeling better than you do now!! By my reckoning, you'll be testing just before it so either way you'll have some questions to ask when you get there - perfect timing. Tracy - Sorry you're having such a miserable time at the moment. Big Hugs!!!!!!!! My suggestion is that you speak to your friend in confidence about the whole shower arrangement. What harm can it do if you tell her that you're worried that you're not going to get a shower? If you're not part of her's already (i.e. the surprise idea) I'm sure she'll suggest that you join in because she won't want to see you upset. Re. the sore legs. Me too but I don't think it's from lack of exercise on my part but rather something to do with the position I'm sleeping in which doesn't seem to agree with me! BM5 - I've definitely had an increase in CM since being pregnant but not as much as you by the sound of it. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about unless it's itchy or smelly but mention it at your next checkup just to be sure. I wonder if it could be related to the SPD - so sorry to hear about that. Hope it eases again soon. Tylersmommy - thankfully most of the stuff that's been given to me by my stepsister is white so I don't have to worry about colours. I'm not a big fan of the pastel shades which is going to make shopping really difficult I think!! LOL!! Val - sounds like you're having a great time with the paintings. I wonder if you can find a way to put them online so we can all see them and tell you how brilliant you are. You might even get some commissions!!!!! ********** Anyway, I must go now since I've taken up enough of your time (I really hope you don't all get fed up with my lengthy posts. I'm so sorry - I write what I'm thinking and as I type very fast and talk a lot it comes out like this. Tell me to shut up if I'm going too far!! LOL!!) Big Hugs to you all and TTYL! Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lovemy3 - January 19

Happy Weekend to you too Hopeful. Thanks, for the encouragement. I really don't want to go cuz of my weight. He will tell me to stop ttcing i think. Anyhow, I'm really weepy today for some reason, just sad at the whole situation. 13months of ttcing this baby! Never in a million years would I have thought this. they used to call me Fertile Myrtle!! How about a shorter thread soon?



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