May June And Some TTCers Part 19

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lovemy3 - January 31

Belly Rubs and baby Dust to all!!


lovemy3 - January 31

hey everyone. thought we could use a shorter thread. appt results are on the last thread if you are interested! Hugs. have a great day!


TTC#[email protected] - February 1

LM3 - Did you get your blookwork back? Morning all.. I really hate AF!! I bleed soooo much for about 4 days that if I am not in the bathroom every 2 hours people will wonder if i sat in red paint :) then it slows but still lasts about 6 days. My obgyn told my I could take provera to lighten it but I don't know if that would mess up our TTC or if I would get pg? anyone every take provera.. NOT the depo provera? TTC#3 - cd 3


lovemy3 - February 1

Hi all. No, i haven't got my results yet. I know most of them only take a couple of days but some like the DHEAS can tgake 3 weeks, so he said wait and check back in 3 weeks and get all the results at once, which is already driving me crazy. I know my FSH and TSH and LH will be in any day, but I think they will wait for them all to make a diagnosis. AArgh. How is everyone else?


Val - February 1

hi all... TTC#3 - no exp. with provera, so can't help you there... sorry! I hated my long periods too. LM3 - 3 weeks?! Wow! They should give you some of the other results if you ask for them, I would think. It's your information (you're paying for it!) so I'd call and ask in a day or two. BM5 - sorry about all your pain - that must be miserable. TRACY - ouch, ouch, ouch! I really hope you get some back relief. I guess I need to think more about how I'm standing. I seem to end up with more back pain if I sit wrong, but I can see that as the belly gets bigger, my back with start to compensate. Howdy to everyone else! Not much news here. It's beautiful outside (sunny and cold) but we're hoping for some rain again soon. And my "hippy" shower is Sunday, so that will be fun. Pretty mellow day today which is nice. I have big plans for grocery shopping, maybe hitting the gym to get on the treadmill, and starting to crochet some stuff for the nursery. Take care all...


Tracy88 - February 1

Val, make sure you sit up staright because I tend to lean back when I'm on the computer and that actually makes things worse. I asked the guy about it, and he said to sit up, shoulders back. Not an easy feat I tell ya. Can you explain your "hippy" shower? Does that mean it's a shower for you being thrown by your hippy friends? or is hippy the theme? Damn, you crochet too???? What don't you do girl? Weather sounds nice there. I love it when it's sunny and cold. Baby was moving up a storm earlier today!!! I saw my stomach move again. Everytime she gets very active, I tell her what a good girl she is and that she makes mommy happy that way. I am leaving for Cleveland tomorrow, but have physical therapy in the morning, and don't know how much time I will have to check in before I go, so if I don't check in until Wednesday, you all know where I will be.


babymakes5 - February 1

Hi girls, I'm with you Tracy-Val, what don't you do? Will you be my mom? Sitting up straight IS hard to do. I tend to slump in my chair and my computer at work is in the corner of my desk and then I can feel the baby move, like it's too cramped or something. I felt he/she kick today when I had a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese. It was yummy and I think baby liked it too!-lol I talked to the nurse today and they're going to start me on physical therapy. But she has to send out the paperwork in the mail since I can't pick up it during the day so I probably won't get in until next week sometime. It's supposed to be really cold this weekend and I was hoping to stay indoors but it looks like we've got a busy schedule with the kids, so hopefully it won't be too unbearable trying to get around. LM3, what are you going to do to pa__s the time waiting for those test results-ughhh! Well, you know we're here to talk to/listen to, so don't by shy-lol. Punkin-are you out there? I was wondering how movements have been? I'm thinking that my baby is small because I still don't feel too much movement either. I have to be really paying attention. And nothing I can feel on the outside yet. I think I'm a couple of wks behind you, so let me know when you start feeling kicks on the outside. Tracy-have fun in Cleveland!!!! I hope there's not too much snow, but enough for you to enjoy. Val, yeah, what is a hippy shower? At least it's not a hipp-o shower--that's what I feel like lately, especially waddling already! Hugs to all...


Lovedblessings - February 1

Hi Ladies, Lovemy3 glad you went to the doctors and got some answers in regards to your concerns. I agree with Val, if you can get some answers in the next few days save your sanity and give your doctor a call. Tylersmommy good luck with your scan tomorrow, I have never had a 4d scan but would love to since this is the last time I will be pregnant. My birthday is on the 5th so I thought that would be a nice gift. TTC # 35 We were not trying to get pregnant at the time we conceived our last son, we thought it would be impossible. This time was a shock also a shock since we didn’t even think I was ovulating at the time. Sorry I know I missed some people, the contractions are back again.. more bed rest. It’s so worth it but laying on my back has become really tiring. Take care Louisa


Tracy88 - February 2

BM5, a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese sounds divine! I am allergic to dairy, but a girl can dream can't she? Yummy! What I would give! So happy to hear you are going to physical therapy. I think mine helped a little the other day, because although the pain is still pretty bad, it is a notch down from when I went in there. I have an appointment in about an hour, and can't wait because the lady ma__sages the spasms and it hurts sooooo good!!!!!! My husband doesn't know the first thing about rubbing someones back, so he hasn't been much help; thus, the physical therapy! Louisa, you are an Aquarius too??? My birthday is on the 16th! Tylersmommy, enjoy the scan, I want to know how it went. DH and I were talking last night and he wants to get one done. I'm still undecided on whether I want to spend my money on that, or put it toward pics after the baby is born. He would probably say to do both. I'm the one who's always afraid to spend money, and he's the one who won't cut corners. He does all the finances and is the breadwinner though, so when he says we can afford something, then I go for it. Val, have fun at your hippy shower! I will be in Cleveland until Wednesday. Hopefully I will have the chance to check in!


Hopeful and excited - February 2

Hello again all! This is a quick post just to say I've arrived back safely and we had a wonderful trip (beautiful weather, gorgeous food, fantastic friends etc. etc.!!) I'll update properly when I've got my head together (and done some washing!!! LOL!!) - hopefully tomorrow - and then I can respond to all your posts too! (Bean is kicking up a storm today so I don't think s/he wants me sitting at the computer anyway!!) So - from what I've read in Part 18 and here, all is mostly well with everyone and at least any aches, pains or questions are being dealt with which is great. Good to hear!!! TTYL - missed you all!! XOXOXOX


TTC#[email protected] - February 2

Lots of babies moving... sigh... good for you guys though.. I hope my day will come soon. Val - Have a wonderful shower! Welcome back H & Excited! Good luck with the pt & hope you all feel better.. ? has everyone here had amnios done? Rub them bellies for me.. ttc#3 cd4


Tracy88 - February 2

H&E.....glad you had a wonderful trip!!! Where did you go again? Sounds like the perfect getaway, wherever it was. TTC#3 You will get PG again. The hardest part about TTC is that we have limited control and need to accept that we just need to be patient because our body is going to do what it wants to do, when it wants to do it. UNLESS, you take more control by doing treatments like I did. Even then, I had to accept that things just might happen in their own time. I opted out of having an amnio. I was going to do all the new screening stuff first, and then if there was a huge concern, I would do the amnio, but it didn't end up being necessary. Physical therapy was awesome this morning. That lady gives the best ma__sage ever!!!! As she was working around my spine, even she was sighing about how messed up it is! I can't tell you how intense the pain is while she is ma__saging. I had no idea how bad it truly is. Well, I am off to the airport. Going to take care of my little sister who had back surgery (must run in the family huh?) for a few days. Be back Wednesday!


Val - February 2

TRACY - you've probably left by now, but I hope you have a great trip! Thanks for the sitting tip. I do try to sit up straight generally so maybe that's helping. I am thinking about using my ma__sage gift certificate at some point soon - just to pre-empt any back pains that might start up. I had a regular message therapist was seeing - she was always finding ribs pulled out of place and crazy tension points crisscrossing across my back. I feel lucky to have gotten this far in the pregnancy with minimal back pain. BM5 - glad you are starting PT also - I hope it helps! H&E - sounds like you had a great trip. We missed you around here! Where did you go again? Details, please. :-) Re: hippie shower - I'm not sure what it will entail... I'll definitely post afterwards and let you know! It's being thrown by some hippy-ish friends (some very awesome women/fellow farmers I've met only this past year -it's really nice of them to be doing the shower!), and I imagine we'll do hippy things, although I'm really not sure what that will be! The guys are going walking in the woods or something (there's a "man shower" as part of it - too funny!) We're just going with the flow - it will be fun to hang out with everyone. My main shower in April will be a bigger shindig with MIL and SIL coming up for it. Re:crocheting - I like doing crafty/artsy stuff. It's very relaxing for me. And crocheting is easy - much easier than knitting. I'm working on making stars and planets that I'm going to stuff and hang from the ceiling in the nursery. The first star is turning out pretty cute! (At least the two separate pieces look good - I still have to sew them together and stuff them!)


Hopeful and excited - February 3

Just saying "Hi!" - no time to update but wanted to check in. Hope everyone's well today. Happy Weekend! XOXOXOX


punkin01 - February 3

hey all babymakes5.......well like i said i was overreacting after i posted that last weekend about not feeling much movement and crying to DH wondering if something was wrong......he starts moving on monday just once but it was enough to calm mommy down about it some then on tuesday one more and wednesday there was several and thursday was the same and friday we had an appt with my OB Dr and it was time for the sono (i figured since i had the level 2 in jan i would skip this one ) but we got to see him moving and he kicked several times as she was trying to get his legs apart to confirm the s_x (they said since i was only 18 weeks at the level 2 they said only about 90 % sure it was a boy)and we seen it on the screen as well as felt it i just cried and he is a boy and we got some great pics from it...... the Dr said he should be between 15-25 oz at 22 weeks and he is weighing 15 oz exactly and everything looks good the dr is very pleased...and so am i i really expected problems during this pregnancy ......i had GD with my DD and i was on the pill which was making me gain alot of weight after she was born and i was already overweight ......DH and i was talking about coming off the pill to loose some weight but before i had stopped the pill i didnt start so i tested and poof there was little one ..then realized that around the time i conceived i had some dental surgery and had been on pain killers for 2-3 days so that worried me i just figured that i would have problems or something would be wrong but so far nothing and i have to test my sugar daily and so far it is great .....weight so far has not been a problem ......oh yeah i finally gained weight 3 lbs may remember me saying that i had lost like around 10 lbs or so during this pregnancy well not this time my doc was happy with that and he wants to see it continue .....that just seems weird to hear a doc telling me to gain and already being overwight............but everything is going good............................................tracy88 hope your back is better soon take care while at your sisters and glad to hear your having a shower.............and to everyone esles aches and pains i hope they go away soon....................i know i have left out a few but i need to do some work since they do pay me to come in and work boo hoo.....................i will check in later guys


punkin01 - February 4

ok look did i run everyone off again ????i finally respond after 5 days MIA and come back today to see i was the last one that posted............brb gotta find my Degree and my tictacs and maybe my buddies will return................


punkin01 - February 4

ok guys what is up with this thread tictacs still working ????degree i hope is wroking......where is everyone??????i feel so alone ........i dont get alot of computer time during the week and yall are here all the time and i have more time on weekends and i can never find anyone here it seems...................



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