May June And Some TTCers Part 19

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punkin01 - February 4

ok guys what is up with this thread tictacs still working ????degree i hope is wroking......where is everyone??????i feel so alone ........i dont get alot of computer time during the week and yall are here all the time and i have more time on weekends and i can never find anyone here it seems...................


Val - February 4

hey Punkin...I think the thread tends to be fairly quiet on weekends - I still think you're okay skipping the tictacs! Glad your u/s was good and that you are doing well in general. Not much new to report here. The shower was fun. Very mellow, just 7 of us. We ate food, I opened gifts, some of the girls read poems they had brought, and then we worked on a fabric craft project - everyone decorated a square of fabric and then they were all hung on a ribbon, sort of like a prayer flag. It turned out really great! Now I'm beat because I was on my feet for about 1.5 hours making coq au vin (basically a chicken stew) for dinner for the next few nights. Going to go lay on the sofa. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Lovedblessings - February 5

Good morning Ladies, hope everyone had a great weekend! Is any one experiencing problems with the veins? One on my right leg has exploded, talk about painful! It's a very attractractive purple which looks like a road map on my leg. I guess Vogue won't be calling any time soon!!! lol Just curious how everyone is carrying their babies. With this little one it looks like I swallowed a basketball, he is also very low and breech! There are times when it feels like his foot is about to pop right out! With my other son I carried him very high, he was always up in my ribs. It was my son's 1st birthday this weekend which was a great day! It also reminded me that I am about to go through labour and recovery again. Yikes... even though this will be my third time I have to tell you it made me a bit nervous. Although my DH and I had a good laugh at the thought of me wearing those really s_xy underwear again. Not too mention those king size pads... I'm surprised we managed to have another baby.... not the s_xiest look around. Must be love or the fact that he had to wait six weeks to have s_x again. I think more than likely the six weeks did him in. Tracy88 Yes, I am an Aquarius too, so is my youngest (Feb. 3) if the contractions don't slow down this little one might be too! Are the pregnancy ma__sages expensive? One place I stopped by to see how much told me they don't offer ma__sages to pregnant women because they don't have the right equipment. There is nothing like a good rub down. Hope you have a great visit with your sister and she is feeling better. Back surgery would be a slow recovery, poor thing! Lovemy3 waiting is so hard for results, time seems to just stand still. Hang in there! TTC # 35 your turn for baby movement is just around the corner. Sorry your cycles are so long. Mine used to be like that then they went to hardly showing up at all. Not too sure about provera. Babymakes5 have you tried drinking orange or apple juice to make your baby move around? I know the minute I have a gla__s this little boy is doing backflips. Val Glad you enjoyed your shower, sounds like you had a great time. It's always great being with friends! Wish you lived near, sewing is not my specialty! You should see me dry clean though.. I'm fabulous!! My sister and mom are very gifted with any kind of sewing or knitting project, that talent skipped a generation where I'm concerned. Hopeful and Excited. Glad you had a wonderful trip! Yuck.. washing,. I know I have several loads waiting here, where is the maid when you need her. Punkino1, you must be excited knowing the s_x of the baby. Now you can go out there and buy some cute little clothes. Congratulations. My first son wasn't much of a mover, I can remember poking my stomach trying to get him to move around. Just goes to show that you start worrying about your little one the minute you know you are carrying them. I better get back to some bed rest, it's my birthday today and I'm hoping to go out for supper. If the contractions aren't too bad we might give it a try. Take out would be great too, we'll have to see how it goes! For those of you like myself that try to submit your replies only to lose them so where in cyber space I make a habit of highlighting my replies and selecting copy so if I lose the first reply I can try again with just pasting my answer again. Have a great day!!!


Hopeful and excited - February 5

Hello again all! Sorry (particularly to punkin!! - I'm normally available at the weekends, honest!!) that I couldn't update earlier - I've been getting back into the swing of things since returning from my trip and I began to realise how utterly exhausted I was so I've also been sleeping a lot when I normally take the time to post here! (Sorry for putting you all second to a nap but I'm sure you sympathise!! LOL!!!) Anyway, not much to report really..........until today I had two days when Bean was giving me a real st_tch in the side which was mighty uncomfortable. Now it's gone which is a relief but s/he doesn't seem to be moving about so much during the day and waits until late at night. Hope everything's OK (me being worrywart again!!) but I like feeling him/her move as it's rea__suring. I've got a checkup on Wednesday so I'll try not to get too concerned before then. I mean, there is movement, it's just at odd times. Perhaps s/he's facing in a different direction so I can't feel as much? Also on Wednesday is our first antenatal cla__s so I'm looking forward to that loads. Then come the family (and friends) to visit again!!! One arrives on Thursday and the rest verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry early on Sunday morning (I won't be getting up to greet them but my DH will have only just finished work so he can do the honours in the "host with the most" department!!) They're staying for a week - mostly to ski which is a shame because all that lovely snow we had has now gone again and this season is going to go down in history as a complete disaster I think!! Thankfully we have Carnival time while they're here though so hopefully they'll find plenty to do. ******* How's everyone else today? lovemy3 - sounds like your appointment was very thorough which is great. Are you going to try and get some of the results when they come in? I would - just to put my mind at rest. Much much luck with the weight loss - you know I'm behind you all the way and will offer any support possible (accountability?) as I know how hard it is. Tracy - FABULOUS news about the shower. I'm so relieved for you. How is the back pain? Better I hope!! Did you think about acupuncture for it? (Great idea - TTC#3!) Val - How's the polyp thing? Have you got any more information on that? I hope it's not causing you any discomfort. Try not to worry. I'm with you on waiting til after the shower for the big shopping trip although I do know that we'll be buying a cot/junior bed, chest of drawers (instead of changing table) and some shelves some point in the next few weeks. That's all the furniture, and then there's the baby stuff like a monitor and b___st pump to consider and those are musts. Other than that, I'm hoping my shopping list will be relatively small once the shower is over - we've invited 80 people but not all will bring gifts as it's really just an excuse for a party and not the traditional shower at all. (Wooopeeeeeee!) I suspect a lot of friends will bring more booze supplies (!!) rather than baby supplies but that's fine as I want it to be a celebration more than anything. How did your appointment with the doula go and did your hypnobirthing cla__s go ahead? Would love to hear more. Lovedblessings - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you can get out tonight to celebrate, but at the same time don't push it will you? (Sorry - perhaps that's not the right way to phrase that?!!!?!?! LOL!!!) Have a great time either way. In answer to your questions - yes the leg cramps have started to arrive although I seem to catch them in time before they're really painful. The midwife thing was simply the fact that she was available for consultations FOR FREE - however, I won't be having a private midwife when it comes down to the birth as that's not how it works here and the midwives in the hospital are the ones who run the antenatal cla__ses so I'll get to know them then. Any more news on your baby's kidnies? I hope all is well.Tylersmommy - what about the 4D scan? Dying to know details!!!!! Re. the epidural thing. I'm still going to sign up for the possibility of one as I'm very aware that things could change once I'm actually in labour but both me and dh are keen not to do it as the water birth is more of a priority. Keep your fingers crossed for me that we can see it all through without any intervention! TTC#3 - so sorry that AF arrived. I really hope it happens naturally for you and your dh but don't lose hope yet! Babymakes5 - how's things with the pelvic pain? Any relief yet? I hope so. Punkin - glad to hear all is well with you and your baby and that the doctor is pleased with your weight gain. Congratulations on the boy! Great news! Have you started buying stuff yet or planning particularly boyish things? Very exciting!! ********* Who have I missed - HUGE APOLOGIES if I have. My excuse is that I had too much to catch up on here but I tried my best! Glad to be back up to date anyway and I'll be better about posting - at least until the family arrive on Sunday when I might be busier - as I love having the chance to chat with you guys. You're such a great support. I don't feel lonely at all when you're around and I don't feel the need to go out into the centre of town with an "I'm pregnant and need friends" board tied around my neck which is a great relief!! LOL!!! Speak to you all again soon! Big Hugs, Belly Rubs and Baby Dust to everyone!! XOXOXOXOX


Hopeful and excited - February 6

Hello all! Where are you? Missing everyone I think!!! Not good! Hope you're all well and just too busy having a great time to write. I've been busy organising paperwork and appointments with various offices who give advice about the financial side of having a baby which has been most productive. My first appointment is tomorrow so I'll let you know how it went (although I think it'll be a bit country-specific, it could have some useful tips - you never know!) Other than that - what was I saying about having no snow?!!?!! Yet again - I spoke too soon and it's been coming down slowly all day. At least it's covering up the nasty brown sludge that's built up on the side of the roads so things look a bit prettier again. And my visitors may have something to ski on if it doesn't all melt back by the time they get here!! Bean is having a kicking day, but nothing painful, so that's nice and rea__suring. That's all from me really. Hope to hear from you all soon. XOXOXOXOX


TTC#[email protected] - February 6

Hi all.. Yeah I really can't be here during the weekends .. too busy & my computer is too slow! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It is freezing or should I say below freezing here & my kids have off 2nd day in a row. H & E - good luck with your appt. Punkin - congrats on your boy! Loveblessing- happy 1st bday to your son.. My dd birthday is this friday 2-9 and she'll be 10! I cannot believe how fast time goes... RUB those bellies & doc_ment everything that goes on because it does go so quickly... I forget that wonderful feeling Val - your shower sounded nice. intimate & fun. Started taking temps again. Is fertility friend free? TTC#3 - cd 8


babymakes5 - February 6

Hi all...Punkin, sorry about the lonely weekend. I'm still having problems getting internet set up in our new place and have left several msgs with tech support-very frustrating. Just like you TTC-my kids were off yesterday and had a 2 hr delay today. Brrrr---it's soooo cold here. Wind chill advisories everywhere. Hard to go out anywhere when it's this cold. I decided to take yesterday off since kids were off and my u/s was yesterday afternoon! First one-yeahhhh!! It was awesome....and I'm tipping the scales for the thread because we're having a boy! DD is disappointed, but I think she'll be fine when she sees a tiny little baby to help with. Dh told her now she can have a little brother to pick on, rather than having a big brother pick on her (she's youngest), so that cheered her up a little bit. Now I guess it's name picking time...we won't get any other results re measurements until wed when we see the doc but I was just glad to see all the limbs in place and he was kicking and moving around. What a relief. It feels so much more real now. Val-you're shower sounds like fun, I can't wait for that. I've been thinking about labor recently too. It's been 11 years for me since I went through it and I'm getting a little nervous that it'll be harder this time around (age). Punkin-so glad your u/s went good and that baby boy is doing fine. Always a relief. That is weird about weight loss. I'm overweight too and last mo when I stayed the same doc said that was good. They're all so different, aren't they? Tracy-hope your trip is going well and that your back pain is minimal. I'll be going to p.t. soon for pelvic pain so I'm hoping it'll offer some relief. I have noticed it gets better when I don't work. Having yesterday off it was almost gone, until today now that I'm back at work. LM3-hope all is well, what's your first step to weight loss, did you say you're going to a dietician? I wonder if they can give you any sort of time line? Val-Happy B-day!!! And TTC, it does go fast and hopefully this month will be your month to conceive naturally. Baby dust to all!!!


Val - February 6

hi all... TTC#3 - I believe Fertility Friend is free for basic charting, and then it's like $20-30 for every 3 months at the a___lysis level. I joined at that level, partly because I wanted the extra info, and partly because it's a great site without ads and I wanted to support them. HOPEFUL - glad you're doing well! I hope the snow sticks around for your visitors. LOVEDBLESSINGS, happy belated birthday! Did you go out to dinner? re: veins - haven't gotten those on my legs. My newest symptom is that I'm very sore at the inside of my thigh - like where it connects to the groin area. Anyone had that? I'm thinking it's from that area relaxing/expanding? My friend said that she started to "waddle" last week from hip pain - maybe it's the same thing? LM3 - did you get back any test results yet? You've been very quiet...I hope you're doing ok. PUNKIN, I forgot to say congrats on finding out that it's a boy! ttyl...


babymakes5 - February 6

Hopeful-seems I missed you! So sorry. Wow, 80 people at a shower! That sounds like quite a party. Be sure to rest up before hand so that you can last through it. I don't think I even know 80 people that would come to a shower-lol. Sounds like you have a busy time coming up with family and friends, I hope it goes well. And also, good luck on your appt Wed. mines Wed too, so here's to both having good appts!!


Hopeful and excited - February 6

Hello again! BM5 - Congrats on finding out it's a boy!!!!!!!!!!! Great stuff! So does that mean we've got more boys than girls? I really should copy the post which tells us our due dates etc. I'll go back and find it and pin it to my noticeboard so that I can keep track. How exciting! I can't believe that I'm approaching the last 10 weeks. It seems to have flown by since I was worrying every second that all was well in the first trimester. Anyway, I'm so pleased that all is well for you and I hope you can get more time off work to give you some pain relief. *** Yes, I know 80 people sounds like a ridiculously huge amount of guests but my excuse is that because we run a bar and restaurant our pregnancy is being followed by a LOT of people and they're all so kind that I couldn't think of not asking them. I don't think for a minute that all 80 will be there, and those who do come will not stay long (till the booze runs out maybe!?!) and it's really not a shower anyway in the traditional sense, it's more like a big excuse for a party!! I've got one main organiser and she has about 8 helpers plus a "pot luck" to make up the food side of things so I can't envisage myself having to do too much. Plus my mum's here so hopefully she'll want to do my jobs for me!!! (TEE HEE HEE!) I'm sure I won't be expected to stay the whole night either as we start it at 2pm and I can guarantee that at least a few will manage a full 12 hour stint!! Yikes - sounds quite daunting now but it'll be fun too I'm sure. Anyway, must go - stuff to do as usual! Talk to you all later. Hope to hear from the rest of you soon. XOXOXOX


lovemy3 - February 6

Hi there. My test results are in......Insulin test- normal, TSH thyroid...2.57 normal, FSH on cd6 7.7(he says normal) LH 5.2(normal), estradiol 201 (normal) free androgen index(calculated) (normal) My DHEAS that I was concerned about is 10.1 (elevated...under 7 is normal) This was the one that was elevated 12 yrs ago when my af stopped for 9 months. He says the solution is weight loss, zipping my mouth shut now. What do you guys think of the FSH number?"


TTC#[email protected] - February 6

lm3 - I'm not sure what the levels are supposed to be.. its been awhile since i had those done. But good to see all other levels are normal. Congrat bm5 on your boy! Thanks Val on your FF info.. i tried & something in my computer here at work wont let it come up.


punkin01 - February 6

hey all i am glad you all are back and i didnt run anyone off(haha) this weekend i was so lonely w/o you guys.....dont have long to chat now DD had her 15 mo shots yesterday and she has had a little bit of a runny nose for 4 days or so and the doc gave her a decongestant yesterday while we were there ....and she had a time with the shots too she was so cranky and wanted to be held almost all day ....dont get me wrong i didnt mind it at all but NOTHING got done in the house and this morning she is really not feeling good and her little nose is pouring and she hates for that stuff to be sucked out of her nose and i feel so bad to do it that way but she wont b__w it yet so...........she took her meds and laid down for a nap so i am starving for some lunch.............just wondering is anyone having any cravings with this pregnancy???? with my son i craved ice cream daily it seemed like and with DD it was mexician food and the hotter the better!!!!!! but with this one nothing as of yet.............just wondering bout u guys love yall and take care .........i am sorry i didnt address anyone personally but i am starving got to feed my baby boy.........oh i think we have come up with his name i want yalls opinions....joshua wayne martin (our last name) joshua -we both just like it wayne is DH middle name and his fathers middle name martin is my dads middle name and i traced it back in my family tree and it goes back to my great (X 5) grandfathers middle or first name(now i didnt go any further than that so it may go back more) so tell me what yall think and chat mor later


TTC#[email protected] - February 6

I like it! I'm not sure if i know your story punkin? How old are you, other children other than your 15month old.. how long ttc your little one now.. just read your post about the poof, pg right after coming off the pill.. Poor baby & them shots.. I think they get worse the older the kid get.. when my babies (7 & 10) were babies they never cried but when they got the shots before they had to go to kingergarten.. forget it you heard them for miles.


lovemy3 - February 6

Feeling blah tonight. Posted some of my results and chatted with my friends on the other board, the ttcing one and my bubble is a little burst. they have said 200 E2 is very high and that it surpresses my FSH which was fairly good at 7.7. they said my FSH is most likely higher than that really and my E2 is cause for concern. Tracy88, what do you think>


Hopeful and excited - February 7

Hi there lovemy3 - sorry to hear you're down. I wish I could give you some words of wisdom but I'm afraid I know nothing about all your various results. What I will say, though, is that I think it's better that you listen to what the clinic said and they said "so far so good" didn't they? If you have concerns which have been raised since, maybe you should ring the doctor again and ask if there's anything you can do about it. Hope you feel better today anyway. ********** Well I went for my appointment about the financial aspects of Bean's arrival - all quite complicated and a lot of paperwork to be done but it looks quite positive and the people at the office were very helpful and said they'd help with filling in forms aswell when the time comes. Then we toddled off to the doctor for a checkup and all is well there too. Bean's heartrate still in the 150 range and no contractions or signs of labour to be seen which is a relief. One good thing is that Bean has moved from the breech position (since 2 weeks ago) to the "getting ready" position and the doctor reckons s/he'll stay like that now - 10 weeks on it's head. Now that can't be comfortable!! No wonder they come out screaming!!!!! LOL!!! So all is well so far. I'm off to the first prenatal cla__s in about 30 minutes so had better go and get ready. I'll post later or tomorrow with the update on that. Hope everyone's feeling good today and that punkin's daughter is feeling better. BTW - think the names are great! and "no" I haven't really had any cravings except perhaps I find fruit and sweet things more enjoyable than I used to. Must go - TTYL XOXOX



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