May June And Some TTCers Part 19

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Val - February 8

howdy all! BabyM5 - sorry to hear about your anxiety attacks. I hope the psych doc can help you out. What does the in-depth genetic u/s consist of? Are you considering amnio, or just u/s? LB - thanks for the birth stories! I've been seeking those out lately, just trying to figure out what I'm in for ;-) HOPEFUL, sounds like you got a lot out of your first cla__s. That's a bummer that the guys can't go! I think the men are included in most cla__ses here (although I think some would prefer not having to go!) I'm with you on the no epidural thing, but I'm planning to be flexible in case unexpected things happen. A friend who is a doctor kind of made me mad the other night. He said there are no medals for pain endurance. I'm not looking for a medal - that's certainly not why I don't want the epidural! I've just read a lot about how the epidural can lead to other medical interventions (forceps delivery, etc.) and I want to avoid that if possible His wife had a baby this year with a forceps delivery and now the baby has a seizure disorder. Don't know if the 2 are related, but it scares the heck out of me! (He also poo-poo'd the whole co-sleeping idea, but he's pretty narrow-minded and steeped in traditional Western cultural/medical beliefs so I guess I shouldn't expect him to understand. Grr... sorry, had to vent!) TRACY, glad you're back from Cleveland- I missed your posts! Sounds like you are in good spirits. LM3 - I don't really know anything about most of the test results you got except the FSH - when mine was tested I did the "clomid challenge test" which I guess gives you a pretty true reading of the fsh. You might consider asking your doctor about that. I'm with everyone on offering support/encouragement with weight loss or whatever you need to do. I know that losing weight last year was one of the more empowering steps I took during my struggle ttc. I started Weight Watchers at a point when I was extremely depressed, and it was nice to feel that I had control over something in my life. Whatever encouragement you need from us, we're here for you... HOPEFUL and LB, I was getting those calf cramps but haven't had them since I started on a magnesium/zinc/calcium supplement. But now I'm still recovering from whatever I did to my inner thighs/hips that has been causing pain all week. I think maybe I worked out too hard in the water aerobics cla__s on Monday. It's been fairly painful to walk all week, but seems to be easing up a bit today. I plan to spend a lot of time on the sofa today - first day off without plans in a while! Hugs and good thoughts to everyone...V (24w4d)


punkin01 - February 8

hey all.......glad to hear everyone is doing OK....tracy88 welcome back we missed you .....val in refrence to your comments about forceps they were used on me when i was born and you can tell it in my hospital pic the whole left side of my face is balck and blue due to the forceps being used and i have always had problems with that ear and still today i have a 30% loss of hearing in that ear it is really not enough to notice until i am on the phone and put it up to that ear especially if the person is talking low.....or if you are sitting to my left and talking soft but i would avoid the use of them if at all possible..............well i am bored DH came home really tired from work and he wanted to take a nap it is unusual for him so i hope he is not getting sick....then DD kept calling daddy and looking for him and i asked her if she wanted to take a nap with daddy she said yes so i climbed up in bed with them and held her and she went right to sleep they are sleeping peacefully and i need to cook supper but i just dont feel like it ....i dont feel bad just dont feel like cooking..........but my fingers feel OK so i may give Mr Pizza man a call and sit back and wait ...........i feel so lazy these days!!!!!! sorry i didnt address anyone personally except tracy but i am going to go decide on pizza and all catch up later


Tracy88 - February 8

Thanks for welcoming me back guys! It really is nice to be missed. Punkyn, I took a long nap this afternoon because I was just beat for some reason, so I hope I'm not coming down with anything either. Since I woke up I have felt stiff and yucky in the tummy. Just on the verge of queazy. I had a check up at the OB's office this morning, and little one is doing fine. He did say he wants me to drink more water though, so I'm a__suming my urine could have been clearer. I did fly yesterday though, so perhaps I got a little dehydrated. You can view some current pictures of me at maymommies(dot)piczo(dot)com if you want to see a belly shot and why my back hurts so d__n bad. Well, I will check in later. Gonna head to the store with hubby.


lovemy3 - February 8

Hey everyone! Tracy88...thanks for your encoregement I really do appreciate it. I guess with it hinging on my weight,l I feel like its all my fault. I checked out yhour look great! Love the belly shot. For some reason I pictured you blonde! Very nice pictures and it is great to put a face to the name! Hopeful..Val..Bm5, gosh I can't believe time has flown by...gosh I wish I was half way! I did go to family dr today and I'm not stressed anymore. She agreed that the e2 level was fine and no concern. My DHEAS in the past when I'm heaviest has been as high as 15, now is 10 and around the times of conceptions was 7 or 8. So I am excited. I chose not to bother repeating the FSH on cd3 and am going to go with the flow. I can't chnage the fsh number and am not going to do procedures, so we will shake the weight and retest at the 50 lb mark. Today is my 10th day, and with water retenyion loss, etc I have lost 6 lbs and am feeling great! I am very hopeful this is going to happen and I have my surge tonight with lots of EWCM, soooooo off to bed I go. Sleep tight xxoxo


Tracy88 - February 8

LM3.....the rest of my family is blond, I am ironically the only brunette! Thanks for saying how great I look. I must look better than I feel. Glad to hear you are sounding so positive and 6lbs is fabulous! I know that once this baby is born and I have the wherewithall to care, I am going to be ecstatic about this weight coming off. I am also glad to hear that a second doctor told you that your E2 was good and such. That makes me feel better. Well, I will check on you guys tomorrow!


Lovedblessings - February 9

Good Morning Ladies, Another cold day here... can't wait for spring! It's great with a baby on the way, all the firsts they experience that we take for granted. Seeing Christmas through my baby's eyes this year was so wonderful. He loved the tree so much that we kept it up until the end of January. Of course it was only decorated from the top half up yet he still managed to pull a few ornaments off the tree. Babymakes5 the soft marker they found on your ultrasound will more than likely be nothing however having the ultrasound will help you have peace of mind which is so important while you’re pregnant. Kidney issues are a soft marker for downs so we were relieved that we had amino testing done and know that there are no worries there. Keep up your breathing techniques hopefully that will help you work through your attacks. Crossing my fingers for you!!! Val, I still love to hear birth stories, my friends mom has 13 children each one of her births was different. No two were alike and she handled each one differently. My two boy’s labour length was very similar. Both induce in the morning around 8:30 am. My first son was born at 5:03pm and my second at 5:15pm. This was the first time I went into labour naturally, something I hoped for with this pregnancy. Not however at 25 weeks.. I guess you have to be careful what you wish for. This time my plan is to make to at least 34 weeks (hopefully longer) and go natural for as long as possible then have an epidural. We had no problems with the epidural, I needed to be cut after my first push since his head was too big. He did have an indentation around his head from the first push which went away within a few months. Nothing to do with the epidural though. Who knows what will happen, that is however something that I would like to see happen. It will be interesting hearing everyone’s stories. Tracy88 you look amazing in your pictures, one s_xy mama!!! Lovemy3 Six pounds is awesome you must feel so great! With all the positive news you've had no wonder you’re so happy.. .loads of baby dust coming your way.


punkin01 - February 10

hey all just checking in today on everyone.....yesterday hubby took half of a day off and we had the best time ....we had a few errands to run then after that we done some shopping and went out to eat and just enjoyed spending the afternoon/evening together with to meet my 16 y/o sons GF we picked her up and they went to eat with us and we had such a good time..........tracy88 your pics are great i am so jealous..... because of me having a weight problem to begin with you cant tell i am preggo at all ........good luck lovemy3 your time is coming i can feel it just hang in there.........lovedblessings i thought i was the only one who left their tree up because LO enjoyed it so ours came down the last week in Jan also .......MIL gave us some really strange looks when she came over and seen it still up (she is the type that takes hers down the day after christmas) but i dont really care the way i see it she wasnt invited (opps did i say that????) anyway hope everyone is doing good check in later bye



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