May June Now Feb 2008 Some TTC S Part 27 Dedicated To Josh

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punkin01 - March 31

ok its a new thread just changed the #....Ican understand about it freezing up the computer.......but I couldn't decide what to name it so i just changed the part # hope noone minds


blessedwith4 - March 31

I think thats a perfect idea. Hope you are feeling well and healing quickly. before getting your tubal done, did the dr ever give you the stats on the failure rate and getting pregnant after the tubal. I guess I'm just hopeful..LOL. How was your tubal ligation done?


punkin01 - April 4

Well I had my tubal reversal on March I have to go to the hospital on Monday for an HSG (A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test that examines the inside of uterus and fallopian tubes and the surrounding area) so this will tell if the tubes are blocked or open......please keep your fingers crossed for me.........


blessedwith4 - April 6

Good luck on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!


lovemy3 - April 7

How was your test today? What did they see? xox


punkin01 - April 7

hello I am so mad but glad.......I will try to make this short......I went into my Dr office on 04/01/08 for a recheck after surgery to have staples removed and he said I want to see you back in 4 weeks to check healing and we will do a test to see if the tubes are open and "NO relations" until then......well I got to thinking that it would be time for AF at my 4 week point (April 29 is my appt) so I called and asked if the test could be done while AF or not (I didn't know anything about this test...Name, procedure or anything at this time) and the nurse said no we need to schedule you to go to the hospital for this test and it needs to be done now so you can have results when you come in April she scheduled it for I go and I am undressed in stirrups waiting on Dr to come in and he comes in finally and says he was on the phone with my Dr and said he was MAD that his office scheduled my procedure so soon......he said my tubes are still healing and the pressure of the dye being inserted could mess up the surgery this soon........I was so glad that when the girl came in to tell me to undress ....she asked how many times I had been pregnant and I said 3......she then said so you have 3 living children? and I said no and I told her about Josh and the TR......If I hadn't just threw in the TR they maynot have looked any further and done the procedure because she was just talking and not writing anything .....So am glad that it was caught before the procedure was done but mad that I wasted a day sitting at the hospital waiting ....and hubby wasted a day off work so that he could watch Kayleigh ........and I am disappointed because I wanted to know if they were blocked I am mad in a way because his office scheduled it this close to my surgery and could have screwed up our chance of having a baby....but glad in the end that it was caught in I will keep you posted.........


Lovedblessings - April 13

Hey, how is everyone doing? Isn't it great that the weather is getting so much nicer. Punkin just wanted to let you know that my sister in law who had her tubes untied in January is now a few weeks pregnant. I bet you will have the same kind of luck and be pregnant in no time at all! Blessedwith4 are you feeling a bit better about having your tubes tied? I finally feel ok with having mine done. Now I'm slowly weaning Jack off the b___st. Wish me luck!!! Take care for now!


punkin01 - April 13

Lovedblessings....thanks for your words of encouragement......I am so nervous about it.....part of me is like if it happens it happens....i have done my part in getting the reversal.....but the other part of me knows that if it dont happen i will be crushed......but I do have an angel on my side so I remain hopeful take care......


Lovedblessings - April 25

Hey Punkin.. How are you making out? You do have an angel on your side always watching over you. You have done your part and hopefully very soon you will have some great news to share! Take care!


punkin01 - April 25

lovedblessings....yes I have a beatiful angel on my side and he is playing with his little brother or sister right now.....I know he has hand picked him or her and getting them ready to come to us........I have a good feeling about this...I go to the Dr on Tuesday for my last post-op appt and I should start my period tomorrow so I will call to schedule the test on Monday and hope it shows open tubes.......will keep you posted


Val - April 27

I tried to post last night, but somehow it didn't work! I haven't been on here in a long time... I wanted to say hi to everyone, and Punkin, I just wanted to wish you much luck with ttc.


punkin01 - April 30

Hey went to the Dr yesterday and he gave us the green light on doing the baby dance!!!!! he said he was going to let us try this month and if I dont have my next period then great but if I do then call and he will schedule the HSG we get to play for a month!!!!!!


Lovedblessings - May 1

.Excellent news Punkin! Here's hoping your month of playing pays off!!! LOADS OF BABY DUST COMING YOUR WAY! Val great to hear from you how is your little one doing?


blessedwith4 - May 20

Hey all, Just checkin' in and seeing how everyone is. All is good here. I seem to be back to myself since having my dd in Jan. tubal saddness is going finally and I am feeling complete and happy again...those darn postpartum hormones. I still feel a little twinge when I know she's my last but nothing like my first 3 months of postpartum period. I packed up her newborn clothes with only a few tears. Would i do the tubal again, hmmm not sure. I am 40 on my next b-day and have had 4 kids, 4 sections. How are you doing? Nice weather we are having eh? Anyhow, hope everyone is good. Punkin...waiting for some good news from you! Much love, xox


punkin01 - May 20

blessed, val, loved....thanks so much...I am in the 2ww and it is killing me ....actually i have one week left in the 2ww....I have my tests at home and I am so tempted but I know it is too soon if that makes sense......i want to know NOW ....I bought DD a shirt that says "Guess what ?" " I have a secret " on the front and on the back it says " I am going to be a big sister!" I will put it on her to go to day care when/if iget a BFP and her daddy picks her up.....I just wish I could be there to see his face..........will let you guys know as soon as I find out


blessedwith4 - May 23 goes the wait? Thinking of you !


punkin01 - May 25

I couldnt resist temptation and tested last night and it was BFN I should start af around 29th to the 1st....( I am usually pretty regular but since the surgery it off......from the af before the surgery to the af after it was on time 2 days after surgery.......the next was 5 days late.....then we were told to "have fun" so I dont really know when to expect af or to test......I am thinking around the 29 of May till around the 1st of June..... and most test say "can show positive up to 5 days before missed period" so I thought why not and tested last night and yes I know it was at night .....but temptation got the best of me!!!!!!!will test again and let you know



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