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Stef - November 21

I recently went through my 3rd miscarriage. I finally found a specialist who looked at my history, did an ultrasound and diagnosed me with PCOS. However here is the difference. I have and have always had regular periods and I can get pregnant no problem. I ahve been pregnant 4 times in the last year. 3 m/c and 1 chemical pregnancy. So the doctor has put me on metformin to help with the sympotoms associated with PCOS. Her hope is that things will get better, I will get pregnant and then be able to carry to term. Has anyone had this..or anything close? Has anyone taken this drug during their pretgnancy? That scares me too. Ther just isn't enough info to know for sure there isn't a problem. Like with DES. Any thoughts or stories would be great.


Stef - November 29

Finally someone responds. :) Congrats on 4 1/2 months...that's great news! How long were you on metformin before you got pregnant? Did you have any side effects? Did you lose any weight? My doctor plans to have me on prometrium for the entire pregnancy...once we become pregnant again. But I will ask about Crinonin. Do you plan to take metformin again after your pregnancy? What is your long term plan for PCOS. I just don't want to be on pills forever. I have changed my diet and hope that helps. Again congrats on your baby. are you going to find out what the s_x is?


Jen C - November 30

Hi Stef- Sounds like your Dr. has a plan, which is great. When my Dr. put me on Metformin, he said not to expect anything for 6-9 months (which probably won't be an issue if you are able to get pregnant). At 5 months, I did get pregnant but miscarried very early (5 weeks), but within a month we were pregnant again (what a surprise). The only side-effects I had were the "loose bowels" problem which they warn about with metformin. Otherwise, felt great, didn't lose any weight, but now they have me on a diabetics diet so that'll help. I probably will wait until after b___st-feeding to decide about Metformin. Depends on my bloodsugars, etc. Have they had you take the glucose-tolerence test? That's great that you are already watching your diet, that's been the hardest thing for me to change, but is so important. As far as prometrium, I've heard of many people being on that too. Difference is that Crinonin is trans-v____al so it's a localized dose of progesterone and prometrium is a pill. Hopefully, you won't need it the whole time, because I think the placenta takes over the progesterone production around 13 weeks. We have our 20-week ultrasound next week, so hopefully everything will show healthy and we'll probably keep the s_x a surprise since it's our first. I hope everything goes well for you and some good news will come soon. My best recommendation for PCOS is to find a good endocrinologist. I think there's going to be a lot of good research on it soon because it's finally being recognized as a real problem. But keep the faith, there's definitely help out there!


Stef - December 1

Hi Jen C~ Thanks for all the info. I will keep you posted. So far I feel pretty good. No GI issues at all...weird I know. Sometimes I feel hung over....without having a drink obviously but that is about it. I have already lost 6 lbs....but I am sure that has to do with my diet changes too. I am sugar free....a VERY hard thing for me. I love sugar. In the long run I know this way of eating is better for my just isn't always easy. I will be praying for you. YOU must post so I know when you have your baby. What is your due date? I think you are pretty close to my sister-in- law's due date of May 20. Mine would have been June 20. :( But no dwelling....We are on a GREAT path that will lead us to our healthy baby or babies...ya never know. :) God bless and you are in my prayers!



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