Mild Cramping

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JanInBama - January 21

I've experienced some mild cramping (like during period) nothing severe just a little uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this happen?? I'm 6 wks.


rl - January 21

yeah it is pretty much normal unless you start bleeding I really would not worry much I had the same thing and I just had my baby boy on 1/11/06 good luck


Jade - January 21

It's normal ro experience menstrual period like cramping in your first trimester. Things are stretching around down there. I had mild to moderate cramping on and off for a number of weeks. I believe it stopped about 10 weeks or so. I'd only be worried if the cramps were severe or accompanied by spotting.


michelleb - January 23

I've had cramping on and off for the last week, and I am only 4 weeks along. The cramping stopped yesterday, but I have heard from many that this is normal. I don't remember it from my first pregnancy, but I wasn't as in tune with everything then as I am now after ttc for 7 months. I'm sure you'll be fine, JanInBama... Good luck.


Sissy - January 25

I am currently 7 weeks 2 days, my cramping started right before my AF was due and continued non stop until a few days ago. My Dr said it was normal and as long as I wasnt bleeding not to worry about it.congrats on your baby!


luna - February 8

Yes, same here. I actually thought I was just going to have my normal period at first. However it has kept on. I'm et 5 weeks.


aymster - February 13

I have been so afraid about this same thing. I know that I am trying to justify every single pain or twinge that goes on, but for my own sanity, I need to stop. I am 4 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby and amy 39 years old. I've read all over the place that the miscarriage rate is very high for someone my age and automatically thought that was what was going on with me. I'm so happy to read that other ladies have experienced the same and my fears are slowly being taken care of.


Karol - February 26

I worry as well. I do believe some discomfort is typical. It seems that every symptom that may be a warning sign of trouble is a sign of a normal pregnancy. At times it is very confusing but sharing concerns with others is comforting.


J - February 26

Hi ladies - I had the same thing for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy, and I was very concerned, especially since I'm 35. I asked the doctor and she said that as long as the cramps are not accompanied by heavy bleeding, they're nothing to worry about. They're caused by your uterus beginning to grow and stretch. I am now 30 weeks and I've had no problems with this pregnancy. According to the ultrasound, our little girl looks perfect. Good luck to you all!


Karen E - February 26

Hi JanInBama - not sure if anyone has given you this link yet, but if you go on, there are dozens of women's first pregnancy symptoms, and cramping is listed on most of them. I had cramping last time I was pregnant too. Good luck!!


Michelle.D - March 5

I Have Done 3 Home Pregnancy Tests And They Have All Came Up Positive Im A Week Late And My Last Period Was Very Light Im GOing To The Doctors Tomorrow As Even Though The Tests Were Positive I Dont Feel Pregnant?My Boobs Are Very Sore And Do Feel Full But Getting Stomach Cramps And Backache?Its Not As If This Would Be My First Pregnancy As I Have 3 Boys The Youngest Being Seven Cant Remember Havin Like Menstrual Cramps Then ?


Karol - March 7

Sounds like you are pregnant. I had a lower back ache for weeks and still do. I always feel achy. I have three children and do not remember feeling so crumby at 8 weeks.


Michelle.D - March 16

Found Out Last Monday Definately Pregnant ,Still Gettin Backache A Lot And I Am Really Showing Which According To My Doctor Im 6-10 wks So Surely I Shouldnt Be Showing Already ? Waiting To Have A Dating Scan,Cant Wait As Everyone Keeps Saying Im Having Twins (Twins In My Partners Side Of The Family) Still No Morning Sickness :o) Had It Really Bad For My Three Boys So Apart From My Boobs Feeling Really Tender Still I Feel Good, Though Still Dont Feel Pregnant ..Wonder When I Will ?Gotta Admit Its Scary Its 8 Years Since I Last Went Through This


slim - April 10

my period is a week late i had period like symptoms could i be pregnant?


Perl - April 10

Slim, if you had intercourse and you are one week late you could very possibly be pregnant. As you can see, it's normal to have menstrual like cramps at the beginning of pregnancy. At this point, a home pregnancy test should be able to help you detect if you are pregnant.


Perl - April 10

Michelle: I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow and am not showing yet but feel and look really bloated. But just because I'm not showing doesn't mean you aren't. It's different for every woman and for each pregnancy. My lower back is just now starting to ache too.


Mj - July 7

now am experiencing mild, hardly noticeable cramping and bleeding which was heavy but only lasted for minute...and i noticed my nausea and tiredness aren't really scared...:'(



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