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Sharon - August 11

I am 43, Last period was June 15th so I think I am about 8 weeks along. I had a positive EPT test on the 2nd of August and have the tender br___ts and pregnancy symptoms, but this morning I had a very slight amount of a brownish, sticky discharge. It is slight, but I am worried. I can't get into the Dr until the 17th and I am not sure if this is the start of a miscarrage or if it is normal.. Has this happended to anyone else?


Janet - August 11

Can't you get in any sooner? Tell then it is an emergency and to fit you in. If the discharge continues, it is not normal.


Sharon - August 11

I have had no more discharge since the bit this morning. But, you are right, I am going to take your advise and call the Dr and tell them what is happening and see if they will see me sooner. Thanks


Maidencanada - August 11

Go to the Doctor. There is some acceptable spotting, and there is the beginning of a miscarriage. But how do you tell without going to the doctor? I am 40 (almost 41)I had a bit of brownish spotting one day. The next morning it happened again. And then each time I went to the bathroom just a tinge of brownish blood. The next day I began to bleed and I miscarried at just under 10 weeks. Dont play around. Find out. I am sure in your case it will be just fine, but find out just to be sure.


Sharon - August 11

Well, the brownish sticky discharge is now spotting, brownish pink. I called the Dr and he said to watch it for now and to call him at 10:00 tomorrow morning and he will make sure he sees me tomorrow. He also said that if I have any serious cramping/ heavy bleeding or it becomes bright red to go to the emergency room tonight. I do not have a good feeling about this, I think I am starting to cramp a little and I am really scared to death. I want this baby and this is my last chance. Thank you for your concern and for posting back. I will keep you posted.


Maidencanada - August 12

Oh Sharon, just try to keep off your feet as much as you can and try to take it easy. I never had any cramping at all and still I was miscarrying. I dont understand why the doctor did not send you for an emergency Ultrasound. That was what they did for me. The doctor never actually checked me or anything just sent me right away for a shot (cuz I am RH neg and an ultrasound. Is your doctor an obgyn or just your family dr? If it is just your family dr I would say screw it and go to the hospital anyway. I will pray for you, but if it happens, please don't give up. It is not your last chance unless you are giving up lovemaking. My dr just delivered a 44 year old. and there are many women on this site at 47, and 48. Dont give up. and please please keep us posted.


janet - August 12

Sharon how did your Dr. Visit go? We are all praying for good news.


Sharon - August 12

Thanks Ladies for your concern. The spotting continued through the night, but still brown. I called and spoke to the Dr at 10:00 as instructed. He a__sured me that if the discharge was brown, it is old blood. I have to go tomorrow at 9:00 to get a blood draw and then again Monday at 9:00. He said the HCG readings need to be done 2 days apart and the lab is closed on Sunday. He just called back and said to call him before 9 on Monday, before the second blood draw and he may add more blood work orders and add the ultasound. Either way he wants to see me Monday at 3:30. He advised me to take it easy today and go to the emergency room if I get severe cramping or any red blood over the weekend.He is an obgyn, but I have only seen him once before, early last year for a b___st cyst. He seems like a very nice and patient man and I have to put my trust in him and God . I really do not have a good feeling about this, you know when your gut tells you something is wrong, that is how I feel. I feel guilty for my immediate reaction to this unplanned pregnancy, total fear ! but those feelings were soon replaced by an overwhelming sense of gratefulness and joy and a feeling of being so blest! Now the fear is haunting me again, but not the fear of having a new baby, the fear of losing him. I even went last night to walgreens and purchased another pregnancy test to make sure I still had HCG levels, crazy isn't it?


Rhonda - August 12

Sharon I am sorry to hear of what you are going thru I had a mc at the beginning of this year and it was very hard to deal with but I am now 15wks pregnant and things seem to be going well when I mc I was bleeding not a little bit of brown so this could just be the embyo implanting and normal the thing to do is don't stress out just take it easy off your feet but hang in there if it is meant to be then all will be well just trust your body things happen for a reason and I hope everything turns out fine for you Good Luck and take care


Sharon - August 12

Thanks Rhonda. I am sorry about your earlier mc and am happy to hear all is going well now. God bless you and your baby.I will take it easy, but trying to stop the worring is so difficult. Thank you for your kindness.


Maidencanada - August 12

Sometimes our gut feelings are wrong so just do your best to relax this week-end. The bottom line is that if you are m/cing there is nothing you can do about it. If you are not m/cing, then the added stress will make things that much harder. And do not do that.."because I was afraid I jinxed things thoughts". I wanted my baby. when I realised I was pregnant I was so scared I was thinking up ways to make it go away. I did that for all three of my pregnancies and each one was planned! It is just a fearful and scary thing to know that life will now be different forever and your body is no longer yours alone and the responsibility that comes with carrying a child. I think many women go through the same feelings that you (and I) have gone through. As long as the pink is gone then relax, you are not m/cing. My brown turned to pink. Then to red. Yours did not. You will be just fine, and I am jealous and happy for you, cuz yo uare gonna have a baby soon. :0)


Sharon - August 13

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. I just called the Dr as the bleeding is now very heavy/ bright red and severe cramping. I am having a miscarraige and was advised to either see if it pa__ses at home or head into the emergency room if the pain becomes worse. God works in ways we do not always understand, but I put my trust in him. Thanks for your support


janet - August 14

Sharon, having gone through this 6 times , I know that there is little one can say at this point to make the hurt go away. time and support from loved ones are the only things that ease the severity of it. I am truly sorry for your loss. God bless you.


Maidencanada - August 15

I am so very sorry to hear that you are miscarrying. As one who just went through it, I know the emotional toll it is taking. This will pa__s and you can try again as soon as you have healed. I am so very sorry Sharon. More than words can say.


jeni - September 26

i have started to bleed very bad does this mean that i am having a miscarrage


Maidencanada - September 26

If you are bleeding go to the doctor. Sometimes bleeding is ok, for instance implantation bleeding, but if you are bleeding (especially if it is red) then go to the doctor/clinic/hospital right away and have it checked out. It may be nothing but it is better to be safe. Good luck!



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