Mother In Law Pregnant 48

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help me - January 17

My Mother In Law ( single, heavy smoker, overweight, etc) just called me and said she is pregnant ( Due 2 months after me, in fact) and I am SO worried about her! She is 48, has no money or insurance ( her boyfriend supports her) and because of those things, hasn't bothered to go to a doctor. I know she is at risk for so much! Maternal DEATH was mentioned in persons who aren't in great health at that age! She is treating this very casually... no checkups, not worried about ALL of the complications, does not like the implication that she is definately of Advanced Maternal Age... not to mention the fact that she is in no way stable enough to be raising another child! I am SO worried about her health, and the health of this child.. But she doesn't seem very receptive to any help...should I but out? Is it none of my business? What should I do!!??


Frances - January 17

All you can do is advise and inform. Anything else will be up to her. I hate to say there's not a lot you can do, but there is really not a lot you can do. Blessings!


mama-beans - January 17

Hey never-mind. She just called back after I had her son ( my DH) call to talk to her... aparently that was her idea of a good joke to play on her 20 week pregnant already stressed out daughter-in-law. Obviously I won't be answering her calls to me for a while. Sorry to take up forum space!!


Frances - January 18

She's obviously insane to stress a pregnant woman out that way. I hope that she and your dh aren't close, but if they are I hope you can stay away from her. Soooooo not funny!!


Aussie Mercedes - January 22

Frances, don't apologise for taking up forum space - u needed to talk and we are all here for you. I pray you have an uneventful and stress free rest of your pregnancy. Marian


michelleb - January 23

And I thought my mother-in-law was bad... wow. Definitely screen your calls, and try to enjoy your pregnancy without anymore ha__sels... Good luck, kiddo!


Deedee - January 28

sweetheart I know that you sincerely care about her, but people with her kind of disposition always comes out on top, she is not worring, which is good for her unborn child, I suggest that you do the same. it is ok to care, but try not to worry remember you are pregnant yourself. NATURE HAS A WAY OF TAKING CARE OF THOSE LESS PRIVILEDGE TO DO SO FOR THEMSELVES. GOOD LUCK


mothy - March 7

uggga ugga, shes needs stop being lazy and start taking care of her self. What a loser, great now your kid is going to have a loser aunt, that is if the kid takes after the mama but I guess you guys will probably end up adopting the kid instead so it will have a better chance.


^lucy^ - March 8

i dont know why but when i read that it was a joke i laughed!! not so funny to do with a pregnant woman though.. good sense of humor of ur MIL :p deedee and mothy, mamabeans mentioned that it was a joke from her MIL so no loser aunt is on the way :p


BP - March 21

It would have been funny maybe if she had told you in the same phone call that it was a joke. But to let you carry on after the phone call was over for any amount of time worrying about her is just insanity on her part. Some people just love to shock people with surprising news. Shouldn't be done with a pregnant woman though. I would have told her that it is NOT cool for her to try to shock you while you are pregnant and it should not be done again.


maharvey - May 17

Be a role model! She may have done it before but like myself she is probably scared (I'm a 44 year old grandmother). Share the developmental stages with her. Love her through this. I think I am being in denial much more than when I was younger and she may be having a little denial. She may anticipate that she will miscarry which is more common as we age.


TonysWife - May 18

A friend of my Mom's works in an MD's office. They have a patient that is 52 and pregnant. 52! No lie! And it was unexpected! Talk about a shocking experience. She's doing ok, though.



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