My Baby Will Have Club Feet Anyone Knows About This

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bm - January 14

Hi Ladies, I was told that my baby will likely have bilateral club feet? Has anyone gone through this or could share some info. I had two miscarriages in 2006 and this is the first time that we make it to the 17thW and this would be our first child; so we really need some good news. We are also waiting for the amnio results because we heard that many times club feet area a marker for other major genetic problems. Of course we are hoping that this is something just physical and that can be fixed. Any info, experiences with this issue would be great to hear. Thanks! And good luck to everyone with your pregnancies or TTC.


tryingx3 - January 15

No direct experience...but have a friend whose grandson was born with severe club feet and is fine in all other aspects. He is now about 1 year and will have to have surgery to correct...but the good news is that it can be corrected! His concern is trying to keep him entertained while wearing the casts...evidently they have to change the casts out every 2wks or so as well...due to growth I am guessing. Again - no close to home experience, but thought I would share what I knew.


tryingx3 - January 15

I also work with a girl who was born with 1 club foot. She is in her 30's now. She had to have it surgically repaired and you cannot tell it. She told me her only challenge was that her parents had to buy 2 pair of shoes for a LONG time as one foot was smaller than the other. I believe her daddy still buys her shoes although now she can just buy 1 size.


suze42 - January 16

my cousin was born w/both club other genetic problems. She underwent a few surgeries..and was in casts when she was a baby. She is a junior in college, smart, adorable and as far as I can tell has no reprocussions from it all. I think she may have some pain...but she walks normal and everything.


Sarebare - January 17

My son will have a congenital right clubfoot and a positional left club foot, I am 24 weeks pregnant. I have been doing a load of research on it and the treatments available. I was given the option for amnio as club foot is a marker for Trisomy 18 but I only opted for another ultrasound to see if there were other soft markers for this Trisomy 18, they couldn't see anything else so I hope there is nothing else. I can share my msn with you and I can go through all the websites and treatments that I found if you want. it is sarah(at)sarah-hall(dot)biz. There is no reason to worry too much though, 90% of all club foot cases are easily corrected without surgery. Add me on msn if you want to know more!


bm - January 22

Thanks Suze for your response and encouraging story! Sara, I am sorry to hear that we are going almost through the same thing, hopefully it is just club feet for both of our babies! My email address bmaltoni (at) homail dot com, I will send you an email so we can exchange the research we have been doing so far. We have been reading a lot and mostly relieved to learn that Ponseti Method is available. Thanks!


bm - January 22

Sara, I forgot to ask something: how/when did you find out that your baby will have one congenital club foot and another one positional. We did our last sono at 16W and they did not tell me the degree of the clubfeet. Of course it will be a relieve to find out more about this, this way we can be better prepared for whenever time comes. Did they find out in later sonograms? did you do a 3D ultrasound? have you seen a specialist? Thanks a lot!!!!


nevatoold - January 24

Hello nephew was born with club feet...but they have been corrected with surgery over the last 2 years and now is finally standing and walking. It was a long and slow process for him...and your heart gave out to him everytime he was admitted into hospital. He was given a foot guide which had to be worn at all times. It looked like a snowboard. It was adjusted every so often in order to straighten his feet.It was a long process but my sister was thankful that he was too young to remember. She said it was harder for her and her hubby to watch their little boy go through it. And now thankfully he is kicking his first football. Hope this story helps..and wish you all the best.



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