Natural Birth For Ladies Over 35

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Louisa - September 20

There seems to be a lot of C-sections performed on ladies over 35. I would love to have a natural birth if possible. It would be great to hear from ladies that have had a natural birth.


rhonda - September 20

I am 35 and as far as i know I will have a natural birth...unless for some reason I have to have a c-section which I doubt this will by my 3rd the other 2 were natual...good luck


Mary - September 20

I am 34 weeks and so far my body has been handling the pregnancy like a 20 year old. I gained only 11 lbs and my pressure is 110/70, no diabetes, all tests came back perfect. This is my first and I am 36 and 1/2 and my goal is to have a natural birth. I am a big woman (5'9" with ample hips, so I am praying that the baby drops into a correct position). I will post here to let you know how things went - my due date is oct 28.


Louisa - September 21

Thanks Ronda & Mary Please let me know how you make out Mary, lucky you not too long to go. Although the last month can be tough! Good luck


Mary - September 22

I am already begging the Gods, the wind and mountains (begging to anything I see inf front of me, even my toaster) to make time pa__s faster. I am very uncomfy and ready to have this baby! :)


Louisa - September 22

Hey Mary, let me know how you make out. If that works for you I'll certainly give it a try. You must be so excited that you finally get to hold that beautiful baby in your arms? Do you know what you are having? With my sixteen week ultrasound the technician told me I was having a boy.


Tammy - September 22

I am also planning to have a natural delivery with epidural, of course. I have 5 weeks to go and I am more than ready. Cannot, bend, squat, breathe, or sleep. The last month is a killer. I really shouldn't complain, I have sailed through thia pregnancy and all of my test results came back good. I only have gained 17 pounds. With my other 2, I gained 75 & 78 pounds and it was murder losing the weight. I am trying to be good this time. It's hard to lose weight after age 40. Good luck to all,


Louisa - September 23

Tammy Sounds like you have been watching what you eat with this pregnancy. 78 pounds is a lot of weight to lose, 17 will seem like a cake walk. The last month is very tough! I remember with my first son thinking that month would never end. The whole waiting game is so hard. Waiting for test results and counting each month or week down... yikes!!! Last time I gave birth was 13 years ago, I'm curious to see how much has changed. With my first I wasn't given an epidural, I had to beg for pain killers. Apparently swearing at the top of your lungs really helps. At least this time I know what to expect and won't be as frightened. Take care!


Laura - September 23

I also plan on having a natural first one was natural BUT it was 11 years ago. My saving grace is that he was a 10 lb. 22 1/2" baby and I didnt have any trouble. (Not easy, but no trouble), so I think I will be fine to have another one naturally. I am 19 weeks pregnant and as of my doctor's appt. yesterday, I have only gained 2 lbs. That was a BIG relief because I haven't been exactly good with my diet and exercise. I think that because I was sooo nauseas the first trimester and got used to eating many small meals throughout the day, it has helped my metabolism greatly. Good luck and God bless to all of us lucky moms to be!!! :0) Take good care!!


Laura - September 23

By the way, they told me yesterday, IT'S A BOY!!! YEA!!!


Louisa - September 23

Laura.. 10lb baby... YIKES! My first son was five pounds 15 ounces. I couldn't imagine giving birth to a baby that size. Congratulations on having a baby boy. There seems to be a lot of women in this forum having baby boys. I'm sooooo excited at the thought of another boy. Like yourself I've haven't gained much weight.. in fact I lost two pounds with my last weigh in. (I'm 18 weeks) Hopefully weight gain won't be a huge issue, getting back in shape is always a tough one.


Michelle - September 30

I was 35 when I had my first baby. And she was 10 lbs 1 oz. I thought for sure I'd have to have her c-section, but I didn't, and I'm so glad I made it through naturally without any problems at all. And she is a beautiful, healthy little girl, and I am now ttc to give her a brother or sister and I will be 37 when I give birth next year. No worries, Louisa, and all of us over 35 ladies. Just try to stay moderately healthy. : )Good luck!


girls - September 30

now you got me thinkin.. sheesh i had my three at ages 21.. 22... 24,, now i preg again at 37.. why would anything change? good luckon your births girls i still have a log way to go yet.......just starting 8 weeks in..................just 32 to go. lol...........:)


Louisa - October 7

Just had my 20 week ultrasound and check up... everything looks great. The only problem was my son was in the breech position. My doctor explain that most women have a 95% chance of having a natural birth which I am thrilled about! Please let me know how everyone is doing? Thanks!


Mary to Louisa - October 7

Sorry It took me so long to answer. :) I am having a boy and I will for sure let you know if I am able to go natural. I started my 37th week and at this point I do not care how painful it may be, I am sooooo ready to be a mom! I can barely walk and sleep anymore. :)


Louisa - October 8

Hi Mary Hang in there, just think in a few more weeks you'll be having a little boy keeping you up all hours of the night. Mother nature is trying to prepare you for the months to come. It's funny you should mention the pain I was just thinking about that today. With my first one of the ways I dealt with the pain was long hot showers during labour. Nothing really prepares you, for me showering and walking was a life saver. Congratulations, a little boy, you must be so excited. Have a nice long hot soak in the time and remember to take some time for yourself over the next few weeks Take care


Tammy - October 13

Louisa- My easy delivery just went out the window. I went to my appointment on Tuesday and they did the non- stress test and an ultrasound. They told me that he is breech and over 9 pounds with 2 weeks to go. They scheduled me for a c-section on the 21st. I am so worried about he recovery.



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