Nearly 38 And Getting Quot Ready Quot To Try Again

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Cindy - June 28

Hello ladies: I have two sons, 16 and 12, married my second husband who has no children yet. After 5 years of marriae we are finally going to "try" to conceive! I've never "planned" a pregnancy and this is new to me:) The statistics I have read about birth defects frighten me greatly. I wish had not waited so long to try to get pregnant but hubby's deployment to Iraq put a damper on our plans. I am finishing up my last packet of BC pills and will wait two months before trying to get pregnant. I am getting good information from the posts on here, and feeling encouraged. Best wishes to everyone!


39 - June 28

In my family, it seems 39 is the magic age. My oldest sister got pregnant when she was 39 and gave birth to a healthy child and my 3rd older sister also had a baby when she was 39 when she gave birth to a healthy child. I am now 39 and pregnant with my first. Although still in my first trimester, I am very optimistic about this one and another after. You are still young - you should feel good about yourself and your decision to have another baby. Good luck!


kimmy g - June 29

Hi Cindy:Good luck.I have a 14 and a 18 year old.We are trying to have my husbands first baby.I am 38 .We have been trying for about 6 months .All my friends that are my age have all had really good luck with the ovulatin test kits.So thats what we are going to try first.Lots of folic acid.Best wishes to you and your husband.Thank him for protecting our country our thoughts and prayers are with you all !!!


Audrea - June 30

I say you go girl. When will your husband be back. Is he ready now. That is great if you both are on board to ttc. I have heard to get a good cycle started it could take up to two months, but I do know those who got pregnant right away and did not have to wait that long. What do your sons say about having such a younger sibling. I bet they would just spoil her/him to death. I know I did with my younger brother when I was 14. Anytime my older brother, who was 16 at the time, everyone thought our little brother was ours. Yeah right, I love how others have preconceived notions when really they have no idea what they are talking about. I guess they thought my brother was my bf and we had an illigetimate child between us. I did look a little more mature at 14 although I had yet to start ovulating myself. Anyway my brother and I just laughed it off. We had such a great time taking my little bro with us to carnivals and other fun things. It gave us an excuse to be there and clown around too. By the way, my step-father who married my mother when I was between two and three, so he is my loving closest father that I know and would never trade. He had been told his sperm count was too low and back in those days they did not have all the fertility treatments they do now. They so desperately wanted to have a child, one that he could say came from his blood line, although I always knew in my heart I was his little girl, his angel. Now that I am 30 he still pulls me down on his lap to hug me and kiss me like when I was a little girl. He was the one I could go to with normal teenager problems, especially with boys. He had wanted a child from his loins since he could remember but was told many times his sperm count was way too low to cause a pregnancy. Well, needless to say he and my mother gave up after about 7 years and then it happened when they gave up within a couple of months. I guess you could say it was a miracle child that was not ever supposed to happen. I remember being told but I kind of had this intuition that morning my mother woke me up for school that I was going to have a baby brother or sister. I started crying because it sounded too good to be true. Everything went by smoothly except she developed gestational diabetes and the baby weighed 10 pounds and 3 oz. My mother's OB said his on child at between 2-3 months weighed the same age. He was huge but cute as a b___ton. It has taught me as a girl/young woman what to expect when having a child and how much hard work it is. I think it made things on my mother so much easier having an older sister around to helping care in a wanting way. It gave her some peace and time she so desperately needed. It was funny one time we took my little brother around two months at the time to Target and I was holding him when a woman came by and a__sumed he was mine with my mother sitting right across from me. I was a young teenager and unable to ovulate at the time so there was no way he was mine. I just thought it was rude for her to a__sume that with my mother right there. Well, I'm off my soap box now. Most older siblings will be thrilled along with most family members. Just stay away from those that offer their two sence even when it is not asked for. This is a very special time for any "older" woman to have a child again or even for the first time. It really only depends on how you and your significant other feels about it. Don't let anyone else put a damper on your joy. Just thing they are ignorant in the true sense of the word, and don't kow what they are talking about. Hope this helped you to feel better about the situation or anyone else reading this.



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