Need Advice Pregnant At 47

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Confused - July 11

I'm in my 8th week of my sixth pregnancy. I have four children from my first marriage (and had a miscarriage with my second pregnancy). I've been to the doctor's and my blood levels are on target. A va___al ultrasound was done and the heartbeat was good, and the baby was feeding off the yolk sac. A couple of days ago, though, I had a nightmare (something I rarely have). I had eaten some food before I went to bed and it upset my stomach, so I don't know if that's what caused the nightmare. Anyway, I woke up the next day and my stomach hurt (at the beginning of my small intestine). A day later, when I went to the bathroom, I had some spotting (red blood). I've had no spotting since, but periodic stomach cramps (in the same region as before). This wouldn't be a sign of impending miscarriage, would it? I've heard that, at my age, I have a greater than 50% chance of having a miscarriage, but am thinking that my tests were encouraging. Does anybody have any experience with something like this?


to confused - July 11

First of all, congrats on your pregnancy!! Did you conceive naturally? You give every older woman hope, that's for sure. As to what's going on, I wouldn't wait around agonizing. I'd go to the doctor and ask for another u/s, and a re-check on the blood levels. Then at least you can be rea__sured. Your baby is a little miracle, and I hope very much for you it all goes well. Are you considering genetic screening at all, or did you conceive through IVF? Best of luck and a happy pregnancy to you.


Confused - July 12

To answer your question, I conceived naturally. Since I just had the bloodwork and u/s done, though (last week), I think it might be too early to have it redone just yet. I'm glad you think I give every older woman hope, but in all honesty, I've never felt this overwhelmed and scared in a pregnancy before. The statistics are so high against it.


to confused - July 13

Only 4 more weeks to go, and you are out of that danger zone...If you get through that, then I think you have a good chance to do well through the rest. Women in their 40s nowadays are still young, fit and perfectly capable of carrying a baby. (Think of those real grannies, in those Italian fertility clinics) who carry babies to term. If they are capable at 60 (very odd though it may be!!), then you will be fine at this age. You are a young'un compared to them. I really wish I could help you feel better, just try and think that it is truly something special. And if your body is still highly fertile at this age, that's a compliment to you, and shows in what good 'working order' you really are. If you are up to it, keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. So far so good...just remember that!



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