Nevermind Cravings Are You Getting Aversions

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MommyAgain - May 20

I have developed some very strong aversions to food I have always liked. Just the thought of tuna, popcorn, or salad dressing makes me feel like puking. Not just those, but lots of other things as well. I'm not really craving anything .. just turning against a lot of stuff!


Bree - May 20

Hey MommyAgain, how far are you. I'm 9 wks. I can't stand to eat anything sweet lately, which is unusual for me. At first I totally lost my appet_te and nothing appealed to me. Well the prenatal vitamins are taking care of that I think - I feel hungry all the time, but still don't ever know what I want, which is frustrating. Also, I can't stand any green veggies lately and I KNOW I gotta eat em. It's hard right now.


MommyAgain - May 20

Bree, I'll be 15 weeks on Tuesday.. I know what you mean about being hungry but having no clue what to eat lol. I use to love salad greens, now it's on my list of foods that I don't even want to see or smell. It's hard to eat healthy when you are so turned off of food. I'm picking through some 'healthy foods' lists my doc gave me and trying to eat what I can. I've found it helps just to snack on and off all day instead of eating a plateful of food for a meal. I've been happy with pineapple rings and some teeny baby carrots this week :)


yes - May 21

There are some resturants I can't go and eat at cause of the smell of their food. Larrys Giant Subs, can't eat there anymore, the smell makes me sick. Also certain foods in my fridge make me sick. (leftovers) So sick, I can't open the fridge without holding my nose.


Jessy - May 23

Hey, I've NEVER had cravings of ANY sort..ONLY aversions! For the first, I got sickly at the smell of MEXICAN food, and LOVED italian food (funny my son turned out to HATE spicy food!)...then for the second, I felt sickly at the smell of ITALIAN food and LOVED mexican food! (Funny how the 2nd turned out to LOVE spicy food!) Now for this one, I'm wondering if it will dislike anything at all! I just have to eat everything! If I don't, THEN I would feel sickly...funny thing is, I haven't barfed at all through this entire 3rd pregnancy so far...All I've felt is nautious, but ONLY when I skimp on my prenatals and don't eat ENOUGH food. I've thrown out alot of salad just because I ate so much of it to get OVER the nausia that it sickened me to see it anymore...too much of a good thing can annoy anybody, I guess..But I think the salad part is all in my head...I had some restaurant salad recently and loved it! I think I was just sick of the salads I was making at home, because it was the "same old thing" with the "same old ingredients"...I just got bored and it made me feel sick! Haha! I'm loving fruits now, though! So at least I can get some good nutrition in that keeps the taste buds tingling all the way! I've also bought alot of nuts...snacking, oh I LOVE sandwiches with meat and cheese, lettuce/tomatoe, the whole nine yards-'specially subs! But then again, I've ALWAYS loved that! Pregnancy hasn't changed anything except that I just have to eat EVEN MORE! LOL!


CINDY LOU - May 24

I have aversions to any kind of meat Even steak and that was my all time fav food.


lynnstress - May 27

I'm 12 wks. I haven't had any aversions, but I didn't want popcorn - which I love - up until about week 9 or 10. But today, I'm having a day where all I want to do is eat. Had my normal breakfast, a normal lunch, then I needed potato chips, chocolate, now I'm having fruit...!


Jennifer - May 31

We have cast iron pans and I gagged whenever I had to wash them. Anything with tomato sauce was out of the question too.


Kara - June 3

YES! I have a ton of aversions. For both of my pregnancies. I ended up almost living on Brioschi for all of the indigestion I had from foods!


LoriH - June 15

I threw out a whole chicken during my first pregnancy because the thought of it made me green. Any kind of meat sounded bad. I was all over the pasta salad at Hooters though! I just knew I was having a boy because I could not stay out of that place! :)


Sylvie - June 15

I drink a cup o' tea with milk every morn. One of my earliest preg. signs is not being able to put milk in my tea. The thot makes me throw up. Each preg. ive had to switch to tea with lemon.


Angela - June 21

it's good that you have an aversion to tuna - it's loaded with mercury, bad for the baby! I have a huge aversion to coffee, which i sucked down like an addiction prior to pregnancy


Pamela - June 23

Red meat (can't even walk by the counter) and chocolate at first but thinking the chocolate aversion is gone. Just avoid it. Good luck.


Lisa - June 23

I wish I had that problem....everything seems to go into my mouth...LOL I am constantly hungry


Andi - June 26

With my first pregnancy it was fish. Second pregnancy it was poultry. Third pregnancy it was onions, anything smoky or bbq saucy, bacon and ham. All of those things I love. We shall see what happens with this one. Hopefully it will be ice cream. :)



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