New Mom39 With A 21 2 Months Wanting Another Baby Too Old

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Guest - February 15

Hi I am a first time mom with a new baby. She is 2 1/2 months old. I am loving motherhood and would like to have another baby soon. When would be the best time to start having another baby. I have not had any trouble conceiving...but fear I amy be too old to have one more baby. Preferably I'd like to have another one by next summer. I am currently br___tfeeding my baby and would like to do so for minimum 6-9 months..but I'd like to also get on the band wagon to have another baby. Does anyone have any suggestions about having another one? Am I too old to even consider this? When do you all think the best time to start conceiving would be as not to interfere with my BF'ing? Any suggestions would be great. Thankyou so much!


Guest - February 15



krnj - February 15

Hi I'm pregnant with my 2nd and I'm 38. My son will be a year on 2/28 and I'm due the end of July. Sorry I have no other advice, just wanted to wish you the best of luck and you're not too old!!!


in the woods - February 17

Had first at 39, got pregnant with the second 9 months later - they are 19 months apart. I think it's beautiful to want to have babies, go for it. I'm 43, my kids are 3.5 and 2 - we are happy!


Blakey - February 17

Hi, No, your not to old at all. Today women are having babies into their late forties, if they are healthy and able. I myself, am 40 yrs, and my husband and I have been trying to conceive now for 5 years. Our last 2 years, and currently, we are working with an infertility clinic. I have gone through 4 iuis, and have just finished my 3rd IVF/ICSI cycle. I had my tranfer this past Monday, and am praying that it worked. It has been a tough road, but it has brought my husband and I a lot closer, and we aren't ready to give up by any means. You are not too old. Have your FSH checked on day 3, that will measure your reserve, and if it's under 10, then your in good shape. I would consider IVF if you don't conceive on your own after 6 months, be aggressive with treatment, because it may take some time for it to happen, but you are still young enough. Good luck to you!


OverRunWithSons - February 18

Try as soon as you possibly can, I am 40 -haivng #6. I had a D&C a few months before I tried to conceive (slight spotting inbetween periods investigated), nothing was wrong, uterus looked perfect, so I tried and 1 attempt, I was pregnant. I had all the "safe" tests done for Birth defects (not the amnio though-too afraid) with all good reports. I have had 0 problems compared to all of my other pregnancies at a younger age. Although the morning sickness seemed worse, but that is normal to get. Good luck!


Guest - February 18

thankyou ladies..i worry that when i try to conceive it may not work but would like to have another baby even though i had a difficult labour and delivery. oops got to go baby crying will check in later.


Guest - February 18

in the woods~were you Bf when you conceived? how long had you been trying to conceive with second one? Did you use OPK's or basal monitoring? you have given me much hope..thankyou for responding :) Also, how are you finding it having babies so close in age and which months were your babies born. Thanks so much


Carly67 - February 18

Hi, I am 39 and I am 33 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. My husband and I definitely want to have another after this one and my OB said not a problem. Hope this gives you hope. My mother had me her 5th at 2 weeks shy of 44 and I have met many who are 43 and pregnant or older. Best of luck to you.


in the woods - February 20

Guest - I ended my b___stfeeding at 7 months - not by calculation, it so happened that my milk gradually declined by that time - my daughter was waay ahead in development, likely my body felt that the need wasn't there - not quite sure. Personally for me, though, b___stfeeding most likely would not be a problem for conceiving - both kids happened on the first try, so my problem was how NOT to get pregnant until I was ready. Sorry, can't help you with the technicalities - never used them except for the natural cycle. My kids were born in May and January - now I am curious why would you be interested in that. Having kids close in age.... I personally think it's a blessing. Looking at them now, playing together, loving each other (fighting occasionally, of course), getting along quite well with each other - it swells me with happiness (ugh, I know, sounds corny) - I see them having each other for many years ahead... Now, I have to warn you that most future mothers are mostly concerned with the first months when the second baby arrives - how to manage a baby and a toddler etc. I went through those anxieties, too, but now see that it was nothing comparing with being a referee now every day!! LOL I feel often like I have twins now - I got asked a few times if my kids were twins - my second is a boy and being a boy, is almost the same size as his sister. *** Sorry to hear about your difficult labor - kudos to your still thinking about another kid!!!


Guest - February 20

thankyou ladies again. Inthe woods I only asked about which months because I was trying to figure out for myself which month would i start trying to conceive to have babies 19 months apart. I had my baby end of Nov. and would like to have a summer baby so i would like to start in august or maybe earlier. Thanks again for your response..i feel very hopeful i could possibly have another baby now.


in the woods - February 21

Guest - you are most welcome. Judging by your concern, did you try for your first for a while? If you google "spacing babies" most articles advise to space children 18-23 months apart. Of course, there is a need for a woman's body to rest and replenish. But also I dont' think there is a hard and fast rule - historically women have had babies spaced much closer, often being pregnant AND b___stfeeding...I think the decision is very individual. I know what you say about having a summer baby - I had same desire to experience babies in different seasons. Both ways have their own pluses. In summer I did not have to dress my baby much - she spent the first three months of her life basically in diapers.


suze42 - February 23

Hi, I am 42 and 19wks pg w/my second. I had my first when I was 38yrs old, no problems conceiving at all..only took me a month w/him. So we started trying again when he was about 14 mos...but had some problems conceiving and had 2 m/c... it ended taking me me 4 yrs! . You do need to wait until you feel ready, thats very important...but try not to put it off too long if its what you really want. I was starting to reside myself to having an only we are truly blessed to be having another...esp. given my age! BTW, I dont feel 42 at all, so maybe that helps!!


suze42 - February 28

And there are pros to both having babies close in age or spaced apart. I didnt plan on mine being almost 5 yrs apart!! But now I see some real only 1 in diapers, my older child can help out etc.. and if you have them close, there are definite plus's as well...its all good where babies are involved, imo!! GOOD LUCK!



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