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runnershirl - October 23

Hello ladies. I'm new to this page and was hoping I would more appropriately fit into this category, given my age and circ_mstances. First, let me explain--I'll be 38 on 11/4 and my husband and I have been trying on and off for 2.5 years. He had back surgery which has hindered our abilities. We went ot see a fertil dr previously and rec'd clean bill of health, with exception to my eggs starting to get low. My husband has been emasculated with the realilty of "having to get implanted" rather than doing it the "manly" way (poor man--he already feels bad due too the whole back surgery thing). So, we try naturally. I'm afraid I'm losing time the more we wait, but he doesn't want to do fertil meds or implantation yet. I keep trying. Meanwhile, I have a pituitary tumor that showed up a year ago in my brain...Pit tumors effect yoru hormones, but mine seems "non functional" meaning it is supposedly not causing an increase of hormones. So they say anyhow. As it stands, it's ok to conceive and we're monitoring it. So--fast forward--we finally had baby making around ovul time (remember, I wasn't charting because of his back and we weren't really active much)...and since then (10/10 was the potential Ovul date) I've been feeling nauseated, headaches, tired, food tastes funny, high cervix once I started paying attention...etc) I did a blood test yesterday and the results today were negative and that my levels were below 2HcG. Could it be too soon since today would only be the 12 day past conception? Does anyone know about pit tumors, and pregnancy and whether they could cause false negatives? Any other advice would be welcomed as I'm dealing iwth not only the age factor, but the man feeling less of a man by not doing it the "right" way and whatever else I can do to chart/follow. Thanks in advance ladies! AF should have been today, so I'll keep you posted. (28-30 dc) (sorry so long)


Kristin72 - October 24

Hello runnershirl, and welcome! Sorry I don't know anything about pit tumors. But.. I can tell you.. if you have had intercourse around your o time and your are experiencing the symptoms you have described, then you have a great chance you could actually be pregnant. At 12 dpo's it should show up on a hpt. AS far as your age goes. I think you still have some good years left in you. Don't let the pressure of age get in your way as it can add undue stress. I truly hope you get your BFP..update when you find out your results. So are you doing BBT's (basal body temps)? Are you charting your cycles? Are you taking prenatals? Anyway, I am 41 had my first when I turned 39. I just suffered a loss recently but am going to get back on the band wagon after next cycle. I wish you all the best!


runnershirl - October 24

Thank you soooo much Kristin for responding. Do you ever feel like you have allllll thesssse questionssss and not sure anyone relates? Well, I do feel like I'm "running out of time" especially since the fertility dr. mentioned my egg count is low. yes, I'm having those symptoms still and also taking prenatals, folic acid and other misc. vitamins. We were planning, but haven't been active lately so I gave up on really charting me. Until now. Never did BBT, I'm looking for some site to tell me everything our bodies do through the month--haven't found it yet. There's so much I don't know. I went to FF, but found it hard to use. I went to mycycle and didn't find what I was looking for, but if you have any tips, they're welcomed. Today is my last day til AF. Slight watery pink discharge, but that happens periodically, so nothing to really think it's AF yet. No cramping though. If AF arrives, I'll start fertil meds next months. Any word to the wise on those?


littlecow67 - November 20

hi girls, im sorry im proberly not much help, im 41, have had 2 m/cs in the last 6 mths, but if its any consolation all the sighs you have point to beeing pregnant, i was told by my dr a wk ago that although the blood tests from hos said neg, because i hav been feeling nauses,tired, b___sts tender etc, that there is a possibility of pregnancy again, iv been led to belev that if us ladies r not pregnant then hcg hormone would b 0. i dont kno if im coming or going at the mo, feel very alone n depressed, familys att_tude to me is get over it, i can't, (sorry for going on), just need friends. good luck i do hope all works out for you



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