No Get Up Amp Go

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micsmms3 - August 19

Ladies, I am lucky enough not to have too many awful symptoms- am 23 weeks. I don't know if anyone can relate to this or not, but I have no desire to do anything. Any simple task seems overwhelming to me. I don't have other children- just 2 dogs which do keep me engaged throughout the day... I was laid off from my job, so I'm not exhausted from working or anything right now, a bit overwhelmed about finding a job- I had a great job that I loved- and want another great job but who would hire a pregnant person that will take maternity leave shortly after starting? I have absolutely no excuse here to be so lethargic. I should be taking my dogs for long walks for exersize, even doing some pre-natal fitness,,keeping the house clean (which i love for things to be neat and clean), should be organizing things, etc. while I'm comfortable enough to do so- it's only going to get much harder the further along I get. And now is the time that I actually have the time to lots of great things for me, for my DBF, for the baby! What is wrong with me? My DBF gives me encouraging talks, even initiates short walks with me (he has a super busy schedule). I feel pathetic, like a huge looser. Can anyone relate to this? Any advise? I'm at least starting to write down daily tasks that I should do daily- and very slowly do some of them.... I wish there was a switch that I could turn on and act like a normal productive human being!


in the woods - August 20

This rings familiar to me. In my second pregnancy, I was lethargic in the second half of it, especially the last trimester, couldn't do much - couldn't explain to the ob the depths of it, they thought (as well as I thought) it was just the pregnancy-related tiredness. It was different, though - I had had a pregnancy 19 months before that, and then nothing came close to the lethargy of the 2nd pregnancy. Sooooooo now looking back I know that it was thyroid-related. With two close pregnancies, the thyroid got out of whack. I don't know if they tested my thyroid at ob's - I keep a grudge actually. The thyroid got so out of whack that when my baby was 8 months old I developed a full b__wn Graves disease. The thyroid was nuked (destroyed with radiation) and I'm taking thyroid hormone supplements now. The thyroid levels can come up and down during pregnancy, and the lethargy corresponds to the low level of it - and it's needed for the fetus development. Make them to check your levels, and correct if necessary.


micsmms3 - August 21

Interesting, I'll bring that up at my next appointment... I've had bloodwork done in the past for thyroid but it's always come back normal. All pre-pregnancy of course. Thanks for your input!


in the woods - August 21

If you started out on the lower end of the normal range, and your body has not adjusted to the increased demand, then the most of the thyroid hormone will of course go towards the baby's growth, and only whatever is left will go towards your energy (thyroid hormone is the main force behind both - mother's energy and fetus' growth). Since you are pregnant the test range should be adjusted, they must have some guidelines for pregnant women. If your lethargy is caused by another reason, or is indeed just pregnancy tiredness, it still won't hurt to check.



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