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kato1265 - March 3

I am so sick right now. I haven't had a menstrual period in two months. My br___ts are HUGE - my nipples dark and sore. My stomach is hard. My taste buds are changing ... I've taken three hpt - one faint pos and the other two neg. I went to clinic and that came up neg. - then the nurse said to me that I may still be preg, so act like I am until I see a doc. My husband JUST started a new job and if I'm preg - I can't go until insurance kicks in and I can't get help from clinic with neg results. I keep saying, "I guess I'm not preg." and my family keeps saying, "yes - you are" .... but I don't know. I'm so confused and it's really stressing me out - and every message board I post to - I don't get answers from anyone else who might have gone through this. I feel like I'm the only one - like some kind of freaky exception to the norm.


in the woods - March 3

Honey, calm down... It does sound like you are pregnant, but only time will tell for sure. Ladies here, too, don't know - maybe that's why they can't do any input. When I was 38 and had these weird symptoms - getting bigger, increased appet_te, no periods - I didn't know... got the news that I was pregnant when I was 12 weeks along. If you want the baby - be patient, wait until you can see a doctor, in the meantime take care of yourself - Materna, folic acid, and try to relax...


My answer - March 4

Another thought... was the test you took at the clinic a urine test? You could request a blood test. Sure you would have to pay for it youself, but the actual lab test isn't really that much and it would give you definative results. It's better to find out for sure if you are pregnant and start getting the prenatal care you will need than a__suming you're not and not getting care.


miraclebaby - March 4

I am sorry that I did not post either, but I don't know the answer and did not want to give you a wrong or untrue answer, I've had questions I asked before and did not get answered too, so don't feel bad. Good luck to you , I think no one knew how to respond, as they did not know like me :) :) :) :)


AudreyC - March 4

It sounds to me that you are pregnant. Relax, eat properly and take pre-natal vitamins until you can get to a doctor. Best wishes!


Lisastar9 - March 5

I have been around this site for a long time there are some people who have a hard time getting a positive pg test till 4 months. Don't worry believe as if you are pg and take care of yourself and baby. When you do get insurancesee a dr and maybe you will be far enough along for the dr to hear a heartbeat.


kato1265 - March 7

I felt like I had a UTI on Saturday morning - was drinking cranberry juice all day - started bleeding after two months of nothing ... bleeding lasted for two days and then stopped. Very small clots and some light abdominal cramping. Felt a deep, hollow pain like experienced during childbirth years ago and recognized it immediately. Never pa__sed any tissue - bleeding stopped completely after 48 hours and no cramping. All symptoms remain except that b___sts are still enlarged, but not sore. I still have the hard bulge just below my belly-b - and still craving fruits and vegetable. Wanted cheese sticks and ice cream the other night. With all of these symptoms, I still feel pregnant - but the bleeding has me very concerned. I will finally get to see a doctor this Friday 03/10 - but I'm not real optimistic.


Kristin - April 4

How has everything turned out for you? Any solid answers or pregnancy tests? Good luck Kristin


rduff - April 4

If you have not had a cycle in two months, then every hpt should be positive. I like the clear blue digital, b/c it is so easy to interpret..preg or not pregnant. What was the last date of your know period? Are you very regular?



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