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NatashaV - June 25

Hi ladies, I'm 35 and have been ttc for about 26 cycles with not one bfp. I'm wondering if any of you can help with my question. DH and I fall under the 'unexplained infertility' category since there seems to be nothing really wrong with either of us. However, I was told that my fsh levels are slightly high (I believe it was 12). I read somewhere that I'm not a good candidate for IVF if I have a higher than normal fsh (unless I use donor eggs). Does anyone know about this? Did any of you get pg with slightly higher fsh? And if so, did you do IVF? Anyone do anything else? Clomid? Any thoughts or advice for me on how to get pg with a slighly higher fsh would be greatly appreciated. I assume that all of you on this thread (Pregnant Over 35) are pg :), thanks in advance for passing on your knowledge, and CONGRATULATIONS to you all! :)


Sue Z. - June 27

NatashaV, I don't think FSH of 12 is hopeless. Try a different RE. Also, FSH fluxes month to month so you never know. I don't think your infertility is unexplained, but your FSH explains it. That's what happened to me, mine was 13 last year and now it's 15.2. You are still on the young side of the age thing. I would not give up on your own eggs at all. And no I'm not pregnant, but I read this board daily to talk to women with my infertility issues. We are going to adopt rather than go through the infertility treatments. One round with injections and an IUI was enough stress to make it fail. There is a child out there in the world waiting for me to find her. I have a wonderful little boy who I adore and he will be 5 next month. I wish you the best, but just so you know, you can be a mother no matter what.


NatashaV - June 27

Thanks Sue, I appreciate your reply..wasn't sure anyone was going to respond. I feel sort of guilty for posting in here since I read one woman on here said she thought it was wrong for ttc women to post in here (since I'm not pg). BUT, there's really nowhere else to go to ask women over 35 (specifically) questions, so what the heck, right? That's wonderful that you're adopting. We haven't given up on that idea, but are hoping to have one of our own, god permitting. So, you really think it's as simple as a slightly higher fsh is not allowing us to become pg? I was told by the nurse that this was not a level that explained our infertility. Kind of frustrating how there's so much info out there. Oh well, thanks for the encouragement..when will you adopt? And will it be a child from here? Good luck to you and thanks again.


Sue Z. - June 27

NatashaV, My RE told me that an FSH over 10 would mean that my chances were slim of getting pregnant on my own. But she did say that she thought that she could get me pregnant with infertility drugs. Well, we went through one round and I had 4 good sized eggs and it didn't work. The next try I didn't respond well and we ened up nixing it because we had to buy more drugs and they are $2000.00 a try. The stress of it is just too much. I had to get my blood drawn every day I was on the drugs for 12 days and I had to call every day to see what I had to do with my dosage + or - it. It was just so much. And FSH of 12 is on the low end. Yes, it over 10, but it's not 15. Get moving right away on fertility treatments. At 35, IVF may be a good idea or my RE would do fertility meds and an IUI. I was 38 when we tried and every year after 35 counts BIG TIME. Like I said 35, you should still have some good eggs in there. But you will need more than one egg a month to be successful. Find an RE who works with elevated FSH levels and FSH friendly one. You are too young to go the donor route. I'm really glad we connected here.


marranie - June 29

From reading on other sites with women over 40, many women have actually improved their FSH levels with natural supplements (worth having a google to find out what they used), dramatic changes in levels after a few months. I never had mine tested (really not something i wanted to know at 44 and ttc). I'm now 45 and big fat and pregnant and found that using opk's and having s_x everyday for about 5 days around the fertile time worked. With the opk's i found that my ovulation days varied quite a bit, 'normal' being at day 13 but pregnant this time with a day 17 ovulation.... very hard to know if you dont use the tests. As for FSH... in retrospect i am glad i didn't have mine tested because it surely would have been a depressing number at age 44 and that in itself would have stressed me out. As for clomid etc, i have noticed that a fair few women get pregnant not on the cycle that they use the fertiliy drugs but on their 'rest' cycle, maybe the drugs kick start the body or maybe it is just that rest cycle is less stressful, useful to know that if you do try stims to definatley ttc on your non medicated cycles as well. good luck with ttc.


NatashaV - July 8

Thanks for your replies ladies. The more I think about it, I think my fsh may have been 10.? That is, ten point..something. I didn't like hearing that I was borderline (for it being a factor in not getting pg) so I think I blocked it out. :) I have an appt with the specialist on Aug. 10th, so maybe I'll ask again. marranie, I think you're right in that sometimes knowing too much is more of a downer and maybe doesn't help. I appreciated both your responses..they were very encouraging. Congrats on your pregnancy by the way, marranie! I'm actually on Clomid now (was before too, it didn't work), but ..still hoping this increases my chances of getting pg. It's my understanding that with a slightly higher fsh, the only thing that may help is fertility drugs (aside from donor eggs) so that's what I'm doing! Here's hoping! Sue, good luck with the ttc-ing and/or adoption. Take care...


lovemy3 - July 8

Hi there, What is FSH and how does that affect fertility? Thanks so much


Sue Z. - July 9

Lovemy3, I'm not a Dr., but I've had the FSH speech from my RE. A day 3 or FSH over 10 means that your chances getting pregnant naturally decrease a lot. My RE said that it means that your eggs quality is low and your egg quant_ty is low. The higher the number the closer you are moving into perimenopause. Perrimenopause could be 25 or 30. Your ovulation changes and can become more sporatic and you may not ovulate every month. Dr.s do us women a HUGE disservice by not telling us about FSH before the age of 35. I'm a victim of that.


lovemy3 - July 9

Thanks for the info. That is too bad more of us don't know that. I was wondering because I am 37 and ttc my fourth baby and it seems to be taking longer this time around. the ovulation tester says I'm ovulating so would that mean my fsh are fine or can you still o and have lower levels that prevent conception? Thnaks so much


NatashaV - July 9

Hi, thought I'd join in the interesting fsh discussion. :) Actually Lovemy3, the fact that you are ovulating is great, but can have nothing to do with fsh. You can ovulate every month like clockwork (like yours truly) and still have an fsh problem. I'm only on Clomid because the specialist thinks it might give my eggs a boost..I do ovulate on my own and very well I'm told (acc. to my day 21progesterone level which was apparently excellent). Anyway, like Sue Z. explained (and very well I might add) your fsh is merely a reflection of the quant_ty or quality of your eggs, not your ovulation. According to my research, even something like ivf wouldn't really help a woman with fsh issues because the egg has to be viable to be used for the ivf. If it isn't, they typically recommend donor eggs. Actually my sister was kind enough to offer me her eggs if I need them. I really hope it doesn't come to that, but it is very generous of her to make that offer! How confusing would it be for my 3 year old niece if I gave birth to her half sister!? :) Ah well, the joys of ttc... Sue, I hear what you're saying about the doctors not being more forthright about things like fsh. For me, I wasn't actually 'ready' to try for a baby until 3 years ago, so I don't know if it would've helped. But, it really is important to have all the info so you can make an informed decision for yourself.


karen goode - July 10

NatashaV, I have the same problem as you. My FSH lievel is much higher 17.6 and I am 7 weeks pregnant. My RE told me the same thing. I am keeping my fingers cross and praying alot. I have already had 2 miscarriages. Nothing is hopelss. My husband and I have no problems conceving just keeping it due to my levels and also a blood clotting disorder. Doctors are not GOD and miracles do happen. Please don't give up hope.


NatashaV - July 10

Hi, karen goode I'm so pleased to hear that you got pg! I've seen you on other boards in Problems Getting Pg, I think. It's always so nice to hear when someone you know was having a hard time gets pg. I feel inspired! ..thanks for writing in. I'm very hopeful for you and this healthy pregnancy..I'm sending a prayer out for you right NOW! :)


NatashaV - July 29

Hi, are you doing? I was rereading your post and you didn't mention how you got pg..would you mind letting me know? Also, to the woman who asked me if I'd tried TCM (sorry, it was a post of it own and I don't recall her name), I'm now doing acupuncture once a week for infertility..I hope it works! ..healthy baby dust to everyone!


Ann1 - August 1

karen, we have spoken before about fsh on the ttc board. Congrats and I hope everything is going well. That is so great! Natasha, I think we may have spoken as well on the other board about fsh. My fsh was 12.9. I started doing acupuncture and my next reading was 5.4. I know they say that you only look at your worst reading, but on that same cycle I got pg naturally! That was after 7 failed iuis, clomid, and injectibles! I was waiting to do ivf when I got pg. There are things that can artificially reduce your fsh, but that doesn't mean the situation is improving. The fact is that, as your fsh goes up, it means your egg quality is declining and the ovarian reserve is decreasing. Yes, it is very depressing, I completely know and understand. Also you mentioned not being a candidate for ivf. Whether your fsh is 10 or 12, you are still in the range to try ivf. The cut offs to recommend ivf are usually in the upper teens, although most drs will still try if you want to try. It will just depend your the response to the drugs. If I were you, I would just be agressive sooner than later. Good luck!


cromwell - August 2

I am going to weigh in here too NatashaV. I have seen several of these ladies on other posts and Ann and I post back and forth. My RE, who has been in the business for 30 years and has people coming from all over to here in the humble Midwest, told me that he felt that some of those blood tests were a waste of money. I understood from several GYN's that fsh is controversial. My RE was worried about prolactin and thyroid. It turned out my dh has a little mot/morph issue also--more subfertile than infertile. So, I did the Clomid and had my first IUI today. So, I am not pregnant either, but this guy is really well thought of here and I am putting my faith in him. Trying to anyway. I would go to the other board, there is a lot of wisdom over there.


cromwell - August 2

One more thing. My RE also blasted the clinics that will not take older women because it may influence their success #'s. So get thee to an RE who does not care what his/her stats look like.


SANN - August 4

Hi NatashaV ... That was me who asked you if had tried TCM. Sorry for the single post(had a login problem), well got my computer fixed ... yay : ) Thought I drop in .. say hi : ) How's acupunture doing for? Feeling any different? I haven't done acupunture yet, dh and I will start on it once my physician(TCM) finds an acupunturist that specialises in fertility issues. By the way, I found your thread over the other board ... mind if I join, I'm 37, still ttc#1 after 1 mc(end Aug05). Hope you keep me posted. Take care : )



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