November 2006 Babies Let S Share

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Perl - March 24

I'm really interested in hearing from others who have November 2006 due dates. Maybe we can check in with each other weekly, monthly or whenever and just compare notes since we are more or less in the same stage of pregnany, and provide support and helpful information to each other. Let's share in each others' joys or concerns!


Perl - March 24

Here's my story, this is my second pregnancy. My first one ended in miscarriage last July. I'm 37 years old and am somewhere in week 5 or 6. I'll have my 1st Dr. apointment in 10 days, they will do an ultrasound. I'm hoping and praying that we'll be able to see a heartbeat or else I'll be a nervous wreck. Other than that, my dh and I are very excited. My symptoms now, sore b___bs, lots of trips to the bathroom and mild cramps every day. No nausea now hopefully not ever.


MellyMel - March 24

Here's me: This one is my second and last pregnancy. I just found out through bloodwork yesterday I was pregnant after trying for 2 months. I believe I am in my fourth week, which I will never understand how they do that, because I KNOW I conceived only 2.5 weeks ago, so go figure!! I'm 38 and I have a 7-year old son. I have my first appointment in two weeks(4/4 I think?) and I, like the other poster, am very anxious to see that little bean beating!!! I've been SEVERELY constipated the last two weeks, slight nausea, frequent urination, and sore b___bs. I've been married 10 years this November and that is when the baby is due. I believe by looking online that my due date is Nov. 28! My son was born Dec. 27th, so when I have my baby, my son will be turning 8 the next month and he is ECSTATIC over this - he's going to be a big brother!!! My job has a mom is finally done. My son has a sibling, and who knows, I just may have a girl?? LOL


Perl - March 26

MellyMel, looks like we'll both see our doctors on 4/4. I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for both of us. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


KristinS - March 26

Hello, My due date is suppose to be Nov 21st. I apparently conceived Feb28th. My Hcg levels have continued to rise as of Friday. I am truly nervous about my pregnancy. Have already had a little light spotting for a couple of days. I have a doctors app tomorrow. Hopefully everything is ok. I had lost a baby at 13 weeks 6 days last December. So that is why I am walking on eggshells. I will keep you all updated! Wishing you both.. Best of luck!! XO Kristin


MellyMel - March 26

Thank you Pearl! I will do the same for everyone here. Kristin that is good news on your HCG! I know it's hard, but try to stay positive!! I'm sorry about your last loss. Remember, every pregnancy is different!! Best of luck to both you girls too!!


christa0120 - March 26

hi ladies.. I am 38, about 5 wks pg...I have a 6 yr old son and have also suffered an mc before he was conceived. This pg is a surprise as we have been infertile and didn't do anything to get preggers...LOL medically speaking! tenative due date is 11/23 with a conception date of March 1st I have had some pink discharge on tp but seems to have subsided for now. No ms or any other real symptoms.


Daffy - March 27

Hi all.. I'm 37 and about 7w 3d, due Nov. 8th. This is also my 2nd pregnancy after a m/c last August. We had actually just decided to stop trying as we weren't having any luck conceiving, and of course, just when we weren't trying, we got a BFP!!! I'm still super nervous about losing this one too, but had my first appt. last week, and all seems well. I've had symptoms - headaches, constipation, and the nausea has just yesterday turned into full b__wn m/s. (uhggg!) I wish the Dr. had wanted to do more...they don't want to see me again until May, which I suppose is good as they acted much different last time, so I'm taking it as a good sign. Best of luck to all of you!!!


mjs812 - March 27

Hi. I am 35 & this is my first pregnancy. We just found out I am PG last week. I'm about 5-6 weeks along. It did not take us too long to conceive, so that was a relief. Now I am just worried about carrying to term. My pregnancy symptoms have been b___st soreness, queasiness, crampiness, fatigue, all of which my doc says are normal. But in the last couple of days they have lessened. Should I be concerned? I thought the symptoms were not supposed to decrease until the 2nd trimester? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


mjs812 - March 27

I forgot to mention my due date is Nov. 26, 2006


Kristin - March 27

First, congratulations to Perl,MelleyMel, Christa,Daffy, and mjs! Mjs, don't worry about symptoms going, it is still quite early and these symptoms come and go..alot of these symptoms are from hormones working overtime. I too lost some of the b___st tenderness I am entering my 6th week! I But, I still have that "pregnant" feeling where I am aware something is going on in there! I hope everyone here has a successful pregnancy. Especially those who have miscarried before! I am looking forward to the coming months but again I am extremely cautious and scared!! I have my prenatal 1 booked to day..will keep you all posted! Best of luck! Kristin


MellyMel - March 27

Kristin: Good luck with your prenatal visit today!! Also, congrats to you Christa, Daffy, and mjs on your BFP's too!!! Christa - how does your 6 year old son feel about it? How do you feel being pregnant again with a son that age. Mine is sevena and I"m scared to death going back to daycare, diapers, etc. Are you?


christa0120 - March 27

melly me...I am scared to death! My son will be just shy of seven when this one is born (provided all goes well) He is very excited...and a bit worried that he won't get as much love. One night he asked me if I "would do everything for him that I do for the baby" Ofcourse I told him I will not change his and he will be a big brother so he will have to help me. He said he will help me change diapers but he won't look...LOL He is such a good boy....


MellyMel - March 27

Christa, how cute is that! LOL. My son who has been excited since we all found out Thursday dropped a bomb on me the other night and said he didn't want me to have a baby? I said, what? LOL. He said I DO want you to have a baby. I said, honey, you said you didn't. He said, no sir, I do want you to. I didn't want to stay on the topic so much because he was getting a bit shy saying he didn't know why he said it and stuff. So I have a feeling that like me, he is having fears about this baby already!! LOL. I know it's totally normal and maybe even their little friends at school fill their heads up with stuff ya know. My poor baby...I always tell him what GREAT big brother he is going to be , and how because he was my FIRST baby, that he will always be momma's big boy!! He's such a good boy too. I'm sure yours will go through this if he isn't already. They may keep it to themselves, but I'm sure their little minds are constantly thinking!! LOL. When my baby is born my son will be turning 8 the next month. Off for now, take care..xo


MellyMel - March 27

Kristin: How was your visit?


Michelle.D - March 27

Hi Perl I Had To Have An Early Scan Due To Stomach Cramps And Bleeding ,


Michelle.D - March 27

Hi Perl I Had To Have An Early Scan Due To Stomach Cramps And Bleeding ,Ive Been Told Im 7 Wks And 5 Days And Im Due On The 6th November Was Really Great For Me And My Partner To See Everything Was Okay And To See Its Heartbeat Made It All Seem More Real Still No Morning Sickness Yay



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