November Mommies How Much Weight Have You Gained So Far

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Kristin72 - June 23

Just wondering how much weight the other November Mommies have gained? At my appointment on Wednesday the 21st, I had gained only one pound. This is not reflective of the way I look..I still feel like a tube..LOL! However with my last pregnancy in Dec, I had put on 10 pounds in 3 months.. which I never really lost..So maybe that is why I have not gained very much this time..How about the rest of you??? Have any of the other women who have had babies before returned to their original weight? or is the theory of 10 pounds staying after each baby hold true? Has anyone got back to their original weight? if so how'd you do it? Any advice? Thanks Kristin :)


annabanana - June 23

kristin i was 20 weeks yesterday and i have gained 14 ibs. how have you managed to gain one pound. wowww that is amazing, i believer your about 4 months now. wow what is the secret loll


Kristin72 - June 23

I am in my 19th week. No secret..Still feel like a porker and can barely fit into many of my old pants. Mind you I have been working out 3 times a week. I have done this since about 2 weeks after my D&C early January. I just do low impact cardio for 30-40 mins and I lift weights and do yoga type stretches. I have stopped doing situps...and I try to stay away from anything where I am lying flat on my back...ever since I hit the 2nd trimester. When I tell people I am about a week shy of 5 months they cannot believe it..but I know my body and it looks thick. I eat alot of cottage cheese,yogurt, bananas, orange juice, lean chicken, steak and lots of dark green salads and ripe tomatoes..and ice cream almost every night. So nothing special. I still crave french fries which are my I will eat those atleast once a week. I am tall though 5'11 so maybe that has something to do with it who knows. ..and don't forget I have 10 extra pounds I put on and never lost on my last pregnancy..but back then I was not working out..I was just too sick. I think 14 pounds is more of an average than 1 pound...anyway all the best!! Kristin


MellyMel - June 23

I am 16w/5d and have gained around 15 or so lbs. so far! LOL. I KNOW! It's ALOT! I keep saying it has to level out soon. LOL.


in the woods - June 23

Maybe it's true lol. I'm still carrying 15 lbs extra and my kids are 3 and 1 1/2 already! Oh I was so smart before babies - thinking I'd find time to get myself back in shape. Thing is, with the first one you are sooooo trying to be a good mother you can't find time to do anything for yourself. With the second baby - oh my, the thought of a trip to gym... One 20 pounds baby in one hand, the toddler that runs away... Invest in your own gear at home, girls - treadmill, weights, - less logistical problems and less expenses (babysitting in gyms for two) Plus working around different babies' schedules... Actually, I just about now feel that they are settled enough that I am ready and willing to take care of myself...


christa0120 - June 24

about 7-8 pounds...


Kris K - June 26

I am 21 weeks. Due Nov 5th. And I have gained 10lbs. This is baby#4. I have always lost the weight within the first year. My #3 baby was born November 2005. Now I'm having November 2006 baby. The best way to get the weight off is eating healthy starting now. Don't wait till the pregnancy is over. Eat healthy and do some walking you'll go back into your regular size in no time.


Perl - June 28

I have gained only 2 pounds in the last 2 months and I was starting to think something was wrong (I'm in my 20th week now) but overall I'm up 10 pounds from pre-pregnancy so that's an average of 2 pounds per month. If I can stay with that average I'll be fine but I'm sure I won't since baby's growth is supposed to speed up starting this month. I attribute my early weight gain to feeling so c___ppy the first 3 months and not wanting to go the the gym also eating more carbs (crackers, pasta, rice and potatoes) than I'm used to eating because it's what settled my stomach when I felt nauseated. Somewhere in month 4 I started going back to the gym and backed off the carbs a little bit. Now that my stomach can handle it, I'm happier eating more veggies and protein than in past months and feeling 100 times better!


happpygal - June 29

I'm approaching 19 weeks and have gained about 12 pounds. In the last month, it' s been a steady pound per week!! YIKES.


venus_in_scorpio - June 29

ha I have you all beat, I am 19W3D and have gained about 20 pounds. Dr says I should gain about 15 more through the pregnancy. whoops! I know my weight gain is my own fault because of cookies, candy and sweets... but YUM YUM at least me and the baby are happy :o)



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