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MellyMel - April 19

Hi ladies~ I just thought the other thread is getting long again and started this one for us ok? xo


Perl - April 19

Hi Everyone! Christa, good to hear from you as always. Sorry pregnancy has been less than blissful for some of us, myself included. I'm with you and Hopeful in feeling comfortable with life as it is and a little apprehensive about the changes and responsibility. But I know your situation is much different, Christa, because this is not your first and because of your past circ_mstances; your little boy is now 6 and you've been holding out hope for another child until recently when you came to terms. It's tough to accept an unexpected change when you've already spent years to come to terms like you say. Sorry about your job plans for the summer. I'm curious, are you at any risk being pregnant as an x-ray tech?? As for Santa Barbara, yes you would have felt like you were in paradise for the summer and I feel your disappointment at not being able to go for the summer, I used to live there and hated leaving it. Save the trip to Santa Barbara for a time when you can all go there including your new baby and you will not have to work at all. Yes, I know, an all expenses paid trip to paradise doesn't happen every day. Maybe wait till the baby is a little older and take a combined trip to Disneyland (LA area) and Santa Barbara, the kids will love that.


Perl - April 19

Here's the latest in a string of "thou shalt nots" of first trimester (I've already been told, no jacuzzi, no ma__sage, no this, no that). NO allergy medications!!! Not until after week 13. What the hell. . . This is what my OB/GYN's a__sistant told me and I only called her because my Allergy specialist is on vacation the rest of the week. I told her that was not an option, if I can't take allergy meds I'll kill myself because all this sneezing and itchy runny nose stuff is keeping me and my husband up at night and driving me up the wall. (I'd much rather have that swamp gas Christa was talking about. ) Finally she double checked and said OK, Claritin and Chlor Trimeton only but no nasal spray. What misery. Christa want to trade homes for a month??? I heard that Arizona is good for allergy sufferers. I'll be fine once summer is here. Next pregnancy, I'll make sure not to be in my 1st trimester during March/April allergy season.


christa - April 19

Perl...whoever told you AZ is good for allergies lied. When I lived in California (Thousand Oaks to be specific...I grew up there) My allergies were much less! I am not a pregnancy nazi. I believe things in moderation are OK. If you need the meds, take them...try half a dose. There was a thread on another (1st tri I think) That spoke of beer/wine. I personally don't drink but once every six months...and when I was pg with my son I did enjoy a beer one hot summer day. My OB was also not an alarmist and also believed in moderation being key. So, teher ya go, pregnancy acording to christa LOL Im out!


MellyMel - April 19

Christa~ I couldn't agree with you more.


Kristin - April 19

Hi Girls..Just wondering which of you this will be ther first child? It is for me ;).Feeling very tired the last couple of days..had to take naps in the afternoon both days.. Blah blah...and You're right there are so many "thou shalt nots"...have your hear these ones?.no tooth whitening (so let your teeth get yellow, no tanning cream(so we will get as pastie as possible) No tanning machines either.. those apparently increase the temperature of your core which would not be good for the fetus. Nail polish removers, many types of seafood..therefore raw sushi..what else does anyone know of any other bizarre things preggo's should not have? Hope you guys ar just great..just love coming here to get updated. Kristin


Hopeful and excited - April 20

Lovely to hear everyone sounding so upbeat today. Not a real complaint to be heard. (Just moaning about "thou shalt nots" which is MUCH more healthy as its what I do all the time when I'm not pregnant anyway. LOL!) Does this mean we're all finally getting through the first trimester worries? Let's hope so. Kristin - Yes, this will be our first child. Can't wait! Keep the LOLs coming!!


happygal/formally oldgal - April 20

Hi all: Just went for 9 weeks ultrasound and baby was moving around! Has heartbeat going at 169 BPM. I'm still just so scared that something will go wrong. Keep reading posts like " "baby stopped growing at 9 weeks," or "couldn't find hearbeat at 12 weeks." It's JUST SO SCARY. I"m 43 and have had 2 miscarraiges both at 6 weeks. I"m doing lots of progesterone and I take heprin and IVIg treatments for elevated killer cells. I'm praying that will do the trick and this willl be my miracle baby. Anyone else throwing up?


Hopeful and excited - April 20

Hello there Happygal (soooooooooooo much better!!!) I know exactly what you mean about all the scary posts - they fill me full of dread too. Like I said before, I'm hoping that the increase in positive thoughts is a sign that we're all feeling better about everything. Maybe we should start a thread called "I'm feeling good because......." and then we can skip to that one anytime we're feeling insecure!! What do you think?


Perl - April 20

Go for it Hopeful! Kristin: to answer your question, my first child too. Happygal: look how much farther you've come, 9 weeks!! Congrats on the ultrasound. Just remember, this pregnancy is not at all like your last one, this one will be fine. Relax (easier said than done but try) and stop reading those negative posts, you don't need to go there right now. My morning sickness seems to be tapering off but my b___sts keep getting more sore. ****BTW, I gave my self a couple of puffs of Flonase (for allergies) last night. I'm not supposed to til my 13th week, but I was so d__ned miserable with the constant sneezing and piling up of a mountain of snot rags. If I can't clear up my sinuses it'll turn to a sinus infection then I'll need antibiotics and I'm positive antibiotics will be much worse for my baby than Flonase--so I went for it and it worked. I'll just keep it to a minimum til next week when the Allergy Specialist comes back from vacation. It ticks me off that an allergy specialist would take a vacation in April, worst month for hayfever/allergy sufferers. I'm sure my hormones will have something to say about this when I see her next week!!


Happygal - April 20

Perl, sorry about the allergies, those are rough. I'm sure one spritz will be fine. I had some green tea the other day, 2 cups..and worried a bit, but I think these things in moderation are all fine. I'm a bit conerned because my ultrasound measured a few days short of the 9 weeks I thought I was. I't 8 weeks 4 days, but they are going by last period instead of date of ovulation. I ovulated early..whatever, I think a few days must be okay. ANd the most important thing is the strong hearbeat and movement, right? Still, hard not to worry about any little thing. I'm tired of throwing up, too.


christa - April 20

Happygal...U/S can be off by 4-7 days 8w4d vs 9 w = no biggy! Congrats


Perl - April 21

Happygal, being off by 4 days is not bad, leave some room for variations. And yes, strong heartbeat and fetal movement are the most important measurements right now. Sorry you're throwing up so much. A cheese stick just before bed, a yogurt first thing in the morning and snacks or mini meals every 2 hours did the trick for me. My vomiting stopped as long as I kept eating tiny amounts frequently whether I was hungry or not. I hope your nausea starts to taper off soon.


christa - April 21

Perl... I jsut looked up flonase on a nice drug directory i found (I'll post if I can find it again. It is a Category C drug. Use sparingly. I'll see if I can go find the link for everyone.


christa - April 21


MellyMel - April 21

Good morning ladies!! I just thought I would drop by to say hello and that I am feeling better these days!! I am 8w/3d by MY calculations. LOL. and feeling a bit better. My b___bs seem to be getting worse though. Anyone else with me on that? It's a beautiful day AGAIN today here in New Hampshire and I'm going to enjoy it and it's FRIDAY! WOOT WOOT!! Tonight on the way home I am going to our infamous "Clam Haven" and getting myself a combo fried haddock/scallop dinner with onion rings and french friens. MMMMMM...........Everyone...HAPPY FRIDAY!! I'M DOING THE DANCE!!!


Kristin - April 21

I just read on my pregnancy calender on another site (ivillage)that when you are pregnant your sinuses swell to try and prevent germs from entering into out systems. Keep this in mind girls before you try to zap the stuffy feeling in your sinuses with meds. Hope you all have a glorious day...P.S. I am feeling very nauseas today :(. No more spotting for 5 days now..YAYYY! Also, once you have heard the heartbeat you only have a 5 or 10% of miscarrying. So girls...we could very well have keepers here :)...our odds are getting better by the day! TTYL Kristin :)



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