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christa0120 - May 14

The other thread was once again too long. Hope you all have a great Mothers (or soon to be Mother's day)


Michelle.D - May 15

Hi All Just Thought I'd Check In And Let You Know How Things Are After Miscarrying Last Month,Ive Went Through A Lot Of Emotions Since Losing Beanie,The Main Emotion Was The Need To Get Pregnant Again Straight Away Even Though I Knew Deep Down This Was Not A Good Idea Especially With Having A Womb Infection After The Miscarriage The Need Was So Strong ,In The Last Couple Of Weeks Ive Cried ,Ive Felt Anger And The Why Me? My Partner Has Been Very Supportive Dealing With His Own Grief And Helping Me With Mine ,After Much Tears And Talking I Am Now On The Pill But Nothing Can Take The Emptiness I Feel Inside Away Hoping To Try Again Later In The Year When Im Emotionally Over The Loss


MellyMel - May 15

KRISTIN~You're welcome. If people don't want to hear it then they should not post. That woman clearly made her mind up and I don't know what brought her to the board in the first place. I obviously am prolife and find these posts very difficult to deal with. Anywho, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. I had a beautiful weekend away with my husband and son. I'm feeling pretty good, but have been very emotional lately. I can't wait for this trimester to be over with!! I"m hoping the second will be much more energetic and less sickness involved. Have a great day everyone. No news until Thursday when I go for my NT Scan. I will try to be back before then anyway. xo


Perl - May 15

MICHELLE D: I'm so glad you posted an update here. I've often wondered how you were doing. Please know that you are absolutely doing the right thing in waiting if that's what you feel is best for you and like you said, especially because you got an infection after the miscarriage. I was going to post my own message on this board yesterday but I didn't want to bring everyone down. The feelings are still with me and since you've posted Michelle, I'd like to share that yesterday was a bit difficult for me. We were in church yesterday and all the mothers were asked to stand up for a Mother's Day blessing and prayers. I remained seated while I thought to myself, "Am I a mother yet? I think so, I am a mother to the unborn one in my womb and a mother to the one I lost when I miscarried last year." Then my husband nudged me so I stood up to be prayed over. Well, during the prayer, I just lost it and the tears started flowing as I cried over the guilt of being too happy for this pregnancy and feeling like I almost forgot about the one I lost last year. It has been 10 months since my loss and I haven't cried in months. I just wanted to let you know, Michelle, that in time you WILL feel better and normal again but you will never completely forget or really be over the loss. You just progress and learn to handle it better each day. What helps me through this though is knowing that my first baby (the one I lost last July) is safe in the arms of God, and so is yours, Michelle. This goes for our friend "Hopeful" as well and any mother who has lost a pregnancy. If you're a woman of faith and a believer and have not heard a song by Christian singer Natalie Grant, I suggest you download the song and listen to her song called "Held" from her CD "Awaken"--it really ministered to my heart when I was at the same point where you are now when I was asking "why?", was hurt and angry and was grieving. Ten months later, the lyrics of the song still give me hope and a sense of peace. God bless you all.


Perl - May 16

Hi Everyone, sorry for that last, long and sad post. I know we all would like this to be a happy positive discussion among November mommies. I switched over to the "pregnancy loss" board for a bit and as it turns out there were quite a few of us over there having a tough time with mother's day. What a difference a day makes though. Of course I realize that this baby I'm carrying now is a true blessing and I have every right to be happy now despite what has happened in the past. So I'm going to be happy!! *****This is a week of anticipation and nerves for many of us who are waiting for results from our blood tests that we took with our nuchal scans last week. In addition to waiting for my blood test results I'll also find out this weekend whether I pa__sed a huge exam to get my license to practice law. Normally I'd be a nervous wreck but I couldn't care any less about my license or if I failed my law exam----as long as my blood test results indicate my baby is alright I'll be a happy woman. Has anyone found out their blood test results yet?


annishel - May 16

Hey gals. Really want to wait until after the NT scan and 12-13 weeks to tell anyone, but I am out of clothes! The skirts fit fine, but the shirts all make me look like I have no idea how bad the shirt fits, but not necessarily preg. Anyone in the same boat?


Perl - May 16

SCREEN NEGATIVE. For Down Sydrome--1:1610 and for Trisomy 18 & 13--1:4,321. I wish you all good luck!


MellyMel - May 16

Well ladies, after discussing it, hubby and I decided not to have any of the first trimester screening, not even the NT Scan that I am canceling for Thursday. I will still get the Level 2 when the time for that is near. I do realize they cannot see anything, but if my baby was physically deformed, I'm sure that would show up on the Level 2. Besides, whatever is meant to be cannot be changed anyway. If something has happened already, there is nothing I can do to change that. Since abortion would never be a choice, we figured we wouldn't bother and just hope for a healthy baby. I hope you are not disappointed in me, because I know you all believe in it very much. I'm feeling nausea, but calming down quite a bit, b___bs STILL kill me! LOL. I went for an appointment at the Maternal Fetal Medicine dept. in our hospital I will deliver at to see a high risk ob/gyn and she told me to start a baby aspirin every day; this will help me where I had preeclampsia in my last pregnancy. She also wants me to have the one-hour glucose soon and not wait until whatever week it is you usually get it, and this is because I also had G.D. with my son when I was pregnant with him. She also is suggesting to my ob/gyn that she sees me twice a month and every week in my third trimester, due to my previous history with my last pregnancy. I guess the want to keep a much closer look on me this time around and on my blood pressure. Well, I'm so happy that all of your tests came back great girls!! Let's hope and pray for a healthy baby GIRL for me!!! LOL. See ya later...XO


Perl - May 17

Mel, you're doing what feels right for you so no one should be disappointed by that. I just hope that no one on this board is a__suming that those of us who have gone through screening are doing so in order to determine if we should have abortions if our results aren't good. I can not speak for everyone but I want you all to know that my tests were never about deciding to terminate my pregnancy. Abortion never was an option for me. I personally do not like surprises and I'm a firm believer that more information is better. Since the information was available, covered by insurance and came without any risk of miscarriage there was no reason for me not to do it. I'm being told to choose a pediatrician now and I wanted to know if I had to find a Dr and support groups experienced in working with down syndrome or trisomy babies. I agree with you Mel in that we have to accept whatever comes our way. We're just going about it differently and that's perfectly okay. Good luck on avoiding preeclampsia and GD this time around. ***Kristin & HappyGal: thinking of you as you wait for your results, hope to hear some good news from both of you very soon.


MellyMel - May 17

PERL~I totally understand why woman get these tests done and I don't blame them. In case you were speaking of me, I never thought you did this to abort or not to abort. It's not about that at all and I understand that. I guess we just would rather not know ahead of time. Some may think that is ignorant, but that is our preference. That's how it was done for years and years. There was no blood or ultrasounds. You just had what God willed. I don't want to have a miserable pregnancy with stress and worrying, and with my past anxiety history, we felt it was best to avoid any of these stressful or what could be stressful tests. I wish everyone the best with there test results, and like I said my post was about My decision not the decision of other woman. Everyone have a super Wednesday and the sun is out today!!!!! XO


aalexand - May 17

Hey Ladies and Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of you. Michelle D. i'm sorry to hear about your loss but think of it this way God wanted that one just trust him to know he will give you what you ask for. Alot of times when we miscarriage it's because of reasons or problems with the baby we know nothing about so God just decides to give us his best. Well like Melly Mel my husband and i decided from day one not to have the test done. I asked God for a healthy baby and i'm trusting him to give me just that so i don't focus on the what if's because i have faith in God. I'm not saying noone else does it's everyone perrogrative to do what they feel is right for them so good luck to all that is having nuchal scans and annishel i started growing out of my clothes a month ago. I hate to even put clothes on because i look so unattractive to myself, but i know it's my hormones. Well i better get back to work....also for the ones who has had the scans will they be able to tell the gender?


Daffy - May 18

Melly - I understand why you chose not to do the tests, in some ways I wish I'd canceled them in the first place. I'm like Perl though, I don't like surprises, and my anxiety level is already pretty high, so I'd prefer to know what I'm dealing with ahead of time. Whatever makes us most comfortable in our pregnancys is certainly right for us, whichever way we choose. ~ Went for the Amnio yesterday. The Dr. was great, which made it much easier. (kept joking that I should have studied for the blood test...) I kept my eyes shut tight as I'm afraid of needles, but when they first stuck the needle in, it felt about like having blood drawn. Once it hit the uterus though, OUCH! The baby kept moving towards the needle, so he had to move it around a bit, which was uncomfortable, but luckily the whole thing was over in about 20 minutes. He said I should get some of the results in 7 days. (there is also a test they can do to get results in 48 hours, but the insurance will probably not cover that, so we decided to wait.) ~ Michelle - thanks for checking in. I know this time is hard - but waiting is probably the best thing. We waited after our loss, and I think it is good for you to try again when you are feeling much better. It will also give you a better chance of being successful. ~ annishel and aalexand - I also feel horrible in all my clothes! I actually bought a pair of maternity pants (luckily they are jeans, and don't look like mat. pants.) because most of my pants don't fit anymore. I really want to dye my hair, but even though I'm in the 2nd trimester, I'm still a bit nervous about it. Some friends who hadn't seen me in a while said I looked like I was showing, but for me I just feel all pudgy and soft and unattractive. M/S is now gone - yay! But hormones are out of control again. At least the sun was back out yesterday! (luckily we live on the side of town in Rochester, NH that didn't get flooded, so we didn't need to be evacuated - phew....) ~ Hope the rest of you are doing well!


christa0120 - May 18

Not much to report here. Just checking in on everyone. No appointment for me until next Wednesday. I definately need to buy some maternity clothes but refuse to. I will stretch out my "big clothes" until the very last second. Amazing, when I was pg with son I was int he maternity stores at 6


MellyMel - May 18

AALEX~We are declaring healthy babies ain't that right?!! LOL. I was told that usually at the Nuch Scans it is too soon to see the gender. I think Kristin told me that, but maybe some of the woman can. I think someone on here did, but forgot who it was. DAFFY~Best of luck on your amnio results. I am praying for you that your baby is healthy with no problems. The flood was amazing wasn't it? I could not believe it. My son did not have school Monday and Tuesday because of it. Salem got the worst of it. We didn't really get too flooded here thank GOD!!CHRISTA~Get your pregnant a__s to the store and buy some d__n maternity clothes. Just give in and do it!! LOL. My pants are also snug on my belly already and I think in another month I will be in maternity maybe. We'll see. My son is so cute, he is always rubbing or kissing the baby in my belly and it just warms my heart. He is so protective of my belly it is so cute. I wish it could be that way forever, but I'm sure there is going to be a bit of jealousy once the baby is here. We can only hope not though. Anyway, again, I'm glad you are all doing well with your pregnancys, and again ladies, I am so happy for all of you that have gotten healthy results from all your tests. I'm hoping and praying we all have very healthy beautiful babies!! XO Oh yes and the m/s has died down, but b___bs still sore as hell. LOL. Hubby is getting pretty aggravated by now that he still can't touch them. LOL. Oh well, the joys.....


Perl - May 19

DAFFY: you are a brave woman. I've had needles poked into my arms every week for years (for allergies) but an amnio needle is much different and would freak me. But I'd have done it too if I were in your shoes. I truly hope that the amnio will give you much better results than your nuchal screening--it's quite possible that you will get some good news. My own Dr. told me that when she was pregnant she got odds of 1:30 on her blood tests and then she was relieved when she got a negative (no DS) on her amnio. So, it can happen to you too. Either way, at least you will know with almost 100% certainty what to expect. My thoughts and prayers will be with you in this coming week. HAPPYGAL & KRISTIN: are you ladies doing alright?


Perl - May 19

Annishel: good luck with your NT scan on Monday! I'm sure you will be thrilled to see your little one on ultrasound. I hope it all goes well for you. And yes, I too am wearing my largest and stretchiest skirts, dresses and shorts right now . Now that the weather in my area is finally nice, my usual uniform for the next 4 months will most likely be sandals, a very stretcy two piece swimsuit, a huge sarong or wraparound skirt and a halter top or camp shirt.


Kristin72 - May 19

Hi Perl..and November Mommies..I haven't had much to report...I have another OB appointment next week..Heard the results from the NT and everything sounded great..I am still waiting on bloodwork..I guess they will have those results soon enough. I have really been enjoying my doppler I is just so nice to be able to hear the babies heartbeat..and great re-a__surance too!! Hope everyone is doing well..Good Luck to Annishel on her upcoming tests!! Keep us posted! Talk to you all very soon...Kristin



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