November Mommies Pls Pray For One Of Our Girls

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Kristin72 - May 31

If you any of you girls read our thread you may find out that Daffy has suffered some tragic news regarding her pregnancy. Her amnio results have come back and they have discovered her baby could have a rare genetic disorder. I just want us to pray for strength and a miracle where Daffy is concerned. Daffy you are in my thoughts and I can only hope things could possibly turn around for you..You have my full support. God Bless you and your baby. XO Kristin


Perl - May 31

Count me in. Ditto on everything Kristin said. The doctors don't seem to be giving much hope right now but miracles can and do happen. At the very least I pray for news that it's not an inherited genetic problem. Hugs and blessings to you Daffy, and to your husband and to baby.


Daffy - June 1

Thanks so much, Kristin and Perl, and also to Christa & MellyMel & HappyGal and everyone else on the November Mommies board. The kindness and support of all of you wonderful people I've never met has meant so much to me and my DH, and touched us deeply. ~ Our results have been gone over many times by different Doctors. Unfortunately it is much worse than Down's or any of the known disorders, unluckily we were the ones hit with the 1 out of 500,000 chance of getting this particular type of thing. (a "partial transference" of chromosomes, very much like the trisomies, but with a more rare combination.) Sadly, it has been made very clear that this disorder is fatal to our little girl, (she may not make it to birth, or if she does she will only survive a few hours) and the only thing we feel is right is to not extend her suffering, so I will be going into the hospital for an induced labor on Monday. We feel much the same as Hopeful did about her loss - we feel we are giving our child's spirit a chance to come back in a healthy body, to live a good life, whether with us or with another deserving family. It will be a few weeks before we get the DNA results to see if it was inherited or not, but hopefully we will be able to try again. ~ Thanks again for all the love and support. Hugs to all of you and best wishes and positive blessings to the healthy births of all of your own babies. You all will be in my heart. XO - Daffy


Perl - June 1

Daffy, I'm saddened to the point of tears for you and this difficult decision that you've been forced to make. But I know that you have chosen to be compa__sionate and humane. Nobody can tell exactly what your little girl would have to suffer through otherwise to fight for her survival. Since doctors are saying your baby would be able to live only a short period of time after being born or not even survive until birth means that she would suffer and struggle to stay alive but it would be a losing battle. I'm sorry you had to make this choice but it sounds like the only compa__sionate thing to do. I'll be thinking of you and praying, especially on Monday. I believe your little one's soul will live on in peace and in your heart forever. Please check back with us when you feel up to it as I'm sure many of us will be concerned and thinking of you. May God be with you and comfort you and your husband at this very difficult time.


COL - June 1

Daffy , all my heart with you and your Dh, its very hard time I am sure, I am really speechless, I cant find any word to say. All what I can say is that, I hope to see you soon, in the thread called the April 2007 Mommies. Wish you the best and God bless you.


Kristin72 - June 2

Dear Daffy, I am so sorry for what you and your husband will have to go through in the upcoming days. Not only are you doing the humane thing by going for an induction, but you are doing it with dignity and hope for your future. I feel the same way that the spirit of your baby girl will come back in a healthy baby sooner than you know it. I know you seem strong and wise, but it is only human to feel sadness and mourning in this trying time. I believe a glimmer of hope will be just around the corner..but make sure you take the time to heal from this tragic situation..I pray that you or you dh do not have any inherited genetic disorders. Be strong and May God Bless you and you baby girls soul. I will be thinking of you... Kristin


miraclebaby - June 2

I prayed for you as well.


karyn - June 2

Daffy- I wanted to respond since I went through the same horrible situation last year. We found out via CVS that the baby had trisomy 13 and the doctors gave us the same fatal diagnosis. It was one of the toughest decisions my husband and I ever had to make but in the end we had to do what was best for the baby and terminated the pregnancy. I give you and your husband much credit for doing the humane thing. The next couple of weeks will be hard on you. Please reach out to your friends and family during this time. They will help you through it. Also, my husband did one of the sweetest things, which really brought my spirits back. He brought home two kittens from the local shelter. I was able to give shower them with a lot of the love I had stored up for the baby. Personally I think this really improved my mental state and recovery time. I also wanted to give you some hope. As of yesterday I am six and a half months pregnant with a healthy baby girl. All the tests have come back normal and she's kicking away right now. After you get your results back and if everything is ok, don't feel scared to give it another go. Take your time and start trying when you feel ready. If you need to talk, you can send me an email at [email protected]


Hopeful and excited - June 2

Dearest Daffy, I am absolutely gutted to hear your news. There are no words which truly express my feelings of sympathy but rest a__sured I am thinking of you often and support you completely in your decision. If you need to talk anything through I am happy to be a shoulder for you. I know from my own experience that I didn't want to talk on the pregnancy loss forum as I thought it wouldn't help me heal. Also, although all the November Mommies are so WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE, I didn't want to bring sadness to that thread either. Perhaps if you feel the same, you might prefer to start another thread where we can talk. Anytime. I'm so very very sorry for you and your husband. Stay strong and keep in touch.


annishel - June 3

Daffy, I wanted to share with you my deepest remorse for your situation. I find your posts and your att_tude so brave and admirable. I am sure these qualities will help you and your DH pull through this most difficult time. Keep in touch.


Perl - June 5

I know many of us have been thinking of and praying for Daffy. Just wanted to add that TODAY IS THE DAY that she needs our prayers and thoughts the most!! *****I realize we all may have different beliefs and come from different faiths. It's all good and helpful. My friends at home and I often circulate e-mail prayers to each other so we're all praying for the same thing on the same day. Here's my prayer in case anyone wants to pray along (or add your own): Abba Father in heaven, I lift up Daffy in prayer to you. Please send your Spirit and your angels to stand beside her and to minister love, comfort and peace to her. Give her strength and courage in the days, weeks and months to come and help her to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be also with her husband and heal his pain and suffering as well, let him be a help to Daffy in her time of need and may they comfort each other in a way that will bind their love for each other closer together. Please impart your wisdom and guide the hands and minds of the Doctor and healthcare workers that come into contact with Daffy. As you always do, turn pain into comfort and healing; heartache into grace; and despair into hope and a promise for something good and perfect. In Jesus' name-AMEN!


Kristin72 - June 5

Perl, Your prayer was lovely and very touching. My hope is that we will all send our thoughts and prayers for someone like Daffy who needs it..compasionate human beings can and should do this for one another...Again, God Bless Daffy and her family...


Daffy - June 12

I again want to thank all of you from the depth of my heart for your kindness and support, and thank you for your touching prayers. I believe that it doesn't matter who or what you pray to, it is the love and compa__sion behind the prayer that matters, and I deeply thank you all for that. (sorry if I don't name each one of you, but know you are ALL in my heart) ~~ We named our little daughter Iris, after the flower. The people at the hospital were just great, and very supportive. I am doing ok now physically, just the sadness of nursing a broken heart, and taking it a day at a time. ~~ Unfortunately, the tests show that I do have a chromosomal abnormality, which while it doesn't affect my health, it does affect our chance of having children. We basically have a 50/50 chance of having a healthy child versus having another with the same unbalanced, partial-trisomy disorder. (The Drs. were actually surprised that I was able to carry into the 2nd trimester with this particular problem, as I should have miscarried earlier.) We will try again naturally when we are ready, knowing that we will need lots of early testing, need to be cautious, and hope for the best. DH has been wonderful, and we have been surrounded by loving family and friends. ~~ So again, thank you all from the depth of my heart, and I will check up once in a while on the Nov. mommies board to make sure you are all doing well. Much love and blessings to all of you, your families and your sweet little babies. Take care. XO - Daffy -- (PS ~ Thank you also to Karyn for your kind words and hope - and yes, DH and I plan on getting a puppy soon to help with the healing.)


karyn - June 12

Daffy- It sounds like you and your husband are doing all the right things to get through this. I admire your courage. I also carried into the 2nd trimester when I should have miscarried. The doctor told me it was because I took very good care of myself. If anything that should rea__sure you, since you’re able to provide a healthy environment for a baby to thrive. I'm so glad to hear your considering getting a puppy! Adopting our kittens really helped my husband and I get through the loss, plus they are such a joy in our lives. A puppy will give you total unconditional love, which will loosen up your heart and help the healing process. My best wishes to you always- Karyn.


Kristin72 - June 12

Daffy, That is unfortunate that your odds are 50/50 for a chromosonal defect which may affect future pregnancies..but you know what it ain't over till it's over my friend. I still have faith that you will eventually have a successful pregnancy in your near future. Getting a puppy is a great idea in the mid term. I just love animals..and in it's own way it is a great experience..for parenting. I loved when I had my little pooch. It was my family for many years before I became pregnant. Best of luck in your future. I wish all the best!!! XO Kristin


Perl - June 12

Daffy, I'm glad to hear from you and good to know that you are fine--physically. Iris is a beautiful name and one of the most beautiful flowers. I am sorry to hear that you have a chromosome abnormality, but I do admire your spirit and determination. I would do the same as you and press forward with your plans to have a child as soon as you're ready for it. A 50/50 chance means there is still hope and that it can be done. I wish you all the best as you progress in your healing and in having a healthy and wonderfully normal pregnancy in the near future.



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