NT Was 5 7 And 6 7 On The Same Day

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roserose - June 25

I am 40 yrs and now 28 weeks, I had a scan done at 19 weeks and was told at 20 weeks these were my results, 5.7 and 6.7 were the measurements... at scan by same person doing it.. Everything else with my baby must be fine, because they did not mention..IE heart, ect.. they have told I have a 1 in 12 chance of something not beening right...I did not have a scan at 11 weeks, t his was my first..I have 5 other choldren all well... thanks for any advice or help..WHAT is a normal nt size at 19 weeks please..Oh she did fine it hard to measure cause baby was head down at the time...


Kristin72 - June 26

I just noticed there had been no response on your question..and in fact I do not know the answer to this is. I only now what is considered normal at the 11-13w6d scan and anything under 3.5 is considered normal. The measurements at a later date will not be indicative of the same things. The NT is only an indicator of possible problems like DS, Trisomy, and Open Neural Tube defects. The fact there were inconsistencies with her measurements can be normal..as it is often quite difficult to take this meausurement do to the activity level of the baby at that stage. If I was in your position, I would be considering amnio to rule out any of these genetic or chromosonal disorders which an elevated NT could indicate..then you can put your mind at rest for the rest of your pregnancy..good luck to you!!


roserose - June 26

Thanks for that, I went to midwife today, they are sending for another scan at 30 weeks and to see a speacist , they say due to me beening on thyroxine, as My thyroid was removed when I was 27.. So on the 11 of the 7 I have another scan and will see from there, they have suggested nothing else ...at this point.


roserose - July 11

I had my 30 week scan yesterday, and baby looks fine. everything looking normal.. I go to the speacialist today as well, keep you posted


Kristin72 - July 12

Roserose, So happy things are looking good with your baby. I wish you all the best with your specialist appointment today..I am anxious to hear what they have to say. Hope everything is just great! Kristin :)



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