Nuchal Translucency

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jumar - June 17

I'm 41, first pregnancy, just had an US for nuchal translucency. Does anyone know of a good resource to find normal values for this measurement? The US tech recorded the value as 1.8 and Im just over 11 weeks. I think I remember seeing a few posts on this on one of the forums here and I THINK 1.8 is "okay", but I havent been able to find anything on the net that really says what "normal" values are? It was amazing to see that tiny little person waving arms and legs and doing flips! Im also waiting for results of blood tests as well and hopefully it will all look okay amniocentesis wont be an issue! Also Im wondering if I should have them test for toxoplasmosis. Ive always had cats both indoor and outdoor. The past 5 yrs Ive had 2 strictly indoor cats and of course I change the box. Any ideas on these things? Thanks in advance :)


Kristin72 - June 17

Hi Jumar, I am not exactly sure of the sites where you can find info..but I had found some information on and then I punched in "nuchal scan" you might try that. However 1.8 is considered great! Anything under 3.0 is considered within normal ranges. I am not sure where you are located but I am in Canada..I had another pregnancy where the NT was 4.0 and they knew right away there could be a problem..however, the head doctor I saw before I went in to do CVS said that that number was not off the charts...I have heard of some woman who have had as high as 12mm..which usually inicates major problems. My other pregnancy inevitably ended at 14 weeks. But I am currently pregnant again and this time have had an NT of 1.5..I was very happy to learn this. As far as taxmoplasmosis would not hurt to be tested for this..and when changing the littler box always use sanitary gloves..or get someone else to do it during your pregnancy. Better to be safe than sorry! Best of luck to you and Congratulations on your great NT! Xo Kristin


venus_in_scorpio - June 19

my baby's was also 1.8 and the doctor said that was perfectly fine.


jumar - July 3

its been a while since I was here last (computer at home died). I just found out they cant really say definitively if everything looks good on the NT/bloodwork until after the 2nd trimester bloodwork is done!! :-o I have a SO who is itching to start telling people and my family is suspicious!


eyebeeablessing2u - July 7

Hey I had the same bumber for my son back in june 2005 and he is healthy and was born fine everything was ok Try not to worry... 1.8 mm is a good number as long as all the other results are within normal.. and remember it is a screening test... some results say abnormal for baby but baby is normal... here is a website which give syou more info....good luck and god bless.. enjoy...


sonotec75 - July 9 a tech 1.8mm is great. We would be concerned if it was 3.0 or over. As about toxoplasmosis...I to have 2 indoor cats. During pregnancy it is safer to stay away from the litter box. Also make sure you wash your hands often after petting the cats. More than likely you have nothing to worry about. Most people with cats have already been exposed to the toxoplasmosis(not knowing it) and have nothing to worry about. I'd just take extra precautions to be safe. Good Luck


Tara S - July 19

I just had my scan at 13 weeks 2 days and the measurement was 2.6 mm that seems high doesent it? I also had blood work done at the same time.


jumar - July 19

Bloodwork came back fine :) Odds of downs went from 1 in 55 or so to 1 in 2400 and the doc doesnt even recommend further testing. So it was good news! Tara I dont know much about it, but have heard under 3 is considered normal and doesnt the measurement increase as the days and weeks pa__s? Best wishes!


Babette - July 24

Hi Jumar, my obgyn told me that anything up from 3 mm is considered higher risk. Hope this helps you out!


isdon - July 25

Nuchal translucency normal is to 2.5. Cant remember which site i read it on. My US just confirmed NT of 4.1 which put my risk at 1:5.....not good news. Good luck!


Perl - July 25

Congratulations Jumar!!! What a relief this news must be to you! **Isdon, I hope your bloodwork will balance out the NT measurement and make your odds a bit better but remember these are just indicators and not guarantees that things will be abnormal. I wish you all the best of luck.


jue - August 5

hi I am 35 and 16 weeks preg with my 3rd. I had a NT at 12.5 weeks and it was 1.3 and bloods came back normal. I have 2 sons aged 14yrs and 17yrs and alot of what I remember of being pregnant with my boys is not what is happening with this one. I never had m/s with my sons but at 4 months I am still getting m/s, and if that wasn't enough my b___bs have started to leak. isn't pregnancy fun. good luck to all preggy moms to be.


jumar - August 10

My 18-20 week US was today and now Im a little worried because they said I may need to come back in a couple of weeks to do another US due to not being able to visualize or measure (or whatever it is they do, exactly) blood flow through my peanut's heart. Now Im not sure if they think there might be a problem or if they just couldnt see things well enough today for whatever reason...of course it worries me. On the upside they said measurements are all just where they should be and its a boy. Ill have to take their word for it since what they said was the wee wee could have fooled me. Has anyone else had to go back to look again? Should I worry?


eyebeeablessing2u - August 10

@jumar dont worry the same thing happened to me... the baby just wasnt in the right position to get the best pictures for accuracy..... karen


jumar - August 11

thanks Karen! I was able to talk to my OB today and feel a LOT better! According to the report it was inadequate visualization due to position and ample tummy on mom :) I do wish they could have just told me that at the time - it would have saved some worry!



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