OMG Unplanned Preg At 46

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Greta - June 5

I am a nervous wreck. I just found out that I am pregnant. I am 46yrs old and did not plan this. My husband had a vasectomy over 13yrs ago. I have kids that are about to go to college. I thought I was free. I was planning to travel. This is a nightmare. I'm thinking of not telling my children and giving it up for adoption. Not really a question just a vent.... =(


Lisa - June 5

Scary! I always a__sumed that when a man had a vasectomy it would be permanent, never thought there would be a chance of the man conceiving again! This must have come as a terrible shock for you


to Greta..amazing - June 6

Hi Greta, how pregnant are you? Many early pregnancies at around your age actually miscarry, that's not something I would tell you if you were thrilled about being pregnant..but it is true. Then again there is always the chance that you are lucky and the pregnancy goes really well. Any doctor would screen you closely because of the risk of chromosonal problems. If things do work out..then think of the baby as a true miracle, your miracle, and given to you (against all odds) for a reason. How could you keep it secret from your children, do you not see them?? Consider this baby amazing and meant to be if it all works out. You'll feel like you're 26 again, lol..I mean it babies at this age certainly keep you young. Let us know how you're doing.


sm - June 6

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :-) If all goes well and your baby is full term you can explain to your children if you decide not to keep it. There are SO MANY people waiting for babies to adopt so it will be your choice to either give it up to a good home or keep it. Either way you will be doing the "right" thing.


Tammy - June 7

Greta- I feel your pain. I found myself pregnant at 45. I have a 20 yr old daughter in college. I was so upset that when I went for the ultrasound I wouldn't eveen look at it. A little different, my husband did not have a vasectomy. They were all delighted except me. You and your husband have to do what is right for your relationship. My husband is 10 years younger so he is excited. I am slowly coming around. I guess this is god's plan although I'll be going to this ones high school graduation in a wheelchair. Oh well!


Patty - June 7

Hi All... Sure this is certainly unexpected. But for me, I guess I don't quite understand why anyone would feel that this has to be considered the ultimate nightmare.To shed some different light on things, my husband and I are expecting our second child. I am 37, he is currently 49 and has two college age daughters. One of them just graduated in May. I have a 12 year daughter from a previous marriage, and together, my husband and I have a 5 year old son with another boy due in October. Needless to say, we couldn't be happier or more blessed for the fact that their will be another set of little feet running around our house. So we are there now; paying for college, raising a beautiful growing pre-teen, a precious kindergartner, only to begin again in October. My step daughters and children are absolutely thrilled, and I would bet to say your kids just may be too if you give them the opportunity. How did your husband react, is he supportive of the baby? If anything, think of this surprise as a blessing. Everything truly happens for a reason. It may not be your plan but God's plan. He just may have another angel in store for you and your family. Greta I hope this helps in some way, and I wish you the best! You will definately have to keep us posted! :)


Maureen - June 7

I wish you all the best whatever you plan to do. And if you decide not to keep the fetus, don't feel guilty afterwards, it's for the better. And if you decide to keep the fetus and all goes well, All the best as well. Remember your health comes first and that's the most important thing right now, speak to your Dr. and you can decide together what's best.


? - June 7

A 46 year old woman doesn't have to worry too much about her health, the baby's health is more questionable. But that can be looked into. I think it's kind of nice, to be so fertile still at 46. Congrats. However..I am wondering where is Greta..are you still reading the posts?


maggie - June 21

Congratulations!! Greta.Just remember its God,s will in your life history that it should be so.Take your life and that of the baby into His hands in prayer.He alone knows what lies ahead.I am 44 and still hoping to conceive after two miscarriages, the last one in early March 2005. Don,t be controlled by emotions or frightened from all what we may say.Each person is unique in her life as far as conception is concerned. I have seen a lady of 45 give birth without any complication of any kind, in my home town and country in Cameroon in AFRICA!!! Take good care of yourself and the baby. Tell your children about it. You need their support. Please, let us all know when the baby finally arrives.


jb - June 21

I had the same surprise, I'm 47!, I also have two other children. We are all so excited now and let me tell you, these feelings only grow stronger each day I feel this little boy inside me. A gift? You bet! This child has changed the lives of many and for the better.


I'm with ya, sister - August 1

Greta, it is so easy to be swayed by comments on this site, when perhaps you're merely writing out your feelings on an open forum. Blah blah blah about god's plan and miracles. Your feelings are real and true and looking out for #1--YOU-is perfectly acceptable. A poster here says to not feel guilty if you decide not to keep the fetus as it's for the better. It IS your choice and, while the ultimate sacrifice may be raising children, you can opt not to do that. Lots of ladies here are all about mothering and perhaps don't realize your desires to be free, travel, and see your current children through college. You go, and best of luck.


Pam - August 1

Well it's obvious Greta has not been posting on this thread since her original one. However, to the last person who posted, you certainly are ent_tled to your oppinion. But why generally blast people with your sarcasm to folks who hope that Greta did/does decide to keep her child; regardless of her plans? The pregnancy happended anyway, we all know that life does not always go the way we intend or hope. It is so unpredictable, maybe that's life's way of teaching us that it is much more than just thinking of ourselves. I don't think Greta will be swayed by anything, she will do what she intends to do if not already. But in any event, I do hope that she decided to keep her baby.


To Pam - August 1

Sarcasm? If you see it that way. I call it plainspeak. No sarcasm included.


Pam - August 1

Yes I did see it that way. With the "Blah blah blah about god's plan and miracles." comments... I thought it was disrespectful and found it to be 'plainspeak' sarcasm. Just my oppinion though, as you are to yours...


rhea - August 1

opinion, one "p"


R- - August 26

I'm 40 and had my tubes tied 20 years ago...went through a reversal 13 years ago and went through a surgery 4 years ago to unblock my tubes not successful...I envy all of you who can have a oldest is 24 and youngest just about to turn feel lucky some of us who would give anything to be able to have another baby...I know i would.


Greta - August 27

I got a virus on my computer that crashed it and have not been able to read the posts until today. I am 4months preg now and am planning to give the child up for adoption. I noticed some comments about not keeping the fetus. I never said I would abort, only that I was think of adoption. Just to clarify. My husband thinks it is the best too. We are planning to retire in about five years and have a five year old is just not going to work with our plans. So far my doctors says everything is going good and healthy.



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