OMG Unplanned Preg At 46

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Greta - August 27

I got a virus on my computer that crashed it and have not been able to read the posts until today. I am 4months preg now and am planning to give the child up for adoption. I noticed some comments about not keeping the fetus. I never said I would abort, only that I was think of adoption. Just to clarify. My husband thinks it is the best too. We are planning to retire in about five years and have a five year old is just not going to work with our plans. So far my doctors says everything is going good and healthy.


Pam - August 29

Hi Greta! I am so glad you were able to post back on the site. Yea, there was a lot of buzzing going on here as you can tell. I am happy all is going well for your pregnancy and am glad that you are giving this little one life and joy to another family in the future! I do pray you will be emotionally strong, when it is time to let him/her out of your hands. And if for some reason, you and your husband change your mind, that is awesome too... Either way, God bless you and take care! I wish you the best! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


sad - August 29

Greta, a 5 year old doesn't 'work with your plans'? In other words, your child is too akward to keep, when you could just be having a good time? I find it so impossibly hard to understand. It is your baby, you probably have all the financial means, or you wouldn't retire early - and you're giving it away. You're 46,not exactly a geriatric! So many of the mothers who feel forced to have their child adopted, choose this option, often preceived as a true 'selfless gesture', because they simply cannot provide. They have neither the finances, nor the stable background. So, when their child comes looking for them one day, at least it knows, Mom felt she had no other choice. But what are you going to tell your child later? Or yourself? That it was an inconvenience, so sorry - we didn't want to keep you. We chose a relaxing life over keeping you. That is going to be horribly hard for a child to understand. It's so sad. You're always going to know your children have a sibling. Only you and your husband said no. I think it's so sad, especially when you were given this true miracle!


Greta - August 29

Please ignore "sad" all she does is go from thread to thread, repeating in italics """"""" what someone has said and then distorting it for her own purpose. She is ignorant, she does not concern herself w/ anyone else, very narcissitic and give everyone hell, makes everyone feel bad, does not offer ANY suggestions or support, she is a complete and utter bi*@*. I am so sick of this person i could scream, all her posting start out the same way, so you said" BLAH BLAH BLAH" so what you are really saying is.......p__s off lady or better yet fall off your soapbox, remember what goes around comes around.....i feel sorry for your family, you seem so unsupportive and judgemental how could anyone live w/ the almighty you....F OFF


To Greta - August 29

last post was to Greta, Greta did not make this post


wrinkly babies - August 29

Wow , old folks having kids .... I'm stumped ???


to wrinkly babies - August 29

you will be older some day have a little compa__sion, you must not have any children and be very young you'll learn


wrong choice of words - August 29

no ! I'm in my forties and thought I was alone ... sorry I put it that way but my kids are very young and it just bothers me that I didn't do this younger . If I would have known it would be this great and fun , I would have . They are a blessing . I just think about all kinds of weird things like no god parents , no grandparents because they have all pa__sed away , not being able to keep up with them etc .


kate - August 29

hi im not looking to adopt, but i have a really close cousin that cant have child of her own, they have spent over 45,000 trying to get pregnant, she is 30 and he is 34 they would make great parents. if you would like to hear more about them will u PLEASE email me back at


To greta - August 30

Greta, you are a star.... having a baby in your forties is a blessing, a blessing if you have the energy/health to raise him/her, a blessing for a couple with infertility who are longing for a baby if you don't. Sounds like you have the maturity and experience to know what is the best option for THE BABY.


TO GRETA ! - August 30

It takes alot of guts for someone to come on here like Kate just did ... Its an option though ? My X pastor and his wife went through that and they decided to keep the child , he is now 9 or 10 years old . It was tough but they pulled through . Feel free to swear every bad word you can think of because I think whatever you do you sound like you will make a good decision for the child even if you raise him/her yourself . Go ahead and get it out of your system .


nicole - August 30

if you do decide to give your child up for adoption we would love to welcome it into our home... my husband and i are unable to have biological children. we have been looking into adoption and we have so far had one to fall through... but please e-mail me at: and we can talk even if you decided against adoption


To Greta - September 4

Great sounds selfish and superficial. Having a "god time" is more important to her, than her baby is. You don't deserve this baby and you should give up for adoption, as the baby deserves to have a much better mother than you.


sm - September 8

To the last post.... my god, how can you describe someone as selfish who is considering adopting their baby. It is the most selfless thing you can do. And yes, some people in their 40's are spritely and will be until they are 80, others are already wearing down and looking after a child would not be in the best interest for the child or mother. Parents have to be able to sprint like an olympic athlete once a little 3 year old starts heading for the road. Never judge others or you to will be judged (think that is from Life of Brian).


carrie - September 10

Greta, I'm glad you would be so kind as to give your child up for adoption. It's a hard decision either way, and you may decide once you hold that child in your arms that you can't bear to part with it. Either way, what a blessing! That child will be loved. I'm happy you didn't choose abortion as an option. I sometimes wish for twins so I can give my brother and his wife a child, since they can't have one.


Re Greta - September 10

I think shes doing the right thing. Shes old and she knows shes old. Why keep a child who will be resented and looked at as the child that prevented her and her huby from realizing their dreams? A child at 46 is inconvenient for her so let her give life and then allow someone else to raise. In other cultures having a child as an older woman isnt looked at as strange at all..only in western society is having a child over the age of 40 looked at as strange and awkward.



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