Our Birth Story

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micsmms3 - December 18

Hello, I am happy to announce that Laina Rose is here! I went to my normal weekly OB appointment on December 1st- and complained of "incontinence". They checked out the fluid, and delcaired it amniotic fluid and said to go on over to labor and delivery! So, I went home, got my bag, my man, sent the dogs off to boarding, called parents and siblings... and off we went to the hospital. They checked me in and put me into triage. While laying there, waiting for the doctors and nurses as they came in and went... my boyfriend pointed to the monitor and said that I'd just had a contraction. What? I thought?! All I felt was a bit of menstral like cramping and some lower back aching- I'd felt that usually at night, before bed the week prior, and on more rare occasions during my pregnancy. .The contractions were nothing painful at all! Turns out the contractions were 3 minutes apart! They then rolled me into the delivery room and prepped me for the C section. As soon as my BF finished prepping and walked in the door, the doctors started the C section - everything really went so fast! . It was a whilrwind! I think we were only at the hospital for 2 hours, and she was born! Laina was born December 1st , 2008 at 7:30 pm. As mentioned, I had a C section as she was breech- she had been for a couple weeks prior. Her due date was Dec. 13th by the Ultrasound, and Dec. 8th by my calculations... so she came a little early. She was 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches. Beautiful dark brown hair and very dark eyes. And an angelic little face! She's healthy and we are so elated, thankful, and just overcome with joy that she is here. It's such a precious experience- She's our first. The cesarean was interesting, I was anticipating it as we knew she was breech. The worst part was having to wait to hold her. It was the longest two hours of my life. When I finally did, it was wonderful. Finally, I could see her, touch her, look into her eyes! Unbelievable! Her daddy and I stayed at the hospital for 4 days, then came home. My only outings have been her and my doctors appointments, and I'm br___tfeeding. Have a bit of cabin fever about now! Laina loves eating, sleeping, and small bouts of looking around and listening. Her dogs and cat love her, they all act appropriately around her so all is well. I have found this forum to be the best one out there, and plan on keeping up with my questions, and need for your feedback so keep an eye out for me! Good luck to everyone, and I hope all of your deliveries go well! xo, Mich__le


Kristin72 - December 18

Your little girl sounds just lovely. What a blessing! Congratulations!!


micsmms3 - December 20

thank you Kristin, good luck to you!!!



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