Over 35 And Strange Pregnancy Symptoms

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Beth - May 16

Over 35 and strange pregnancy symptoms?


PH - May 17

Yes ....no symptoms except for sore b___bs!


Beth - May 17

Well, I'm not pg, I thought I was, but my doc doesn't really have any answers for my symptoms. I'm thinking it's because of my surgery that my body is acting strange...who knows. My bbs were the soreset last month for a long time too, and darker in the nipple area. So who knows...


LCJC - May 17

Where can i find a list of these acronyms?


katy - May 18

LCJC there is a list of the most commonly used acronyms under the AM I PREGNANT.. and click on "I need help with some of these posts"


Donna - May 19

Am 50 years. I started menopause in December 2002. I got married six months ago, when I moved from a tropical country to Canada. I have not had a period since December 2004. Ists normal for me to miss my periods. About three weeks ago I started having movements in my stomach. I have three adult children, and I really dont want any more kids. I tried the first response test and I also had a blood test which were negative. However, I need to know what else could possibly cost the movement that am getting. I have no other symptoms to suggest that am pregnant. Other than some weight gain. I know its not gas but if anyone else out there can tell me whats moving in my stomach like a baby, please let me know.


Happy Mommy - May 19

In your case, I would definitely get an ultra sound. If you find out you are pregnant, and do not want to keep the baby, please don't get an abortion. There are so many loving famlies that would adopt your baby!


Donna - May 19

Thank you for your advice. I would never get an abortion. However am taking black cohosh for my hot flashes and would not want to take something that would harm a baby.


Happy Mommy - May 19

I know that you probably already know this, but the use of black cohosh is what women use to induce labor. If you were pregnant, it might cause you to start contracting. Just be careful using any type of herbs during pregnancy.



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