Over 35 And Worried

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Cissy - July 4

Hello everyone. I am 36 and new to the group. My husband and I have decided to try for baby #2. We have a 6 year old and are ready to make our family complete. I am really concerned about being over 35 and getting pregnant. All I read is about the complications.. can someone give me some encouraging news about being over 35 and pregnant? We are trying this month..


tryingx3 - July 4

Hey Cissy...and although I have miscarried 2 (at 33, then at 34)...I just hit 36 and am 28 weeks pregnant and feel great! Young and "older" have miscarriages...don't consider us "OLD"... :-) Due to that I did have extra tests done to make sure nothing major was going on and found out I do have a thyroid condition and blood clotting condition that are being treated. With that being said, neither would have necessarily caused the previous losses (both were chromosomal). If all goes well with this little one, we will probably try for a 2nd! Might be good to visit with OB/GYN and get on a prenatal now if you are not on one...ask about extra folic acid things like that. We also elected NOT to have AFP or amnio testing done.


tryingx3 - July 4

I have had multiple doctors tell us we weren't OLD...nor were my eggs "old"... Risks do change at 35, then again at 40. Doctor said those risks are generally related to health issues the woman already had going on (for instance, diabetes, thyroid, excessive weight, etc.). Hope this encourages, not discourages.


ThePezChick - July 7

I'm 38 and pregnant with my first child. I've had genetic counseling, bloodtests, etc. and everything's fine. Had no trouble conceiving and my doctor said I can be 99.9% sure my child is perfectly healthy. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy from what I can tell (will be 28 weeks Thursday) so take that for what it's worth. Age hasn't seemed to affect us.


Citrine - July 7

Cissy - I'm 41 and ttc#1, and haven't been trying long, so all that aside...I have a girlfriend who at around 37 decided to ttc#1, during a certain month because she was a teacher, summer break, etc....anyway at her age, she got pregnant like her 1st or 2nd month of trying. I don't think you should worry one bit! Besides, the toughest part seems to be the getting pg, once that's done, everything will likely be perfectly fine. Also, like I keep reminding pple on here, women have been having kids in their late 30s, even 40s for decades and decades - it just wasn't their 1st - it was like their 6th or 12th!! Go for it Girl.


CaliTrish - July 11

Hi Cissy...I'm 37 and 27 weeks pregnant with my first. There are some added concerns and more tests for AMA (advanced maternal age) women, but you can easily have an uncomplicated pregnancy. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes early on, but that is mostly likely attributed to poor diet and both grandmothers having Type II diabetes. Other than the GD, I've been having a great pregnancy - no morning sickness, no cravings, no constipation, no hemorrhoids, no leg cramps, etc. If you and your dh want another baby, I say go for it! It's suppose to be easier the second time around. (Make sure you take at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily.)


tryingx3 - July 11

CaliTrish - no constipation, no cravings?? I am jealous!! I have gained more weight than I planned...and still can't seem to convince myself to give up chocolate!


kramer - July 12

hello Cissy, dont worry about the age so much. I know its hard not to with everything out there, My husband and I had our first child 16months ago when I was 38. I am now pushing 40 and pregnant with our second child. Yes, everyone is different but dont let all the negative talk/info worry you so much. Also I listen to a podcast about pregnancy called Pregtastic. There are several 35yrs or older women on the podcast and they have some great ideas. I tribute it to being older and much wiser;-) www.pregtastic.com/podcasts.


JG24 - July 12

Hi Cissy...I just turned 36 and I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in April. I had just turned 35 a month before I conceived. We did IUI because of my husband's fertility issues, and I conceived on the first try. I had a very, very easy pregnancy with absolutely no complications, and my daughter is perfect. Good luck!!


tryingx3 - July 13

Great news JG24!! Thank you for sharing that with us.


krnj - July 15

Hi Cissy, I was 36 when I got pregnant and 37 when I had my boy. He's now almost 5 months and doing great! I had a pretty good pregnancy for the most part. I did develop gestational diabetes towards the end though. It wasn't a big deal, just had to watch the carbs. I did end up having a c-section because of fibroids too. I would like to have another one before I'm 40, probably within a year or 2 hopefully. Try not to worry about the age thing, age is just a number as far as I'm concerned! Best of luck to you!!


ibk8t - July 16

Hi Cissy....I'm 43 and pregnant with my 3rd....consider yourself a baby in this forum....as long as you're healthy you should be just fine...everyone ages differently.....a healthy body and mind is more significant than numbers....


Dee2006 - July 16

Hi Cissy-My SIL has a beautiful healthy 8 month old boy. She is 41 and got pregnant the first month they tried. She had a little bit of difficulty with morning sickness but that was not because of her age. She is a firecracker and the pregnancy did not slow her down. Best of luck to you!


tryingx3 - July 16

Where did Cissy go?? :-)


Cissy - July 21

Hey everyone. Thanks for your encouraging words. I have been out of town for 2 weeks. I am using the ovulating kit this week..nothing yet.. We are very excited but still nervous. Has anyone had trouble taking the prenatal vitamin? I had no problems with an over the counter brand...my doctor changed me to a prescription and I feel like I can not swallow all day.. it feels like it is stuck in my throat. He says he has never heard of this before, maybe it is psychological.. anybody out there had this wierd not able to swallow feeling all day after taking a prenatal vit.??



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