Over 38 March 2007 Due Dates

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MelissaK - July 9

Hi to everyone getting their bfps this month!! I am 38 and just got a faint line on a First Response test today!! I am trying to stay positive so if you have a bfp and are new in March, feel free to jump in and share some info. This will be our first baby!


ibk8t - July 10

Hi....43 and due in January....my third....and feeling a little scared of the age thing


20maddie - July 17

Hi i'm 39 and due in March. I just received Postive test today. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I had a miscarrige last year. Wish me luck.


MelissaK - July 18

Hi 20maddie! - I too had MC this past year (actually 2 but it was due to fibroids). Good luck! Make the doc check your progesterone. Mine came in at 25 for 4 w 4 days. That's key because they can give you supplements of course. This time will be fine. We'll all be doomed to hosting B Day parties with the St Paddies Day theme!! Green cakes, everything, can you imagine?


MelissaK - July 18

ibk8t - You still out there? Did you get your blood tests yet?


ibk8t - July 18

Hi MelissaK....yep...still here...I had the ultrasound, my nuchal scan was 1.1....which is apparently very good....won't get blood tests back for some time though, report says baby looks good .....however, they found something called a chorioangioma....2.2 cm...it's some sort of rare usually benign tumour on my placenta....and 2 days after the ultrasound I had a hemmhorrage...it's very scary.....I am trickling down to brown spotting now, and the worst appears to be over, and thankfully the baby is still fine as per the ultrasound they gave me the morning of the hemmorhage...and the heartbeat I hear every time I check with the little doppler monitor I rented thank goodness...but my nerves are shot.....I'm rattled by every twinge.....how are you doing?


MelissaK - July 18

ibk8t - You poor thing. And you can't even have a gla__s of wine to get through this! How totally unsettling. So this benign tumor just resolves itself? How stressful. I had fibroids and I had the surgery to have them removed in March. I was scared about many things with the fibroids, but one of the bad things is the bleeding they can cause. You know the baby is fine but hello? Blood is always a scary thing! Hey on a good note, the nuchal fold coming back positive is HUGE!!! You can almost forgoe the amnio based on that and the info the blood tests will bring back. Congrats for that! This tumor thing will be a distant memory soon.


ibk8t - July 18

HI Melissa....thanks....ummm, I don't think it will go away, but hopefully it won't get bigger....or bleed anymore....you're right, it was terrifying...I a__sumed the worst when I saw all the blood....


20maddie - July 18

Hi MelissaK, I went to the Dr today and they are going to check my progesterone. I should know tomorrow and if its low I will go on meds. Hopefully I won't have to.


1smartblonde - July 25

I am new to the site. I jsut found out I was pregnant last week. I am due in March of 2007. I am 40 and this will be my third child- I have a 14 y/o and an 7 y/o. I find all this info about being old very worrisome. It is nice to know that I am not alone.


MelissaK - July 25

1smartblonde - I am not so sure our age is anm issue at all. My GRANDMOTHER was 42 when she gave birthj to my mom, my mom was 36 and I am 38 (6w1d).


Sonrisa - July 26

Hey Ladies, I am 35 just got married in February and found out a few weeks ago that we are pregnant. I am about 6 weeks. I have my first appointment on 7/31st. I kept reading threads where everyone is on there 2nd and 3rd child and are all below 30....is this anyone's first child?


1smartblonde - July 26

Yes! I agree. My Doctor said her mother gave birth to her at 42. My Grandmother had my Uncle at 40. It seems there are tons of women having babies at older ages now and even in the past. I on'd know about you but I am celebrating! I am glad to meet you and know we will be pregnant together- both due in March. Keep in touch.


Sonrisa - July 26

Melissa, I got three faint lines in a row. I tested for three days all faint lines and then went to the doctors office where they did a blood test to check my HCG levels and they were all normal. A faint line means that you are definitely pregnant according to my nurse. They had me go back again two days later for another HCG blood test and the levels had more than doubled which was good. Go to you obgyn and get a blood test.


MelissaK - July 26

Thanks Sonrisa - That was almost 17 days ago and my levels have been tested and were tripling two weeks ago and I am now 6w2d (oh this process is SO SLOW). First scan will be 8/4, thanks!


Sonrisa - July 26

Melissa, Just read your other thread...it sounds like youre HCG levels did the same as mine. We tested too early. I had that scary faint line...then 87 and the 189 HCG levels. I was so worried. I also have had some cramping on one side due to a corpus luteum cyst so they checked my progesterone levels they seem to be alright. They did an ultra sound to check on the cyst and they were also checking for a possible etopic pregnancy which scared me. It looks like things are better this week. I have started getting nauseas which I am thankful for and the cramping has almost gone away completly. They will do another ultra sound on the 31st.


MelissaK - July 27

Sonrisa - My HCG was so slow just after BFp, I was freaked. I basically had thrown in the towel, convinced there was no chance at all that there was a baby there. I was shcked to hear that I tripled! Soi I bfp'd on Sunday, had blodd draw #1 on a Tuesday (67) thasn bllod draw #2 on Thu=rday (it tripled nearly). I have had NO symptons though, just sore BB, very hungry and I fall right to sleep at night at like 8:30. I still have 8 days until our first scan which I calculate will be 7w4d, but I guess that is up to the doc as I am not sure when O'd. I'm beginning to get nervous. I envy your MS!



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