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Denise - April 1

I want to start ttc at 42. I want to hear some positive stories. To anyone in this agegroup how was it for you?


tfog2006 - April 3

Hi Denise - I am a 41 yo mom of a 4 yo daughter, I had been ttc for 2 years. We became pg las June w/mc at approx 10 weeks. We ttc after my 3rd period, and became pg a day before my 41st bday...on week 18 now and everything going great. All prenatal testing great too! It can be done. Good luck! Tia


Leeanne - April 4

Hi Denise, I am 43 and due in 3 weeks, this is my 4th pregnancy, my last being 23 yrs ago. I remarried last year, and we went through IVF as I had a tubal ligation after my last child. Its been the most amazing experiance, I never appreciated the joy of pregnancy when I was younger, I feel so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity again. We are expecting a boy, and I had an amnio at 17 weeks, all good. I hope it goes well for you, its a wonderful journey. Take care


Sylvie28 - April 5

Hi im 42 and expecting my 4th in Oct. I have a 16, 13 and 8 yr.old. Im very excited about having another--we took a long time to decide to do this but once we made the decision, we were very excited. Good luck to you and keep in touch.


Mare - April 6

I'm 40, this is my first baby and I am scared to death. I have had violent morning sickness since 3 weeks. I am now 14 weeks. Nothing helps. I work 40 hours a week and just want to go home. My boss is a 26 year old man unmarried. Hasn't a clue to what I am going through.


alley24 - April 9

I am 43 have a 21,18 and 13. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and scared to death. Went to the doctors and he was not very nice about me being at this age.Telling me not congradulations, but you know that you are 43 and your chances are 1-35 to have a ds baby. I will be getting a new doctor. There has to be good stories somewhere.


MaryWam - April 9

Hi Denise: I found out I was pregnant, with my third, on my 40th birthday. I had been TTC for five months and really anticipated at least a year or two of trying because everything I read said things like "your eggs are older", "it could take longer", "start your fertility work up after six months of trying". My children are 16 and 13 and I didn't have a problem conceiving either one of them. Of course I was younger then but I was really anticipating a huge problem due to everything I read. Well, I am now starting my 11th week. I've had an ultrasound that showed the heart beating and also heart the heart beat at my appointment last week. I have had no signs of any miscarriage and am feeling fine. No morning sickness at all, just a little fatigue. Anyway, I'm anticipating nothing but greatness. My only concern at my age is the increased risk of Down's, however, I am having no testing done because my husband and I have agreed to accept whatever comes our way. We are just thrilled to be at this stage in the game. Hope everything is smooth sailing for you. Don't let everything you read get you discouraged.



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